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After happily splitting the spoils, the few of them patted their butts and prepared to return home.

Touching the fruits in the pockets on both sides of their stomachs, Roundy narrowed its eyes in satisfaction.

Its body suddenly became smaller, and it leaped into Mo Chus embrace with practiced movements.

It even shifted its position and found the most comfortable angle.

Hmm, with free labor, I wont walk!

The two of them and the beast walked for almost half a day when suddenly, Roundy stopped! His big head turned back, and a fierce light flashed in his bright red eyes.

“Awooo–” Who is it Come out!

Mo Yang and Mo Chu still did not know what was going on.

After a while, they saw a snow-white fox poking its head out from behind the bushes.

Its watery blue eyes were even blinking at them, that look was really adorable.

“Ow ow–” Why are you following us

Roundy was not moved by the beauty of this little creature.

Its small face was full of seriousness.

However, with its current mini body, it did not have the slightest deterrent force.

Instead, he had an inexplicable cuteness.

The white fox did not speak.

It only looked at them timidly.

Occasionally, when it met Roundys fierce little eyes, it would shrink back with a trembling body.

It did not look like a clever fox.

Instead, it looked like a timid rabbit.

“Brother, what kind of magical beast is this” Even though the white fox appeared harmless, Mo Chu did not dare to let down her guard.

She turned to look at Mo Yang.

“This is a rare magical beast — Flying Fox.

“Mo Yangs face was not guarded as he explained in a soft voice, “They are docile by nature.

As long as others do not take the initiative to attack, they will not hurt others.

They can be considered to be an exception among magical beasts.”

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Mo Chu was slightly taken aback.

She glanced at the white fox.

How could such a timid appearance hurt others

As if he had seen through Mo Chus thoughts, Mo Yang shook his head slightly, “Dont underestimate this Flying Fox.

Its flying speed is a hundred times faster than that of the Gale Beast.

Moreover, its claws and teeth are extremely poisonous.

Once you anger it, even a tier 9 expert might not be able to dodge it.”

In the world of martial arts, speed was the only thing that could not be underestimated.

Mo Chu had been caught by the Gale Beast previously.

That wind-like speed still left a lingering fear in her heart.

Who would have thought that this delicate and weak-looking little white fox was actually over a hundred times faster than the Gale Beast One could not judge a beast by its appearance.

“Ao ao–” Come over here.

Since you have followed along, you must have something on your mind.

Come over and say it!

Looking at the Flying Foxs little law face, Roundy, who was bullying the weak, popped its head out again.

A faint light flashed across its red eyes.

The little fox glanced at Roundy and hesitated for a long while before flying towards them.

It was also at this moment that Mo Chu noticed that the little fox actually had a pair of transparent wings on its back.

He only saw it flapping its wings a few times.

Its movements were light and graceful.

Then, it landed directly in front of them.

Mo Chu was dumbfounded.

In the blink of an eye, the little fox flew over from dozens of meters away.

It seemed to be very relaxed.

Roundy naturally noticed Mo Chus gaze.

It quickly straightened its body and blocked Mo Chus gaze on the Flying Fox.

It raised its chin slightly and unconsciously sized up the little fox.

Hmph! It looked like a thin bamboo pole.

How could it be as heroic and majestic as me Thinking of this, Roundy even subconsciously straightened its chubby little belly.

“Ao ao–” Why are you following us

Roundy instantly felt a sense of crisis.

It did not care about teasing this little fellow anymore and wanted to immediately send it away.

If there was nothing else, they should quickly leave.

The little fox turned to look at the Blood Luminescent Beast.

It was a little shy and its face was slightly red.

“Li li–” Previously, when Roundy advanced, it had been watching from the side, naturally, it knew that Roundys successful advancement was related to the food that Mo Chu had taken out.

It wanted to ask if it could trade with Mo Chu for some food as well.

“Ao ao–” At the mention of delicacies, Roundys nerves instantly tensed up.

Its big head shook like a rattle drum.

No, no trading! What if this little fox kidnapped the delicacies provider No, no, absolutely not!

“Roundy, what did this little Flying Fox say” Seeing the two magical beasts exchanging pleasantries, Mo Chu asked curiously.

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“Awooo–” Roundy turned its head and looked at Mo Chu with eyes full of sincerity.

It was nothing.

We were just chatting.

It was really nothing.

It was clearly trying to fool them.

“Alright!” Mo Chu patted Roundys little head.

“Hurry up and tell me the truth.”

Roundy struggled for a long time before it finally explained the little foxs intentions under Mo Chus threatening gaze.

“So, this Flying Fox is preparing to exchange some food with me” Looking at the little fox that was so awkward that it was almost a ball of dough, Mo Chu could not help but have a few more plans in her mind.

“Awoo–” Roundy nodded, determined to nip all dangers in the bud.

It quickly voiced out his thoughts.

We wont trade with it.

Whatever you want, Ill give it to you.

Why dont we ignore this little bamboo pole

“That wont do.” Mo Chu poked Roundys head and turned to meet the Flying Foxs expectant gaze.

She knew that it was also well-versed in spirituality, so she could not help but smile faintly.

“I will trade with you, but you have to help me do something, can you do it”

“Li li–” Upon hearing this, the Flying Fox immediately nodded in agreement.

On the other hand, Roundy, who was in Mo Chus arms, frowned.

It wanted to throw a tantrum!


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