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“Could it be that this courier is not human”

However, because this guess was too unbelievable, it was quickly drowned out by the comments below that refuted it.

“Are you a clown sent by the monkey How is this possible”

“Haha, the idea is very good, but unfortunately it is not realistic.”

“According to the assessment, the person above is suffering from mild paranoia.

No explanation!”

However, soon, as another buyer posted the photo on the message board, the noisy web page instantly quieted down.

It was also a photo taken under the high-power monitor.

The image was no longer a large eyeball, but a snow-white afterimage.

The caption was still the same three words —The delivery man.

With a gulp, the netizens who were looking at the screen could not help but swallow hard.

Their eyes widened!

Although this photo was blurry, it clearly conveyed a message — this was definitely not human!

One had to know that the resolution of the high-power monitor was very shocking.

For example, if the image of the high-power monitor was slowed down by 1,000 times, it would be the speed that a normal human could observe with the naked eye.

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However, thiscourier only left a blurry afterimage on the high-powered monitor.

In other words, even if this thing flew in front of you, you would not be able to see it at all! This terrifying speed was simply beyond everyones imagination!

After a full 15 minutes of silence, the internet instantly exploded!

“Oh my God! What is this thing Its too fast!”

“Could this be a special mech made by the shop owner If thats the case, then the shop owner is definitely an all-rounded talent!”

“Maybe this is just a special martial technique But can a person reach such a terrifying speed”

All kinds of strange ideas kept popping up, almost breaking through the limits of imagination!

“Didnt anyone notice that these two photos are very similar to magical beasts” A single sentence caused a thousand waves! The poster even carefully uploaded a few photos to prove it.

“Everyone, look, this is the magical beast Flying Fox! Its heart-shaped pupils and snow-white fur are exactly the same as the photos of the few buyers!”

“Moreover, Flying Fox is famous for its speed.

It is said that its speed is comparable to that of an interstellar ship.

Therefore, it was completely understandable that the high-powered monitor could not capture its full appearance.”

With pictures and the truth, it was impossible for people not to believe it.

“Oh my God!” After careful comparison, the netizens could not help but exclaim, “It really is true!”

“I cant take it anymore! Im a little dizzy.

Let me calm down first! The world was changing too fast.

I could not take it anymore.

What should I do”

“So, the one who gave me the Spirit Food was actually a magical beast” The guyPlease Call Me Your King jumped out again.

His words were filled with regret.

“Such a rare scene, I actually didnt see it with my own eyes.

Im heartbroken.

who has a rope Lend it to me!”

The netizens were also all speechless towards this stupid person.

Even the high-powered surveillance camera could only capture a cool afterimage.

With your delusions of seeing it with your own eyes, are you dreaming

“Little Chu, come and take a look!” Mo Yang frowned slightly.

These few days, he had been paying close attention to the news on the internet.

When he saw that someone had already found out the identity of Little Flying Fox, his heart tightened.

When he looked to the side, that heartless little fellow was lying on the sofa with Roundy.

In its hand, he was still holding a bunch of french fries and munching happily! The emperor was not anxious, but the eunuch was!


“Whats wrong” Mo Chu walked over quickly and saw the message on the screen.

She could not help but be stunned.

Although she knew that the identity of the Little Flying Fox could not be preserved for long, she did not expect it to be discovered so quickly.

As expected, experts were among the common people!

“Dont worry, its fine.” Mo Chu smiled at Mo Yang and said firmly, “Since I dared to bring Little Flying Fox back, I was prepared to protect it.”

“Brother, take a closer look.

How is the little fellow different from an ordinary Flying Fox”

Hearing this, Mo Yang focused his gaze on the Little Flying Fox.

Not only did its body become smaller, but what surprised him the most was that the piece of snow-white fur on the back of the Little Flying fox had turned light purple! With a glance, no one would think of a magical beast like the Flying Fox.

On the contrary, it was more like a high-level pet on the market — the Little Honey Fox.

Mo Chus lips curved into a smile.

Previously, she had discovered a strange magical plant, thepurple flower.

It could not be used as food, but its juice could be used to dye hair.

Moreover, it would not fall off when it was soaked in water, only by using the fruit of the purple flower to mash and add water could this color be removed.

At this moment, it was the most suitable disguise for the little fox.

Mo yang heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at Little Chu with a hint of pride in his eyes.

His sister-con attribute had popped up again.

Yes, his sister was indeed the best!


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