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“Aooo–” As soon as it saw Mo Chu, Roundy immediately abandoned its new friend and ran towards Mo Chu!

Without waiting for Mo Chu to reach out, it jumped into Mo Chus embrace.

“Li li–” I want it too! Little Flying Fox, who was following closely behind, looked at Mo Chu with eager eyes.

It could not hide the desire on its face.

Unable to withstand this pitiful attack, Mo Chu was just about to bend down and pick up Little Flying Fox when Roundy, this awkward little fellow, immediately grabbed Mo Chus hair with its meaty palm.

This was not the end.

Roundy even turned its head and glared at Little Flying Fox.

Its usually round and cute eyes emitted a vicious light.

Hmph! Go away! Little Chu belongs to me.

No one can snatch her from me!

The Little Flying Fox suddenly trembled and took a small step back.

Its small face was filled with confusion.

It did not understand why its little friend, who was still fine just a moment ago, suddenly turned hostile.

The boat of friendship was really too unstable!

“Alright, let me carry it.” Having already gotten used to Roundys domineering mode, Mo Yang quickly took a step forward and conveniently carried the Little Flying Fox in her arms.

Coincidentally, it met with Roundys satisfied gaze that saidNot bad kid, youre quite tactful.

Mo Yang could not help but raise her brows slightly.

Heh! This little fellows guts were really getting fatter and fatter!

Hugging Roundy in his embrace, Mo Chu suddenly felt that its weight was a little heavier than before.

Lowering her head to look, she coincidentally saw Roundys two trembling chins fluttering in the wind.

She then extended his hand to poke Roundys chubby forehead.

With a poke, a pit appeared.

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It was only now that Mo Chu realized that Roundy was much heavier than before! If this continued, it would be super fat!

Thinking of this, Mo Chu could not help but tremble!

No, she absolutely could not let Roundy become a big fatty!

Mo Chus hands that were holding Roundy relaxed slightly.

She bent down and put the little guy down, her face full of seriousness.

“Roundy, have you noticed that youre getting fatter and fatter”

Roundy was still holding onto Mo Chus arm and refused to come down.

When it heard that, it could not help but look at itself.

The more it looked, the more satisfied it became.

Hmm, yes… I am a mighty spokesperson.

One word — perfect!

Then, it even looked into Mo Chus eyes sincerely and shook its head honestly.

No! Im so handsome, how can I be fat Little Chu, your taste is really strange!

The woman and the beast looked at each other, but Mo Chu still lost in the end.

She could only silently make a weight loss plan for Roundy.

She glanced outside.

The weather today was pretty good.

These two little fellows had not gone out since they came back from the Magical Region.

Why not take this opportunity to bring them out for some exercise

Thinking of this, Mo Chu could not help but lower her head and ask, “Roundy, lets go out for a walk.

Do you want to come along But you have to go on your own.

I wont carry you.”

Roundy hesitated for a moment.

This little fellow was a typical lazy cancer patient.

If it could sit, it definitely would not stand.

If it could lie down, it definitely would not sit.

Otherwise, would it be able to stay in Mo Chus embrace all day


After thinking for a long while, Roundy still shook its head.

It would be so good to lie down at home.

It would be so comfortable and there would be food.

Why would it stupidly go out and sweat Hmm, Im not going!

“Are you really not going” Mo Chu asked again.

Roundy shook its head like a rattle-drum.

“Alright.” Mo Chu did not say anything more.

He just turned his head to look at Mo Yang.

“Brother, lets go then.”

“Okay.” Mo Yang nodded.


Hence, the two of them and a beast walked in front.

Roundy, who was behind them, looked extremely lonely.

Its big watery eyes stared blankly at the two people in front of her.

Were they going to leave one of their beasts at home

Dont do it!

“Ao ao–” The little fellow finally opened its mouth.

It immediately ran towards Mo Chu and tugged at her clothes.

Its little face twisted into a ball of grievance.

Ill go, Ill go, alright

Only then did Mo Chu reveal a smile.

She lightly patted its round head and led its little meaty palm forward.

Feeling the warm touch in her palm, the grievance on rounds face dissipated and a smile appeared on its little face.

Mo Yang could finally see that although Roundy was usually quite arrogant, she had been completely eaten up by Mo Chu!

After all, he had left these two little fellows at home for too long.

After walking out, Roundy and Little Flying Fox were reserved for a short while.

Not long after, they let go of their hooves and started to enjoy themselves.

One after another, they ran, and the next moment, they hugged each other again, that cuteness was almost overflowing!

Mo Yang and Mo Chu fell behind.

The warm sun shone on their faces, like a warm yellow halo.


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