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The blazing flames approached Mo Yang slowly.

The bright flames cast shadows on his handsome face.

Yang Bai stood at the side, looking at Mo Yang in the flames with a smug expression.

He was just waiting for this fellow to struggle helplessly, waiting for his miserable wails and cries of pain!

Just thinking about it made him feel great! Of course, due to the rules of the school, he would not kill Mo Yang.

However, torture was still possible.

Tsk tsk, who knew if his handsome face could still be preserved under the intense flames

Suddenly, the pride in Yang Bais eyes froze! He looked at Mo Yang in disbelief.

How was this possible

In the blink of an eye, the raging fire that had surrounded Mo yang earlier was extinguished in an instant.

A loudswoosh! was heard!

Mo Yang walked out of the fire unscathed.

His handsome face was stained with a hint of blood.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Now, its my turn to make a move!”

Before Yang Bai could react, the lightning in Mo Yangs hands had already formed into strands.

He threw them at him lightly and the strands of lightning were like ropes, tying Yang Bai up firmly!

Accompanied by a soft sizzling sound, Yang Bai was trembling non-stop as if he had been electrocuted.

Only he himself knew that the lightning in his body had long entered his skin, flesh, and nerves.

The intense pain made him miserable beyond words, yet, he could not even shout.

Qiao Hongmei, who was behind him, was also filled with shock! Yang Bai was a tier 8 expert.

How could he lose to a freshman like Mo Yang

How could they have known that Mo Yang could be considered a combat-type player When he had just entered the academy, he was already able to defeat a tier 7 expert with a tier 6 advanced level cultivation.

Now that he had the resources of the Military Academy, coupled with his diligent cultivation, how could he not defeat a tier 8 expert like Yang Bai with a tier 7 cultivation

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In the current situation, Yang Bai also knew that his skills were inferior to Mo Yang.

Taking advantage of the fact that the energy in his body had not been completely exhausted, he gathered the last of the energy in his body and condensed a fireball.

With a swoosh, he actually threw it at Mo Chu!

“What are you doing!” Mo Yang was first stunned, then he let out a fierce roar.

His eyes were filled with fury as he looked at Little Chu!

Yang Bais move was truly unexpected.

No one had expected him to launch an attack on Mo Chu at this moment.

After gathering all of Yang Bais energy, no matter how fast Mo Yang was, he was too late.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye.

Mo Chu had just turned her head when his pitch-black pupils reflected the fireball that was getting faster and faster, getting closer and closer to her!

She wanted to run, but it was already too late!

After all, there was still a chasm between tier 5 and tier 8.

Just as the fireball was about to land on Mo Chus body, a thin wind blade suddenly intercepted the fireballs momentum.

Not only that, a moment later, the wind blade shattered the fireball into pieces!

This was clearly ten times stronger than Yang Bai!

In their shock, everyone could not help but turn their heads to look.

Under the sunlight, a handsome figure stood by the side.

On his three-dimensional handsome face, a pair of deep-set eyes were particularly eye-catching.

“Uncle” Mo Chu was slightly stunned.

He had never expected to see Ning Yiyuan here.

She was both stunned and pleasantly surprised.

Ning Yiyuan seemed to have heard Mo Chus low exclamation.

He nodded slightly at her, his eyes as gentle as water.

When he turned her head to look at Yang Bai, his face instantly turned cold and serious, “Humph! Is this the performance of the Military Academy Bullying the weak, its really embarrassing for special ability users!”

His cold words were like a heavy slap on Yang Bais face!

“It seems that this years military training, the seniors need to participate again.” The Dean, Situ Xiu, stood beside Ning Yiyuan, his gaze slightly cold.

It was clear that he had witnessed Yang Bais actions just now.

Although the Military Academy also tacitly agreed to the rule ofputting the strong first, relying on special ability users to bully the weak was a misdeed that was looked down upon! Not to mention in the school, even the entire Federation despised it!

Mo Chu scratched her head.

The Deans aura was clearly not weak, but standing beside Ning Yiyuan, it was insignificant.

It was only when he spoke now that everyone noticed his existence.

Was it because Uncles sense of presence was too strong, or was the Dean too weak

“Dean, who is this” Qiao Hongmei was clearly the one who had started this matter, but at this moment, she had an unperturbed look on her face.

She was even looking straight at Ning Yiyuan with that seductive gaze.

Even though this man had only used a simple move, it was enough to expose his strength! Of course, it also successfully attracted Qiao Hongmeis attention.

“This is the chief instructor of this years military training.” Situ Xiu glanced at Ning Yiyuan who was beside him.

He looked calm on the surface, but his heart was pounding.

God knows when he received the news, he almost had a heart attack, why did this person suddenly think of becoming an instructor



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