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The Dukes Masked Wife Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Marry your daughter (2)

“Alessandra” The baron was certain he heard Edgar wrong but thanks to the gasp from Katrina and the look of horror on Kates face, he knew he heard it clearly. “Duke Edgar, why would you want to marry Alessandra There are many rumors around her that will affect your reputation.”

“I am not the type to be concerned about my reputation. There are plenty of rumors surrounding me so I hope you dont think of how they shall affect your reputation through me visiting,” Edgar replied, flipping the barons words.

Edgar enjoyed the nervousness in the air as the baron tried quickly to clear up what he meant.

“You and my daughter are two different kinds of people. You are special-”

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“And your daughter is not” Edgar glared at the trifling man. He had a low opinion of the baron and now that opinion was down below in the underworld.

Desmonds palms started to sweat. He did not want to be viewed as a bad father. “That is not what I meant. Out of my two daughters, Kate would be the better choice. She is the talk of the town and has a long list of suitors but she has been saving herself for a man like you-”

“Then she shall be fine with my rejection and I am not so certain about saving herself. The red light district is quite busy these days,” said Edgar as recalled what was mentioned at the barons party.


“What” Katrina looked at her daughter in confusion. “Kate would never visit such a place, Duke Edgar. I agree with my husband that Alessandra is not suited for a man like you. Kate has been raised to be the perfect wife.”

“The more all of you talk I get the understanding that you have completely cast Alessandra aside. Is she not meant to get married Should she stay with her father her entire life I will say this only once. I am not interested in Kate,” Edgar shot down the advances for the last time. “I am here for Alessandra. Where is she”

“Duke Edgar, it is rude of you to keep asking about Alessandra when we have told you she is not a good choice for your wife. If this is some kind of a joke between you and my husband it is not funny. Surely you have heard the rumors,” Katrina said in a calm tone but on the inside, she was fuming.

Katrina didnt understand why Edgar would come asking for Alessandra. He could not have fallen for Alessandra after the small conversation they had. That was impossible. Who would love someone like Alessandra

“I am well aware of all the rumors about your entire family. Is there some reason you are not bringing out Alessandra for her to speak with me She will need to accept the proposal. Is something wrong with her” Edgar looked to Desmond for the answer.

The three of them looked nervous each time he mentioned wanting to see Alessandra. Surely, she wasnt dead before they officially got engaged.

“The thing is...” Desmond trailed off, uncertain of how to go about this situation. “Alessandra needs to be sheltered from the outside world. People who have run into her are never kind, which is why she stays here with me. She is comfortable here with her mask. Kate on the other hand-”

“Take me to her. Baron, outside of me doing this because I want to marry her, there is something truly odd about the relationship you have with your daughter. If there is a single strand of hair out of place, I will see to it that you are punished. Are we clear”

“Y-Yes, Duke Edgar. I will bring Alessandra to you,” Desmond stood up but Edgar shook his head.

“Take me to her,” Edgar was smart enough to know if he allowed someone to bring Alessandra they would just threaten her. He wanted to see firsthand what life was like for Alessandra. Outside of the rumors, what pushed her to suggest a contract marriage

Katrina clenched her fists under the table. There was nothing they could do when the Duke was so determined to see Alessandra. If they were to claim Alessandra is sick now it would only make things suspicious as if they had done something to her.

My poor daughter, Katrina could only think of Kate. Her daughter sat silently trying to figure out why she wasnt the one chosen.

Katrina didnt want her to marry a man crazy enough to propose to Alessandra but this was the Duke. How could they allow Alessandra to marry a man with such status while Kate is ignored She had a feeling Alessandra left off way more than what she spoke about with the Duke.

“Alessandra is not suited for you,” Kate spoke up. The shock was over and now she was ready to fight for what belonged to her.

Edgar smiled, enjoying how much they were trying to push him away from picking Alessandra. “I know better than anyone else who is suited for me unless you are questioning my ability to think Is there a reason I cannot see your daughter, baron Do I need to-”

“No! I will take you to her right away but Alessandra will give you the same answer Duke. She doesnt like to be seen by others. I dont know what was discussed when you met her but you mightve gotten the wrong impression.” Desmond was going to do whatever he could to switch the Dukes attention from Alessandra to Kate.

Desmond always thought of the Duke to be strange but not strange enough to want to marry Alessandra. He was sure once Edgar got a good look at Alessandra now he would see Kate was a better choice.

“Baron, you talk too much,” Edgar said as he stood up. The more the man talked the more he was tempted to strangle him but as Alfred said, he was here to ask for his daughters hand in marriage so he had to be nice.

“What” Desmond was taken aback by Edgars words. He was merely trying to help him save his reputation. He was not convinced the Duke did not care about his reputation. Everyone did. “Im sorry. This way,” he shut his mouth afterward.

The Duke will change his mind anyway.

“Alfred, stay here,” Edgar told his butler. Alfred would be his eyes and ears for whatever the two women said or did.

Edgar quietly followed the baron to Alessandras bedroom. He wondered if she would be happy to see he had arrived early instead of delaying his arrival. Would she be happy to see the expressions on her familys faces

“This is it. Alessandra,” Desmond knocked on the door. He was hoping she would sound asleep and would not be able to hear him but to his surprise, she opened the door after the second knock. “We have a guest.”

The moment Alessandra opened the door, Edgars eyes went to one thing. It wasnt the blue mask she decided to wear today but how red her eyes were. “What happened” He asked.

“You see-”

“I asked her, baron. What happened, Alessandra” Edgar reached out his hand to rub below her right eye which wasnt covered by a mask. “Tell me, quickly.”

Alessandra glanced at her father for a moment and saw how nervous he was. The Duke must have mentioned marriage already. “My kitten was hurt yesterday and has passed away. I am on punishment therefore I could not leave to bury it. Why are you here, Duke Edgar” She asked, feigning ignorance.

“I have come to ask for your hand in marriage but your family seems to think it is a bad decision. What do you think, Alessandra Will you say yes”



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