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Chapter 16: Cold-hearted (2)

“That is what I am expecting,” Alessandra stated the obvious. It was never an issue when Katrina made her do it and Kate would stand right beside her mother laughing. “It has to be quick before the kitten starts to smell and I want to give it a proper send-off quickly.”

“Im sure it wont be too hard for Kate,” said Desmond. It was so minor in his eyes compared to what they were looking to achieve. If Alessandra had asked him to do it, he would have done it in a heartbeat.

Thats easy for you to say when you arent the one doing it, Kate glared at her father.

Kate put on her best smile to push through Alessandras punishment. “I shall get to it right away.”

She would have to sacrifice one of her pairs of gloves to do the job since she was not going to let her bare hand touch soil. Kate also had a way to get back at Alessandra for making her do this lowly job.

Katrina watched in horror as Kate walked away to dig a hole with her hands. Her daughter must have lost her mind at the same time her husband did. “Kate!” She called, chasing after Kate to stop her from embarrassing herself.

“Alfred, the final gift please,” Edgar said now that the drama was partially over with. He had the final piece to confirm his engagement to Alessandra.


“Yes young master,” Alfred showed a small box he had with him.

“You are too kind, Edgar. The gift to me was already enough,” Desmond rubbed his hands, patiently waiting to see what else he was going to receive.

“This is not for you,” Edgar glared at the greedy man. “This is for my future bride,” he got down on one knee beside where Alessandra sat and opened the box to reveal a diamond ring.

Alessandra had completely forgotten about a ring. She was taken aback by the size of it as all the jewelry she had was small in comparison to it.Wont that be uncomfortable She wondered.

“You dont like it Its a family heirloom,” Edgar snapped the box shut after seeing her reaction to the ring. There was no point in giving her something she wouldnt like.

As quickly as he got down on one knee Edgar got back up. “I will find you something better by the end of the day.”

“W-Wait,” Desmond stuttered, confused as to why Alessandra didnt like such a big ring. She would probably be wearing their house on her finger. “Give her a moment to think, Duke Edgar. She must be in shock at how big- I mean how splendid it is.”

“Well,” Edgar waited to hear it from Alessandra but it was clear from her body language she did not like it.

Alessandra thought it would be rude of her to not accept the ring he brought to her but she couldnt imagine walking around with such a large object on her finger.

She preferred to be honest with the Duke and considering he didnt look offended she knew he wouldnt mind. “It is too large,” she softly replied.

“There is nothing as too large,” Desmond argued, annoyed by Alessandras response. This was why he rather had Kate be the one to marry Edgar. Kate knew the value of material things and how much they mattered. Alessandra was nothing more than a fool.

“I will find something more suited for you,” Edgar dismissed the barons comment. There was something too large if Alessandra didnt like it.

He made the mistake of not finding something Alessandra would like instead of giving her what was passed down for generations. The ring he brought was made for a woman long ago and passed down to her children.

At some point, one had to consider the women being proposed to would like a ring made for them rather than one made for someone else and passed down.

“When we meet again I shall place that ring on your finger. Baron, send Alessandra with all her things to start living with me in two days time. I shall have a separate bedroom for her until we are wed and you have my word I shall not touch her.”

Alessandra was surprised to hear he wanted her to come live with her in two days time. She asked to come live with him while they were in her bedroom only to be rejected and now he was saying yes. She could not figure out what Edgar was thinking.

“What” Desmond asked in disbelief. It was not in the plan for Alessandra to go live with Edgar. If she did that there was no way for Kate to be able to interact with him as Edgar wont casually visit their home. “I dont think thats a good idea. What will the people say”

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“It is not the first time a woman has stayed with her future husband until the wedding and it will not be the last. There is a lot to be planned and many dinners for Alessandra to attend. I would rather have her next to me than the back and forth. It is nothing to discuss as it is final,” said Edgar.

“Alfred, prepare the carriage for us to leave. This house is starting to irritate me,” Edgar muttered as he started to feel uncomfortable. His hate for the barons house did not decrease. “Come see me out,” he told Alessandra.

“Excuse me father,” Alessandra said, standing up from her seat to walk with the Duke. She held onto Edgars hand walking side by side as they followed the butler out while leaving her father in a panic.

“You can finally breathe now,” Edgar said when they got outside away from prying eyes.

Alessandra stumbled as she stepped outside the home and would have fallen if not for Edgar holding on to her. “I cant believe I just did that.”

Her knees had suddenly gone weak as what she did dawn on her.

“I enjoyed the show, Alessandra. Finally some good entertainment in the barons home. Id bet it felt really good to speak to them like that,” said Edgar.

Alessandras fire had only started to burn and he would shield her from anyone looking to put it out. He saw something in her today that no one else did. The town had no idea what was coming their way. With his help, Alessandra would become a woman to not be messed with.

“It did feel good. I am used to making up these kinds of scenarios in my head and now it has finally happened. I did forget how to breathe back there and I was so nervous I would have tricked over my words,” Alessandra clutched her dress finding the moment to be surreal.

“You did good,” Edgar patted her head. The show was ten times better for those watching Alessandra and it would be even better when she becomes more confident in herself.

Alessandra looked down at the floor feeling strange to receive a compliment from Edgar and a pat on the head. It felt nice to have someone do this for her. She wanted to work harder to receive more compliments from him. “Thank you,” she replied.

Edgar smiled, viewing Alessandra as a small kitten. Something he needed to nurture and protect.

“Duke Edgar,” Desmond said, interrupting the moment.

Edgar rolled his eyes, taking his hand away from Alessandras head. “What is it, baron”

“I came to see you off as you were my guest. Please come again.”

“Alessandra, I want to have a word with your father. Until next time,” Edgar picked up her right hand and kissed the back of it.

“Okay,” Alessandra replied, leaving to give the two men some privacy. As she passed by her father, she saw how nervous he became to speak with Edgar all alone.

“Do not sweat, baron. I want to have a civil conversation with you. Come closer,” Edgar motioned for him to do so. “Closer, baron.”

“Y-Yes,” Desmond felt deja vu at this moment but Edgar had already got what he wanted, which was Alessandra, therefore, there was no need for him to be attacked again. “Edgar-Wait!” He exclaimed as Edgars hand grabbed hold of his slender neck.

“One strand out of place, one cut on her skin, one complaint from her mouth, and I will kill you and your wife,” Edgar gripped Desmonds neck tighter for the baron to understand he wasnt playing around. “Treat her well while Im being nice to you.”



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