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The Dukes Masked Wife Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Illusion (1)


Desmond quickly shook his head, unable to use words thanks to the grip on his neck. Anymore tighter and Edgar just might break it. What part of this was being civil

“Good,” Edgar released the barons neck with a shove. “Look at you, all disheveled,” he fixed Desmonds shirt, smoothing out the ruffled parts.

Desmond kept his head down bearing with Edgar harshly patting his shoulders to smooth out his clothes. Never in his life was he so embarrassed by someone coming into his house, treating him like he was not the owner.

“I dont look forward to you being my father-in-law. Theres so much I had to kill you for but since you are loved by your daughter for some reason, I shall keep you alive. Do you understand what I mean, baron If Alessandras love for you runs out, I shall consider killing you.”

“I understand, Duke Edgar,” said Desmond.

“I am handing you the opportunity to correct the mistakes you made with her. See to it that you do not ruin this for her.” As much as Edgar disliked the baron, he could tell Alessandra was longing for positive interaction from her family, and from what he witnessed today, the baron was one she was most likely to get it from.

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He was putting the task on the baron to act as a father in two days and to shield Alessandra from the two women. Whether or not, Alessandra would like her fathers newfound interests in her was completely up to Alessandra.

Alessandra and her father could either have a heart-to-heart moment where the baron apologizes for not properly protecting her or Alessandra would see there was no hope for her family.

“Edgar, will you...” Desmond trailed off when he heard footsteps walking away from him. He looked up to see Edgar walking back to his carriage without seeing goodbye. “I should have just hit him when he was here. That little **,” Desmond muttered.

“He can only act like this because of his name and the king. Does he think Ill let him get away with treating me like a fool inside of my home Where on earth is Alessandra” Desmond went back inside to look for his oldest child.

She had not told the truth about what she discussed with the Duke at his party unless she was going to say Edgar fell in love with her at first sight.

“What bull**,” Desmond cursed.

Alessandra wore a mask covering half of her face. She had ruined her beauty a long time ago. There were countless beautiful young women like Kate for Edgar to fall in love with.

“Alessandra!” Desmond yelled after finding the dining room to be empty. Katrina had brought the plate of breakfast for nothing as it was still on the table untouched. “Alessandra!” His voice thundered throughout the home.

“Yes, father” Alessandra came from the direction of the kitchen. She was going to let Mario give her warm food until she heard her name being called. Now that Edgar was gone everything would go back to normal.

“Care to explain to me how this union between you and Edgar came about Do not talk about love at first sight.”

“Am I not beautiful enough for Edgar to fall in love with me at first sight, father Remember when I was younger you would parade me around and show everyone how beautiful I was” Alessandra smiled, remembering the faint memory.

“That was before-”

“Before this,” Alessandra touched her mask. “It was. What a long time it has been. Everything changed after that.”

“You can not blame me for what happened,” said Desmond.

“I blame you for not taking control of what happened afterward father and yes, I blamed you for what caused it. The Duke did not fall in love with me at first sight, father. Such a thing would never happen,” Alessandra truly believed her words. She was many things but not a fool.

“Then what was said between the two of you Tell me everything from the beginning,” Desmonds curiosity had become unbearable. He had to know what Alessandra did that Kate could not after all these years.

“I already told you what was said, father. I do not know why the Duke picked me instead of Kate. Im sorry the daughter you wanted with him was not chosen. Is that all father Is there nothing more you have to say to me” She was waiting for him to truly state what he planned to do about her engagement.

Alessandra already knew he would do everything in his power to somehow get Kate to take her spot. To her surprise, he said something completely different.

“All eyes will be on you, Alessandra. Do your best. What are you going to eat now” Desmond was doing just as the Duke instructed him to.

Although he was angry with Alessandra about a few things, now was not the time to grill her when Edgar was so adamant about killing him.

Alessandra was unable to respond for the first couple of seconds. She did not get the reaction she was expecting therefore she did not know how to react. She wondered if the Duke said something to her father to make him act like this. “I am going to the kitchen for warm food.”

“I see. Forgive Kate and Katrina for the things they have done. You have to understand their point of view. When you are done, go back to your-” Desmond had to quickly stop himself. He was making the mistake of sending Alessandra back into her bedroom to be out of sight. “Do whatever you want.”

Understand their point of view Alessandra wanted to laugh in his face for saying such a ridiculous thing.

Why did she have to be the one to understand everyones actions towards her and have to forgive them Why couldnt everyone else admit their faults instead To see her father have no shame in saying these things was disgusting.

Her father was only trying to play nice to avoid Edgars wrath.

I picked a good man, she thought as Edgar was doing a good job in shielding her so far.

Edgar handed her the opportunity of two days where her family had to play nice to her. They could do nothing in those two days for when the Duke arrived to collect her, should there be anything out of place he would take his anger out on them.

Alessandra accepted the illusion of having a family who got along with her for two days. She wanted to see what life would have been had she not been outcasted for most of her life. Even if it was all fake, she would enjoy it to the fullest.

“Thank you,” she replied to her father. It would be fun to mess with them while they could do nothing but hold in their anger and smile.

A perfect ending to their ill-fated relationship. After these two days, she would completely cut ties with her family, ending on a fake good note rather than arguing.

“Excuse me. Im going to find Kate and Katrina.”

Alessandra watched in amusement as her father turned his back on her to go plot with Kate and Katrina. Edgar was right to not let her come stay with him so easily. There was so much fun for her to have here.



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