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The Dukes Masked Wife Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Thoughts (2)

“I told you never to call me mother, you evil girl. You have to be out of your mind to throw ** on Kate. Has your jealousy not gone far enough” Katrina questioned. Her anger increased the more she looked at Alessandra.

Katrina was bewildered to hear of what Alessandra did to Kate and how no one stopped her.

Alessandra was always intrigued by everyone thinking she was jealous of Kate. When had she ever shown them that she was jealous “I have never been jealous of Kate. It has always been the other way around.”

Katrina chuckled, finding Alessandra to be funny. “Kate, jealous of you Such a thing is-”

“Isnt that why you hated me too Kate was never the center of attention when I was around and you could not stand the daughter of your husbands first wife outshining your child. I can see where Kate gets her denial from. Funny, I thought it was from my father,” said Alessandra as she for so long believed it came from her fathers side of the family.

“Are you crazy-”

“How many times am I going to be asked this It is annoying,” Alessandra muttered, tired of the repeated question. “My answer is yes so that you can stop asking me. I must be crazy for the crap I put up with for so long.”


“You...” Katrina trailed off, unsure of who was standing before her. Alessandra was never like this. She was never one to talk back and quietly did as she was told. “You are only acting like this because of your engagement.”

“Obviously but you have no room to talk when you have done the same thing. You act all high and mighty because you are a barons wife. From your attitude, you would think you married the king. My father is not that great for you to act this way,” Alessandra honestly stated.

Her fathers reputation slowly decreased throughout the years and many of his high-status friends were hardly around. He was lucky to still have connections with the king.

“I suppose his wealth will make him great in your eyes. Though these days, his wealth is not like what it used to be. I wonder what he is spending all his income on for our house to be such a state. Thats something to add to the list. In this house, the baron thinks he is the king. Hilarious,” Alessandra chuckled, finding their house to be backward.

Maybe I should think I am a bird and then I could fly away, Alessandra humored herself.

“There is nothing wrong with your fathers finances. Look at the amount of land the king has placed in his name. Look at how wonderful our farm is. How grand the inside of our home is. Your father has enough wealth to live like a king if he wishes to.”

“You truly complete my father,” Alessandra viewed Katrina as idiotic as her father. The money must have been drained away to make Katrina and Kate live like royalty too.

Her father married a wife he could not afford to keep for all these years and then they made a daughter who was no different from the mother.

“You must be punished for what you did to Kate.”

Alessandra looked away from a delusional Katrina. “Why I was punishing her for burying my mothers dress when she was only supposed to bury the kitten.”

Katrina did not care about the awful dress. “Still-”

“I am tired of you talking so much, Katrina. You agitate me.”

“What on earth have you become Do you really think you can be this way because Edgar threatened your father I will not allow my daughter to be embarrassed by the likes of you. Stay there!” Katrina ordered Alessandra while she would make her way outside.

“I am not a dog,” Alessandra started to leave not wanting to hear what else Katrina had to say. “Is this really their way of trying to be nice to me They couldnt last one day.”

“Alessandra, do not run away from me!” Katrina yelled as she arrived outside only to find Alessandra leaving.

“Are your eyes not working I am not running away. I am gracefully walking away, mother,” Alessandra would keep using the word mother as long as it annoyed Katrina.

In the past, it was the only thing she could do as revenge to Katrina.

“Stop right there,” Katrina picked up both sides of her dress to run after Alessandra.

Alessandra was highly amused when she looked back to find Katrina was chasing after her. It was quite the sight as it was odd for Katrina to be running around. “Wow,” was the only thing she could say.

“Alessandra!” Katrina grabbed onto Alessandras shoulder to stop her from hurrying away. “I told you to stay right there.”

Alessandra smacked Katrinas hand away from harshly gripping her shoulder. “Do not touch me, Katrina. Kate had what was coming to her for messing with my mothers dress. If anyone was to ruin that dress it wouldve been me. Instead of always trying to punish me, you should spend more time teaching your daughter manners before she ends up old and alone.”

“The Duke wont always be guarding you, Alessandra. Men change their minds so easily-”

“So Kate learned that from you. Why am I not surprised Since that is what the two of you believe, I shall hold unto him forever Katrina. I said,” Alessandra caught Katrinas hand when it was raised to slap her. “Do not touch me. I am tired of being your punching bag!” She screamed, tiredness of her torture evident in her voice.

Alessandra gripped Katrinas hand, pushing it back until Katrina winced from the pain. “Since you came here I have tried to have nothing from positive thoughts. Do you know how hard it is not to fall off into the deep end and let my negative thoughts consume me”

“Even when the Dukes sword is pointed at your necks you are still determined to hurt me. Are you determined to make me become a mad woman Do not keep pushing me. If those thoughts truly consume me, I might end up killing all of you. Even now when the voice in my head is telling me to just end you, I am trying to hold on.”

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Alessandra was alone for such a long time that she had no one to talk to but herself. The person she created in her head was meant to be a friend to keep her happy but as Kate and Katrinas torture increased, the voice in her head changed to telling her cruel things.

Befriending Mario and the kitten had saved her but the voice always lingered in her head. There was nothing she could do to escape what she had created and her newfound anger toward her family was not helping.

“Leave me alone,” Alessandra released Katrinas hand. Her other hand twitched at the thought of pushing Katrina down and repeatedly beating her with a stick just as Katrina had once done to her. “Youve tortured me for many years, Katrina. Sit quietly while I do the same to you.”

Alessandra left Katrina alone so that the woman could choose her next move carefully. Katrina could either chase after her again but face retaliation far worse than what Alessandra had just done to Kate or, walk away and endure what was to come.

Alessandra was satisfied with not hearing Katrina following behind her however, she stumbled the moment she entered the house and gripped her head from a pain building up.

She did not know how to handle all the angry and negative thoughts she had kept at bay for many years suddenly flooding her head. It was foreign to her as she tried to keep a positive outlook on her life but she had strayed far away from it today.

“I will not lose myself,” she promised.



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