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Chapter 24: Lady of the house (2)

“I like this chair father. Is it really a big deal with me being here Does Katrina wish to sit here now The many times I peeped out at the three of you having dinner, lunch, or breakfast, I have never seen Katrina seated here. You can have it if you want,” Alessandra started to stand up but as she expected, her father stopped her.

If there was anyone she had complete control over, it was her father.

“Sit, sit. It is only a chair, right darling” Desmond looked at Katrina for her to confirm it. A chair shouldnt be a big deal in a situation like this. “One more day,” he whispered.

“It is not a big deal. You can remain there Alessandra,” it pained Katrina for these words to leave her mouth but after Desmond ignored what she told him about Kate and Alessandra, she felt useless.

Her husband did not care how much their daughter was embarrassed and only saw the money he could get from Edgar in the future.

Katrina was on the fence about Kate sleeping with Edgar to guarantee she would wed him but now, she was fully on board. Kate was right to steal whatever happiness Alessandra thought she owned.

Katrina truly believed Alessandra was a psycho after their conversation today and planned to send her off to a place with others like her. Marrying Alessandra off to her husbands friend would only embarrass them as the girl lost her mind.


Kate gripped her dress, angered by her mother allowing Alessandra to do as she pleased. Alessandra had no manners when it came to respecting her elders. She was also annoyed her father had not paid any visit to her after learning what Alessandra had done.

“Your water,” James returned to the table placing the pitcher of water Alessandra requested right in front of her. He was surprised to witness nothing had been done for where she sat.

“Where is the wine, James It is not right for you to only serve one person,” Kate glared at the butler. “I ordered you to bring me wine but you bought her water. Alessandra, you have become the lady of this house. Congratulations.”

Alessandra ignored Kate, picking up the pitcher to pour herself a glass of water. Kate would be a perfect fit for working in the court as she enjoyed talking about a lot of nonsense.

“Kate,” Desmond shushed her as he sat down at the other end of the table with Kate to his left and Katrina to his right. Unlike what he said earlier, it was not just a chair. He was meant to sit at the head of the table.

“What Alessandra does not care about what I said. What did I even say wrong Look at her, she looks more like the lady of the house than my mother. Shes finally getting to do everything she ever dreamed of. Poor little Alessandra-Ow,” Kate groaned as the table shook.

Kate glared at her father for kicking her under the table. Why was he still holding onto the ridiculous idea of being nice to Alessandra

“Alessandra, how was your day” Desmond asked in an attempt to change the topic.

“You shouldnt have stopped her,” Alessandra sighed, as placed her almost empty glass of water to the side. “I am not going to be comfortable with Kate pretending to be nice when I know what she is really like. I am also not comfortable with you suddenly caring about my day, father. I would prefer if everyone just shut up.”

“For once in my life, I agree with her. I cant pretend to be nice to her even if someone was to pay me. We should just continue as we have always been or you should just be the only nice one to her, father. If anything its your love she wants the most. She grew up with parents who didnt love her,” said Kate.

Alessandras life was just a big puddle of sadness. This was what she claimed someone was jealous of Kate covered her mouth with her hand as she snickered to avoid being kicked by her father again.

“I have never hated Alessandra. How could a father hate his child You know that I love you, right Alessandra” Desmond smiled, truly believing his words. If he did not love her why else would she still be living with him when girls her age had already married and started to own families

“I know you love me,” Alessandra replied, watching as her fathers smile widened. “From what I viewed love to be as a child, you do love me. From the way you ignore me, look at me with disgust whenever I show myself to your guests by accident, how you allow others to treat me, how you think the Duke could not have fallen in love with me, that is your love. It is how you were with my mother.”

“I can only compare it to a mothers love but its not like that was much better. Mother ran away leaving me here with you. I think Ive only experienced the bad kinds of love but it is still love right”

“Ugh,” Desmond didnt know how to respond to Alessandras confession. He was certain he had treated her right by keeping her with him after all these years. Any other person would have gotten rid of her. “I have kept you sheltered here for many years.”

“That is your duty as a father. You are meant to protect your child. Father, after the incident you were the first one to look at me with disgust. It was you who wanted to hide me away and fed into the rumors of me being cursed even though you knew the truth. I am sheltered here not to be protected but for your friends to not see me,” Alessandra replied.

Keeping her here was not a grand favor when she wanted nothing more than to run away and live somewhere else. Did he really think she liked being here to be tortured by his wife and daughter

If only he had stopped the rumors in the early or at least stopped what happened to her face, then she would have long left this home and probably be married to someone by now.

Katrina couldnt take any more of Alessandra crying and complaining about her life. “You are well above the age to get married. The moment you turned a woman, your father could have kicked you out but he allowed you to stay here. His duty as a father ended when you became a woman but you have never been grateful.”

“Allow me to stay here Is it not the inheritance you would have to give me should I leave that is keeping me here, father Give it to me and I shall leave right now,” Alessandra held out her hand for what belonged to her.

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When you quietly roamed the house trying to avoid being seen you would hear many things.

“Alessandra, thats not something I can just hand over to you,” Desmond didnt like where the conversation took a turn to. He did not have Alessandras inheritance anymore.

Desmond was certain she would never leave their home therefore he used the money as an investment for a business that failed. She wouldnt have needed the inheritance in the marriage deal he set up with a friend.

“Why not Katrina and Kate are tired of me. If you give me the money, it is more than enough for me to leave this place and never return. I might even leave town and not marry the Duke,” Alessandra continued to push for it.

Kates eyes lit up upon hearing this. “Give her the money, father. Make her leave.”

“Its not possible that you do not have it, right father If I bring this information to the court you could be investigated as you are not meant to touch my inheritance. This is why he has never gotten rid of me,” Alessandra side-eyed Katrina.

This was the reason Alessandra had never asked her father to let her leave. When she overheard him speaking about her inheritance being drained, Alessandra knew she couldnt just leave her family. In the end, she decided to look for a man desperate enough to marry her.

“I will gather the money owed to you, Alessandra. Do not mention it to anyone. Especially Edgar.” Desmond knew he would be screwed if Edgar found out about what he did.

Edgars father was one of the men who fought for childrens inheritance to be protected until they either married or decided to leave their families. A large scandal in the town was what prompted this law.

Alessandras inheritance would have been her dowry for her marriage but with her reputation, Desmond didnt think she needed it.

“You didnt think anyone would ever want to marry me” Alessandra didnt have to read his mind to know that was what he was thinking. “I will keep my mouth shut. However, you should refrain from ever saying you were nice enough to shelter me here for so long. Understood”

“Y-Yes,” Desmond had to clear his throat after stuttering. For a moment, he feared the way Alessandra spoke to him. How did she know about the inheritance being gone

Alessandra held a card that could ruin him should she tell the court about this. For his safety, Desmond was contemplating getting rid of her and telling the Duke she ran away.



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