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The Dukes Masked Wife Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Determined (1)

“I got caught,” Alessandra muttered, leaning up against a tree now that she was far out of sight from Kate and the Duke.

She knew the affections Kate held for the Duke and should have known Kate would have come looking for him. Alessandra hoped Kate heard nothing of what she spoke about with the Duke.

Kate was evil enough to spread what she heard about the contract to her friends.

“Please dont let that be the case.” Alessandra wished she could have stayed to hear what the Duke and Kate were talking about. She had to consider the fact that Edgar could tell on her at any moment.

From what she heard about him thanks to Kates big mouth, he didnt seem like a man to joke around and make a fool of someone. He would not have invited her to his home if he was not serious about this. Alessandra could only hope she was right.

Before leaving for her destination, she took a deep breath, pushing any negative thoughts away. She would worry about everything else tomorrow but as of right now, she was insanely hungry. Her food had not been delivered and by this time, she did not expect to receive it.

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This was either Kates or her mothers doing.


Alessandra stepped away from the tree, running towards the back door of the kitchen. She took a look behind her to make sure she wasnt followed this far before she opened the door.

What she heard when she opened the door was nothing but confusion. Servers running all around trying to get the food out to the guests. This was a whole other world compared to what everyone in her fathers hall was experiencing.

“Mario,” Alessandra called for the cook as she maneuvered her way through the chaos.

No one seemed to realize Alessandra was in the kitchen as they were lost in their job. Alessandra preferred that they did not notice her.

“Its a bit bland dont you think Alessandra,” Mario, one of the three cooks said upon laying eyes on her. “Cover for me. I wont be long,” he told another cook.

“Follow me,” he took Alessandras hand to lead her back outside. The Barons wife had been popping into the kitchen once in a while to ensure everything was running smoothly. The last thing he wanted was for a member of the family to see Alessandra here.

“No one came to my room to deliver food,” she told him the reason why she came here though knowing the risk.

Mario closed the door behind them, releasing Alessandras hand now they were outside. “Its that witchs fault. Just a month ago they were laying off all the cooks and some of the other workers. Now they have this party and theres not enough of us to handle the job. What are they thinking”

“Duke Collins is looking for a wife. Havent you heard”

Mario scoffed hearing this. “So thats the reason. Did they throw a party just for Kate to meet the man I can only imagine she is like a fly bothering him right now.”

“Ive spoken to him,” Alessandra spoke in a low tone.

“The duke About what” Mario did not see any reason for Alessandra to meet with such a man. He heard many stories concerning Edgar. “There are many bad stories about him.”

“There are many stories about me and this mask. Do you believe them” She asked although she knew the answer. She was in no position to listen to rumors about others when the ones about herself were false.

Mario went silent as he had most definitely heard what people said about Alessandra. He had not seen her face at all as she never took off her mask in front of him but he didnt believe she could cause anyone to die just by looking at her face. “Of course not.”

“Then I shall give the Duke a fair chance. I cant tell you what I spoke to him about but I will say I am hoping for some good news,” Alessandra rested against a broken wall and looked out in the direction she had come from.

“Is this concerning your escape plan I hope the Duke can help you run far away. Its a shame you cant go on your own because of the young girls disappearing,” Mario went to the wall to sit beside Alessandra.

“I hope the culprit is found and the girls are still alive,” Alessandra said.

“I overheard your father claiming to know something about it when I went to deliver his coffee. I was hired to be a cook but they have laid off so many people that I am now a maid. It would be good if they paid me for the extra work,” Mario angrily kicked away a stone.

Alessandra watched as the stone rolled away. “When I leave you should come with me. You have always been kind to me and I wish to return the favor.”

“That is nice of you but I owe the Baron for the money I borrowed. I have at least one year until it is paid off and then I will come to find you. You are the only Barrett I can stand. I dont know what went wrong with the others.” If not for Alessandra, he wouldve thought the entire family was unbearable.

“I dont know what went wrong with my father. Mario, I need a favor. Well, two. I am not close to the coachman but you are. Can you speak to him about taking me somewhere tomorrow without letting my family know about it He might be scared of me and run away before I could speak to him,” Alessandra said.

Mario was the only person she spoke to like this as he did not believe the rumors about her killing people after they saw her face or the rumors of her actually being a ghost.

“That wont be a problem. I take it this trip has something to do with the Duke. I am wary of him, Alessandra. Even if you dont want to believe in rumors without knowing the person, there are some things you need to keep in mind and be cautious of,” Mario was not a fan of Edgar.

“I will listen to your advice and be cautious. I always walk around with my trusted knife,” she took a small knife out from the pocket of her dress. Mario had stolen it a while ago and gave it to Alessandra as protection. “If he tries anything with me then bang!”

Mario stared unimpressed at the way Alessandra held the knife. “Be reminded you are holding a knife, not a gun. What is the second favor you need”

“Mario!” Someone from inside the kitchen yelled.

“Food please,” Alessandra innocently smiled.

“Right away. I must get it before they kill me for being away so long,” he got off the stone wall, dusted off his pants, and then opened the door to go back inside.

While Alessandra patiently waited for him to bring some food, she tapped her finger following the rhythm of the faint music coming from inside the home. It was a song her father loved so much that he played it at every party he hosted.

She closed her eyes to imagine what it would be like dancing around to the music, having small talk with others, and enjoying the food prepared. If only she did not have to wear a mask and the rumors surrounding her didnt make everyone back away in fear when she showed herself.

After a good amount of time had passed, Mario returned with a plate of food and a jug of something to drink

“I got you a little bit of everything,” Marios voice interrupted the moment.

Opening her eyes, Alessandra was met with the reality that she would spend the night alone with a kitten she recently found. They would both listen to the music in the comfort of her room as they ate and then fall asleep.



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