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Chapter 30: Loyal (3)

“I am too old to be dealing with all of this,” Desmond muttered, as he waltzed into his bedroom the next day.

William made him stay the night to have drinks and brought a few women from the red light district to entertain them. No matter how many times he mentioned going home, William ignored him, and eventually, morning was upon them.

“This is the shock of the century. Two powerful men are fighting over Alessandra. What is there not to like about Kate Where on earth is this woman” He looked around the empty bedroom for his wife.

At this time, Katrina would now be waking up.

Desmond took a seat on the edge of the bed to take off his boots. He had no time to rest as there was work to do. He needed to prepare Alessandra to be sent to Williams home in the night when no one would see.

“You are late,” Katrina glared at her husband when her eyes fell on him as she exited the bathroom. “Can it even be counted as late when my husband left in a hurry last night and came back in the morning Were you with a woman”

“Katrina, do not be ridiculous. Why would I entertain a woman when there is a possibility you would hang me by my balls to a tree”


Katrina covered her nose as the stench of wine filled the room the more Desmond spoke. “You were drinking.”

Desmond placed his boots on the side of the bed for a maid to move later. “I am allowed to have a drink here and there. Not even my mother would be able to scold me for it if she were alive. Do not think being my wife grants you that privilege.”

“Believe me, Desmond, I do not think it does. You could at least tell me where the hell you were running off to so late in the night so I wouldnt be concerned. You would wish to know where I was going if I were the one to rush out,” said Katrina.

“Well, obviously it is different for a woman. You cannot just leave home at night when so many women are disappearing and the culprit has not been caught. And as a wife, where would you be going when your husband is right here I dont have the tolerance to deal with you this morning woman,” Desmond abruptly stood up, taking off his shirt to prepare for a bath.

“You insufferable man! I am disgusted by the sight of you. Do you think the other husbands treat their wives this way!” Katrina exclaimed, annoyed with the constant secrecy on Desmonds end.

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“I would not know since I do not think about them. I have a lot on my mind and the last thing I need is you yelling at me as soon as I arrive home. Give me a break,” Desmond sighed, sitting back down on the bed to rest his head in the palm of his hands. “I have found myself in trouble.”

“Then tell me what is happening so I can share your burden. That is why I am upset with you,” Katrina walked to the bed and sat down next to him. She was curious to know what happened between him and William.

She ran her hand up and down his back to calm his nerves. “Talk to me, my sweet husband.”

“We have to send her away tonight. Alessandra, I mean. William wishes to take her and then he would give us more money for this exchange or have my neck if she does not go to him. Do you see why I have no time to argue with you” Desmond looked to his wife.

“Then, we shall give her to him and take the money,” Katrina did not see what was so difficult for him to be in this state. ” Did you spend all of the one he gave you before”

“No, I invested it properly this time and it is showing to be a good idea. The money has doubled but it is not enough to pay back William. If I had a bit more time it could triple and then we would be back on our feet. I promised her to William last night because of his threats but now, I am more concerned about Edgar.”

Now that Desmond wasnt so close to William where the man could hurt his leg, reality hit him with who he should be more scared of. William was a cruel man but Edgar was a monster.

“Why You promised William he would have her tonight so you should stick to your promise. Edgar should know he cannot interfere with what a father chooses for his daughter. Alessandra does not have a ring on her finger from Edgar. Place one for William on her hand. We need the money William is offering. The money from the residents on your land wont be here in time to put us back on our feet,” said Katrina.

She wanted the money William was offering in their hands so when Desmond died, it would belong to her.

“Lets hope we do not see Edgar until tomorrow. That is the only way I can survive this. Katrina,” Desmond became alerted when he saw something alarming now that he got a good look at the woman beside him. “What happened to your neck”

“Oh,” Katrina traced the marks she ordered Krystle to make on her skin last night. They were right above her breast and thanks to the loose night dress, it was clear as day for Desmond to see. “I-It is nothing,” she pulled up the dress to cover the marks.

“Nothing It looks as if someone hurt you. Did someone harm you while I was away” Desmonds blood started to boil. No one was to ever lay a hand on his wife. Who could disrespect him like this “Who did it Give me a name right away. Was it Alessandra”

“I do not wish to speak about it, Desmond. Please give me time-”

“Give you time Someone has hurt you and you are talking about time Fine, keep quiet but I will find someone who can tell me what happened while I was away. Where is James” Desmond knew James would be able to find out about it for him.

“Desmond, you should not get sidetracked like this. You have other things to worry about,” Katrina tried to reason with him.

“I cannot let someone get away with hurting my wife. Then theyll think it is right to do it to Kate! Why are you protecting this person, Katrina Did they threaten you with something”

“Desmond, I will tell you about it after we have given William what he wants. We have no time to be going after others when there is someone trying to kill you. I promise I will tell you about it tonight. Please drop it for now,” Katrina held his hands, rubbing the back of them with her thumb to calm him down.

On the inside, Katrina was smiling since she got the reaction she was looking for. This would be her evidence if James were to speak of last night.

“I want the person front and center to be dealt with after Alessandra is gone. I will not let someone get away with harming you, Katrina. Come here. I need to relieve this built-up frustration,” Desmond pulled her towards him, ripping the front of her night dress.

Katrina held onto him while he tried to lift her up and then place her on the bed.Its a pity I am not drunk to bear this, she thought.

After all the years they had been married, Katrina always found their intimacy to be lacking. The pleasure had always been one-sided for her husband who was not good in bed. She started to regret not sleeping with James last night to make up for what was to come shortly.

“My beautiful wife,” Desmond mumbled against her bare skin as he laid on top of her.

“Baroness” A knock on the bedroom door interrupted the moment before it could get anywhere.

Katrina couldnt be more than happy to hear Krystles voice. “We have to stop, Desmond. There is a lot I must do today,” she gently pushed his body from on top of her. Another second of them in bed together and she mightve killed him right then and there.



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