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138 Teacher Appreciation Banquet

On the way, Shan An could no longer suppress the joy in his heart.

He held his two children with both hands.

They passed by a roasted chicken shop.

Before he could step into the door, he shouted, “Boss, give me a roasted chicken.

My child is celebrating after the college entrance examination today.”

Hearing this, Shan Chen hurriedly grabbed Shan Ans clothes and asked, “Dad, didnt all your money get robbed How can you still have the money to buy roasted chicken”

Shan An smiled mysteriously and whispered into Shan Yue and Shan Chens ears, “Dont worry, Dad still has some private money.”

Amidst the laughter, Shan Yue vaguely felt a sense of home.

Just like that, the three of them slowly walked home.

As soon as they entered, Sun Ling saw the roasted chicken in Shan Ans hand and was immediately furious.

“Who asked you to buy roasted chicken You only earn a few dollars a month.

You dont have the ability to earn it, but youre quite good at spending it.”

Faced with Sun Lings anger, Shan An could only say softly, “I saw that the two children had finished the college entrance examination, so I thought to nourish their bodies.”

“You can buy it for Xingxing.

Look at how fat Shan Yue has become.

How many points does she get for every exam How dare she eat roasted chicken”

When Shan Yue heard these words, she did not care because she was already used to it.

She just did not want to interact too much with her so-called mother.

However, Shan Chens expression was a little unhappy.

“Stop talking.

I asked Dad to buy the roasted chicken for Sister!”

Sun Ling was puzzled.

Her precious son spoke up for that wretched girl, Shan Yue, every day.

However, for the sake of her son, Sun Ling did not say anything else.

At the dining table, the family was happy and harmonious.

Other than Shan Yue, who ate a few simple mouthfuls of food like an outsider and did not say a word.

Shan An held his chopsticks and suddenly thought of something.

“By the way, why didnt I see Xingxing in the examination hall today I wanted to bring the three of them back with me.”

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Hearing this, Shan Xing quickly gave Sun Ling a look, indicating for her mother not to let it slip.

Sun Ling quickly explained, “I sent her to the examination hall in the morning.

After the examination, I naturally picked her up first.

How can you guarantee that you didnt miss your daughter in such a big examination hall By the time you reach there to fetch her, itll be over lunch.”

After that, Sun Ling casually brushed him off and quickly changed the topic.

Shan Chen was about to say something when Shan Yue stopped him with a wave of her hand.

The smart Shan Chen quickly understood what his sister meant and stopped talking.

Beep, beep, beep.

The three childrens phones rang at the same time.

They took a look and realized that it was Yu Hao who had sent the message in the group chat.

[The college entrance examination has ended.

Lets attend the teacher appreciation banquet tonight.]

As a student who had been guaranteed admission to the Capital University, Shan Xing was naturally unwilling to miss this opportunity to show off in front of the entire class and trample on Shan Yue.

After dinner, Shan Yue returned to her room after doing her chores.

Then, she skillfully logged into the encrypted network she used to contact her friends.

[Ye Ying, I used your name to ask Xi Feng to help me once, but I didnt tell Xi Feng my true identity, so if Xi Feng asks you about this, dont let it slip.]

At this moment, on the top floor of a magnificent building in Country H, Ye Ying was still immersed in being intimate with a woman.

Suddenly, the sound of the communicator made Ye Ying ignore the woman on the bed and come to the communicator excitedly.

His fingers quickly typed.

[Dont worry, Ling Yue.

How long have you known me Are you still worried about me]

After a long while, Ye Ying did not receive any reply.

He typed on the keyboard in high spirits again.

[What happened at that time Why did you sacrifice yourself in the end]

It was a full ten minutes before the communicator rang again, the words slightly simple.

[Its too early to say this.

When the time is ripe, Ill naturally tell you the whole story.

Ill contact you if I need you.]

After that, no matter what Ye Ying sent, there was no news from Ling Yue.

He felt a little aggrieved and muttered to himself, “You ignore me when you have nothing to do and still act so self-righteous when you need my help.

I really owe you, little ancestor.”

But on second thought, as long as Ling Yue was still alive, it made him happier than anything else.


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