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There’s no Problem with my Villainess Role so far

W, what happened to him…!

Avril blinked.

…Before anything else, is it safe to assume that Lord Dylan doesn’t think of me as a villainess

But that’d be detrimental to Avril’s goal.

After all, didn’t she intend to peacefully spend the next three years as a villainess Just how did she mess it up

Avril wanted to ask for specific examples, but she decided against it upon looking at Dylan’s mood.

Then, Dylan went straight to the point.

“From the beginning, I was already suspicious towards your personality and intellect.

They’re far from what I heard of from the rumors.

It was obvious to me that something was wrong.”

“But, what’s wrong with my…”

No, it’s already too late for that.

For the time being, I wonder if the situation is still salvageable…

However, Avril was aware that it couldn’t be helped.

Albeit in truth, she’d much prefer to safely get through the contract marriage and then be released.

Unfortunately, before Avril and Dylan could even sign a marriage certificate, the relationship was doomed to end.

But previously, didn’t Lord Dylan say that he’s willing to hire my servants at this palace Perhaps, everything’s not as bad as it seems

Still, what a shame.

Avril believed that she had done her best.

Apparently, regardless of how flawless her memory was, that kind of feat was still unattainable for her.

As Dylan and Alexandra had said, Avril’s ‘incompetence’ might be the result of Count Allingham family’s biased judgement.

Nevertheless, she was still frustrated.

“…Even though I wanted to be the perfect villainess.”


Oh, there it is, my bad habit.

However, a few seconds later.

“Forgive me.

You’re indeed a villainess.”

“Eh Really! Did I manage to become a proper villainess!”

…Just what on earth happened to Lord Dylan over the last few seconds

Avril stared at the beautiful face of the young man in front of her.

As usual, he seemed serious and wasn’t in the mood to joke around.

“When you went shopping in the city, you chose the most expensive piece of jewelry in the store.

How impressive, Avril.”

“Ah, that’s true….

Although, it was purely coincidental.

Still, I made a firm decision!”

Actually, I honestly believed it to be the cheapest one because I hadn’t seen it in any of my books… Apparently, it was the opposite.

There are many things in this world that I don’t know.

While Avril was still reveling from the praise, Dylan went on.

“I also have to applaud you for your breakfast preference.

You let the chef make such a complicated menu.”

“…Yes! After all, isn’t making hard bread troublesome!”

“Albeit one would argue that maintaining the humidity so that the bread doesn’t get moldy is more complicated.”

“Aren’t those chefs wonderful!”

In the climate of the royal capital, one could just leave bread in the kitchen for a few days for it to become hard.

But for some reason, Dylan praised her.

Moreover, it was because of her favorite bread!

“You also distanced yourself from the maid that you brought all the way from your parents’ house.

For the better, or worse…”

“That’s true! I sent her to the main residence and didn’t give her anything to do because she’s in the way!”

Thank you, Carol! You’ve been unexpectedly helpful in this situation!

Avril didn’t get along with Carol very well.

But she definitely liked her now.

“I now understand that you’re a villainess.”

“I’m glad.”

While Avril was relieved by Dylan’s praise, he suddenly spoke in a very calm tone.

“At the same time, I can tell that you’re a very talented individual.”

“…Eh, uh What”

Please wait a minute…

Avril was having a difficult time keeping up with the conversation.

Then, Dylan stared straight into Avril’s eyes.

“…Which is why—don’t leave.”

“Me, leave…”

“I won’t send you back to your parent’s house.

I also promise to protect you no matter what.

So please, stay here.”

Avril couldn’t be happier with the offer.

After all, she’d be able to live a comfortable life there while preparing for the aftermath.

Dylan, the young man before her, was Avril’s contractual husband.

He was dignified in both appearance and tone of voice—but somehow, his gaze fiercely clung to her.

…Well, of course I won’t leave until three years have passed.

It’s part of the contract.

“Of course, I’ll fulfill my contract to the best of my ability as a proper wife, an enigmatic duchess, and a villainess with the vilest reputation in public.”


Was it just Avril’s imagination, or did her contractual husband just avert his eyes for a moment

“Well, it’s alright.

By the way, we had a terrible first meeting.

I’m going to make up for it.”

“…Really, though It was truly wonderful for me, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.”

Avril recalled their first meeting as the best thing that ever happened to her, being offered a contract marriage with wonderful benefits and all.

Dylan smiled gently at Avril who was tilting her head.

“…Stay the way you are, Avril.”


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