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I Just Want to Avoid Reduction to my Alimony

The next morning.

“This floor…isn’t it insanely pristine—!”

“Indeed, my colleague—huh Who the hell is that”

There was an uproar at the entrance to the main house of the Duke of Lancester.

The servants gathered together and secretly watched their mistress and her maid from the shadow of a pillar.

By the way, the pair were rarely seen together.

In fact, despite a few months having passes, this was their first time standing side-by-side.

“Lady Avril, please return that mop.

If you don’t, I’ll get angry.”

At Carol’s exasperated voice, Avril furrowed her eyebrows.

“But I’m still not done, yet! Look at the edges! There are stains on them! I can’t believe they’ve been left uncleaned like this!”

“…Look closely, they’re shiny.”

“…Ah, it’s true.

I’m sorry.”

“Well, of course.

After all, Lady Avril was the one who cleaned them.

I’m sure you’re already exhausted, so please return the mop.”



That morning, it was Carol who woke Avril up in the guest room instead of Grace.

When asked, albeit reluctantly, Carol replied that she had to because Avril was her mistress.

Once again, Avril was reminded of the true nature behind her relationship with Carol.

Apparently, Carol had told everyone else that Avril loathed her, hence why she kept her distance.

…In the Count of Allingham household, Corinna would always disturb Keira—my good friend—whenever she was mopping the floor.

I don’t really know what Corinna’s true intention were, but let’s imitate her for the time being.

Upon deciding that, Avril approached Carol at the entrance and the rest was history.

“Remember, Carol, I’m the villainess.

Right now, I’m giving an impression that I’m bullying you, so I want you to behave accordingly.”

“What do you mean by that Moreover, why are you so desperate to pretend to be evil Could it be, you’re truly incompetent”

“It’s the affairs between adults.”

“Unfortunately, nothing about you screams villainess.

I’m sorry to say this, but your efforts were in vain.”

“That’s not true.

Lord Dylan even praised me and acknowledged my villainy.

Not only that, he also praised me for tormenting you.”


Carol sighed with an I-can’t-keep-up-with-this expression and snatched the mop away.

“…His Excellency the Duke of Lancester is too generous.

You married into a really good family, didn’t you”

“Yes, I agree.”

“…Don’t think that it’ll last forever.”


With a depressed expression, Carol spewed such ruthless words, and they stayed with Avril.

…Carol must’ve been shaken.

As I thought, she’s worried about her family who live in the territory of Count Allingham.

“Carol, have you received any letters from the Count of Allingham recently”

“You already asked that yesterday.

What, is your memory impeccable yet short-term”

“Fufufu, I remembered what happened yesterday just fine.”

“Then don’t ask anything unnecessary—…”

When Carol was about to raise her voice, Chris called out to them.

“Lady Avril, what are you doing”

“Oh, Chris.

As you can see, I’m cleaning the entrance.

My maid isn’t good enough, after all.”

“…What a small-scale and environtment-friendly villain.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

Ahem, Chris cleared his throat.

“Could you follow me Lord Dylan has asked for you.”



Avril was lead into what appeared to be a study room surrounded by empty bookshelves.

“Lord Dylan, what is this…”

“I’m thinking of turning this into a library for you.”


W-what did he just say…!

Utterly shocked, Avril let out a gasp, but Dylan went on.

“I can’t allow you to go out for a while.

Last night, I had these bookshelves brought to this room as quick as possible.

The merchant will be here soon, so you can order as many books as you like.”

“Uhm, I’m very grateful for that…”

…But where would the cost be deducted from

Avril was concerned that her alimony would be reduced after the contract expired.

“…Last night, in the study, I saw how your eyes beamed.”

“T-that’s, I guess you could say that I enjoy the smell, but this is too extravagant—”

Apparently, Dylan saw her basking in the atmosphere of the study yesterday.

Avril hastily declined, but Dylan interjected.

“Do you like the smell”

“Well, it smells like paper and ink…”

“In that case, if you fill this place with books, it’ll be a good way to pass the time.”

 I, I can see that, but the compensation…!

While Avril was grateful that Dylan was trying to keep her entertained, she was living there under a contract.

In the Count of Allingham family, despite being mistreated by her own family, the servants enveloped her with kindness.

Therefore, Avril was aware that it came from a good place.

However, she still couldn’t believe that Dylan would spend so much money on her.

On the other hand, Dylan—who didn’t know Avril’s dilemma, pouted.

“…Whenever I give you a dress or jewelry, you always seem to accept it out of obligation rather than joy.”


She got found out.


For safety reasons, it made sense that she couldn’t go out for a while.

But to especially create a library for her to pass the time

That duke, who lived in a castle and had given her a remote palace, was too good to be true.

Chris, who watched the conversation, sighed as Avril got lost in thought.

“…I think it’s enough for both of you.”

“Chris, please shut up.”

“No, I fully understand Lady Avril’s concerns.

Considering that I’m in charge of arranging the books, when it comes to a place that smells of paper and ink, there must be other rooms in this house.

So why don’t you ask Lady Avril to assist you a little”


…Assisting him.

In that case, I don’t think there’ll be any reduction to the alimony!

Dylan seemed to notice that Avril had agreed.

“…That isn’t a bad idea.”

***T/N: HAHAHAHA the whole ass library! What is this! Princess Bibliophile!


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