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Is Having such a Favorable Contract Alright

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 14, 2022

“…Why are you so happy After three years, you’ll be expelled from this house and become a divorcee”

“Hmm, as for Your Excellency yourself, why would you care about such matters At the time of drafting this contract, I’m sure you are the one who decide on such”

Avril, who gently tilted her head, couldn’t comprehend Dylan’s current expression.

“As a lady, shouldn’t this contract be considered humiliating Don’t you think ill of me, the man imposing such conditions on you without even batting an eye”

“In truth, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

Don’t say anything unnecessary.

Avril hurriedly muttered.

That contract was beneficial for Avril who wanted both the money and the freedom to live her life.

If so, she had to sign it immediately before the beautiful duke could change his mind.

“Anyway, I shall read the contract.

May I read it aloud”

“Do whatever you please.”

Having obtained permission, Avril immediately read out the contract.

“First, one of the two will submit a marriage oath to conclude the marriage.

Afterwards, they’d officially become a couple.”

“While we will be marrying under contract, I’ll have you submit a marriage oath.”

“Of course, no problem.”

The first term was extremely decent, but the problem started with the next.

“In addition, the wife shall cooperate with all activities regarding the maintaining of the dignity of the Duke of Lancester.

Other than that, she doesn’t have to act as a wife…”

When Avril blinked her eyes in confusion, Dylan explained.

“It’s exactly as it says—you can spend your time doing whatever you want, except when you have to fulfill your role as the duchess.”

“I, I see.”

…Calling this contract a blessing would be more accurate.

Avril, who inwardly joined her hands and gave a prayer, read the rest.

“Third, the couple will have separate rooms and won’t interfere with each other’s actions.”

“I’ve heard of your misbehavior.

You may play around freely, but I’d like you to be careful to not get taken to court over the next three years as my wife.”


Did I do something…

As Avril tilted her head, Dylan shot a dubious glance at her.

“…The masquerade.”

“! That’s right, t, the masquerade! Yes, I was there!”

That’s right, the duke believes me to be a villain.

Avril, you have to be a villain!

Even if she were to be remain misunderstood, she had no issues with that.

At the same time, there would be no need to make any excuses.

Convinced of that, Avril read aloud the remaining two clauses.

“Fourth, a wedding will be held when the time is right, and the wife shall cooperate with it.

Fifth, the contract will expire after three years have passed.

In that case, the wife shall be paid with a reasonable amount of compensation.”

Avril, who had confirmed the contents, widened her eyes once again.

This is…! No matter how I think about it, it’s strange! It’s just too convenient…!

“This, isn’t this contract too convenient for me!”

“Which part of it Did you read it carefully It’s a contract that keeps you married as a duchess, but without power or honor.

Not to mention, after three years, you’ll be forsaken.”


While that may be true…

Avril alternated between the contract and Dylan.

The paper felt neither cold nor hot in her hands.

Then, towards the duke, whose face was twitching, she smiled.

“Your Excellency… is a very kind person.”

“What I am”

Dylan’s expression said, “What the hell are you talking about” Moreover, he seemed quite surprised.

It went to the extent that he dropped his nobleman-like phrasing.

Anyway, it mattered not to Avril who wanted to live freely and have money.

After signing it, Avril returned the contract to Dylan.

Incidentally, he seems to be aware of my misdeeds, and yet still offered me the opportunity for marriage…

“By the way, Your Excellency, may I ask you something”

“What is it”

“Could it be, you applied for marriage with Avril, ‘The Villainess’, on the premise of separation Since I’m a woman of vile reputation, my reputation cannot be tarnished any further within the social circles.

Rather, claiming to be a former duchess could open a new path.”

“…Don’t you know what self-restrain is”

From Dylan’s stiff smile, which seemed awkward, Avril knew that her guess was on the mark.

Hmm, no, wait…!

If he discovers that I’m not a villainess, will I be driven away from here and be sent back to my parents’ house!

***T/N: But Avril isn’t doing a very convincing job at acting like her sister… For someone with a flawless memory, she keeps forgetting the details…


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