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Confusion (Dylan’s POV)

 By Antoinette Vanessa June 24, 2022

“No matter how I think about it, it’s strange.”

On the night of the day Avril arrived, Dylan Lancester, who was working in the study, couldn’t help but ponder.

I heard that the daughter of Count Allingham is a vile person… But she doesn’t give that kind of impression.

“I couldn’t be present for her arrival… But did anything funny occur”

In response, the eyes of a reddish brown-haired young man widened.

He was none other than Dylan’s aide, Chris Bronte.

Not only was he Dylan’s trusted aide, he was also known as the Lancester family’s right hand.

Before Chris, Dylan expressed his thoughts.


She’s nothing like the rumors.”

“Well, about that, Lord Dylan is also quite different from the rumors.”

“Those rumors are of the former duke.

I purposely haven’t denied them to avoid marriage.”

“Yes, because you planned on never marrying, instead intending to adopt from a relative.”

“That was then.”

Looking away from Chris, Dylan continued.

“The main issue here is Lady Avril.

Despite being rumored as a villainess, she displayed quite the fair bit of common sense.

Her manners were also that of a well-educated aristocratic lady.”

“I’m very pleased to hear that.

If so, won’t you be able to spend three years without any problems”

“While that may be true… I feel like we’re missing something.”

He had only discussed the marriage with her family a few days ago.

Yet, to be able to marry at such an unprecedented speed, he was baffled nonetheless.

To Dylan who suddenly muttered that, Chris presented some documents.

“About Lady Avril Allingham, I did some quick research beforehand.

Certainly, the lady misbehaving at masquerade balls was described as having a pair of blue eyes and pinkish blonde hair.

Said lady would often engage in polyamory and premarital sex.

Not only did she ruin the relationships of those around her, she also mistreated the servants.

This time, unfortunately, her secret affair was revealed to the fiancée of her partner.

Thus, after amassing a large debt, she was expelled.”

“…But, it’s as if she’s an entirely different person.

Does she have a twin”

“No, while I did hear that she has a sister, there was no twin.”



At first, Dylan intended for it to be a joke.

However, a subtle silence fell upon them.

In a sense, Avril’s behavior was too inconsistent, Dylan became skeptical.

“On accordance to the preliminary survey, I thought that she’d surely be indignant at unilaterally being offered such a humiliating contract.

Hence, I opted to not say anything about her past misdeeds and gave her the best hospitality.”

“Well, I wonder about that.

I fully believe that Lord Dylan was merely being kind.

You’re that sort of person, after all.

You deem mistreating a woman you’re married to as inappropriate.”

“Shut up.”

Dylan glared at Chris before continuing.

“Chris, just in case, can you keep an eye on Avril’s actions starting tomorrow If you have any concerns, please report them as they arrise.”

“I understand.

I shall help her if she encounters any problems.”

“…That’s not what I’m saying.”

Towards Chris, who showed an all-knowing smile, Dylan sighed.

***T/N: What The jig’s up already


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