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Chapter 2222 - 2222 Love and Hate (2)

2222 Love and Hate (2)

“Master Mimi Si is our kings royal herbalist.

She was originally the president of the Puko Herbalist Guild, but when she took over as president, she was selected by our king and came to the capital city.

If it werent for our king, it is estimated that the president of the Puko Herbalist Guild would not be Kaka Qi, but Mimi Si.

Although Master Mimi Si is not old, her talent in herbalism is unparalleled.” Pipi Ka did not hide his admiration for Mimi Si in the slightest.

Shen Yanxiao nodded thoughtfully.

Just now, Mimi Si said that she had found a new formula from the potions sent by Kaka Qi, which was how she made the potions being auctioned today.

Although Shen Yanxiao did not know the ingredients of Mimi Sis new potions, dwarven herbalists generally analyzed new formulas from the potions they had on hand.

Shen Yanxiao sold an intermediate-level potion to Kaka Qi, and the formula of an intermediate-level potion was much more complicated than a low-level potion.

It was very difficult to accurately determine each medicinal ingredient from an unfamiliar intermediate-level potion without knowing anything.

Herbalism was actually not simple.

The same medicinal ingredients could produce different effects with different measurements.

It was not easy to determine these things just by relying on a bottle of potion.


Even in the Brilliance Continent, ordinary Advanced Herbalists could not do this.

Only Great Herbalists could have such keen judgment.

In a sense, Mimi Sis ability was comparable to that of the Herbalists in human society.

Unfortunately, the lack of pharmaceutical resources in the Storm Continent had prevented her from making further progress.

“What do you think of the relationship between our president and Mimi Si” Pipi Ka struggled for a long time before asking.

“Better than Kaka Qi.” Shen Yanxiao still remembered how arrogant and cool Gege Lu was when he ordered Kaka Qi to leave.

He really did not give him any face at all.

Although Gege Lus attitude towards Mimi Si was not exactly gentle, and his tone was also a little rough, it was simply heavenly when compared with his attitude towards Kaka Qi.

Mimi Si had been sitting by Gege Lus side for so long, but Gege Lu did not say anything about telling her to get lost, which was already a great improvement.

“In fact, Master Mimi Si and our president are old acquaintances.

They knew each other before the president became the president.

When they came to Pukos Bazaar together, one joined the Alchemist Guild and the other joined the Herbalist Guild.

Regardless of our presidents prejudice against herbalists, their relationship has always been good.

Master Mimi Si is also very good to us.

Our guilds potions are provided by Master Mimi Si free of charge.

If it werent for Master Mimi Si, the daily expenses of our guild alone would have pushed the president to his death.” Pipi Ka said sincerely.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

She seemed to have smelled the scent of romance.

Mimi Si spared no effort to help Gege Lu.


“They used to be…” Shen Yanxiao did not finish her sentence, but her tone clearly expressed her guess.

Pipi Ka nodded.

“They love and hate each other!” Shen Yanxiao didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She had wondered why she felt that although the way Mimi Si and Gege Lu got along was not so good, it made people feel unusually harmonious.

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