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The long straight fingers, a firm bone structure, the back of his hand; Rowena slowly brought his hand to her cheek, savouring the familiar touch.

A pleasantly cool sensation spread through her skin.

“You have never watched me while sleeping… So, this is a dream, isnt it”

The next morning, after they had spent the night together, he was always the one to leave before she would wake up.

Only to find that his side of the bed had gone cold.

He was the man who would ask her to stay with him, but would say nothing.

He would stay with her for a night, then neglect her for the next four days.

For four days.


Killian answered in a low voice, and bit his lip.

Its a dream indeed.

Rowena opened her mouth slowly at the strangely tender eyes.

“Then, I will have you spoil me…”

It was the kindest face she had seen from him in a long time.

It was getting difficult to breathe.

The tip of her nose was cold, and heat rose to her eyes.

Killian, who had been watching Rowenas face attentively, asked:

“What should I do”

“Stroke my head, until I fall asleep.”

Blinking for a moment, Killian stroked her long hair as she wished.

Rowena savoured his touch, She felt as if she were floating at his gentle, loving touch.

“Its a dream…its a dream… “

Her drowsiness was filling up her head.

She didnt want to fall asleep, but her eyelids kept drooping.

When she closed her eyes and opened them again, she felt as though she could see the wrinkled sheets of the empty spot next to her, as usual.

“Come on.”

The hand that was touching her head, covered her eyes and Rowena fell asleep.

Killian kept staring at her…he stared at her for a long time.

When she woke up again, she was all alone.

Rowena got up and sat down in front of the dressing table.

It had been five days since Killian had given her the cold shoulder, for no apparent reason, and now she was alone in the large bedroom.

The publisher, who she was trying to get her book published with, had gone out of business.

The building janitor had told her that he didnt know a man named William Jenon.

She was depressed and tired.

The future in front of her was like a tangled thread.

“Where do I begin to solve this… And how….”

Someone knocked outside the door while Rowena looked at her distorted and restless face.

As soon as she saidcome in, the door swung open.

“You came at the perfect time.

Can you bring some water to wash my face, and help me put my hair up”

Naturally, she assumed it would be Melissa.

She didnt look at the person who came in, but when she tried to tie her hair up, a firm palm landed on the back of Rowenas hand.

Startled, Rowena raised her head.

At the same time, she met the ice cold pupils in the mirror.


“Miss Philone.”

Killian said softly as he approached without making a single sound.

“Dont put your hair up.”


“It suits you better if you leave it down.”


His expression was strange, but his touch was familiar.

Her eyes were wide open, as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Wasnt it a dream last night…..”

She recalled the warm face, and the gentle hand that patted her head.

Killian, who was brushing her long blond hair gently, squeezed her slender shoulder.

“Do you want this to be a dream”

“…… No.”

Rowena shook her head slowly.

Smiling, Killian kissed her lightly on the top of her head.

“I acted carelessly that night.”


“Is your body all right”

The smooth voice made Rowena doubt her ears instead of replying.

‘No way.

Am I still dreaming Have I not woken up from my dream yet

It was a sight she dared to hope for, only in her dreams.

Killian would wake up in the morning and gently call her name.

Killian, who would look at her as if she were the most precious thing in his life.

Killian smiling and talking kindly to her.


Tears welled up in her emerald eyes and trickled down her cheeks.

Killian sighed lightly and wiped away her tears with his index finger.


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