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Dream, is this a dream…”


“No, it isn’t.”




A shaky voice asked pitifully.


“Really This is reality and I’m not dreaming.”


Instead of answering, Killian wiped the tears from her face.

She then closed her eyes.


“Turn around, please.”


Refusal was not an option.


After nodding her head, Rowena rose and turned her body toward him.


Taking her hand in his, Killian placed a ring on her ring finger.

Rowena was startled by the sensation of the cold metal.


“Duke …”


“Call me Killian.”


She couldn’t believe it.

Backing away, Rowena suddenly placed her hand on her chest.


“Killian…this is….”


He slipped a platinum, sparkling ring with a shimmering diamond in the middle, onto her ring finger.

It was her right hand, not her left, but her chest felt too full of emotion for such a minor detail to be of concern.


“It is a gift.

I really should have given it to you sooner, but I am late.”


“Are you sure you don’t mind giving me this ring…”


Killian laughed lightly, “Well, have I mistaken you for another person”


Killian chuckled softly with an affectionately scolding tone.


“I didn’t mean that…!”


Rowena couldn’t stand the feelings that were slowly building deep within her heart, so she dove into his chest.

She wrapped her arms around Killian’s neck and hid her face in his broad chest.




Rowena opened her mouth, sobbing.

But she couldn’t say another word because of the emotions that had risen to the top of her throat.

As if in deep understanding, his warm hand patted her lightly on the back.

“Wuxia stop stealing my translations and credit me properly”  

“Since the day you slapped me with your swollen cheek, there has been a question that has not left my head.”




“I wanted to deny it, so I acted cruelly towards you.

But even if I deny it, my feelings are still very much the same.”




“I’ve been thinking a lot about you for the past five days.

How precious you are to me.”


Rowena looked up.

She felt as if she were the heroine in a fairy tale.

How could Killian, a man of such high status, whom she did not even dare to look in the eyes, be proposing to her.

She, who had nothing to offer him besides her heart The moment she could have never seen coming, was unfolding before her.


“It feels like a dream.

I’m really, really happy.”


It was a proposal she had never expected.

As he kissed Rowena’s forehead while she cried again, Killian whispered.


“Let’s go to the island you love the most.

Where we can spend the summer together.”


“You’re going with me”


Killian smiled at the shiver of anticipation in her voice.


“I’m afraid I’ll have to follow a little later.

I have a few more things to wrap up here.”




“I’ll be right there, just wait for me at the villa.



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