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Rowena stopped and blinked in surprise.

But the words that followed surprised her even more.

“Yes! That and the Duke is coming today…Whoops!”




Tommy, tilted his head at her unexpected reaction, then covered his own mouth.


“Was it a surprise I said it without realizing it….”


Tommy forgot his words when he saw her face, which was clouded in thoughts, but was now blooming like a flower in spring.

Just looking at her made his small heart flutter and his mind go blank.


“Thank you so much, Tommy.”


Rowena, smiling brighter than ever, looked at Tommy and hugged his small body.


What wedding preparations!


All the unknown fears she had had so far were groundless.

The ominous feeling of impatience and anxiety that hovered in her chest had only started from her own weakness, and was not real at all.


Killian was doing his duty as he should have.

So, it was only natural that he was very busy and that he had little time to breathe.

Rowena focused on the fact that he had travelled so far to see her, despite his busy schedule.


“Rowena!” Tommy called out


Without stopping, Rowena turned and ran up to the villa.

When she reached the front garden, she saw Melissa, who was just watering the flowers.




Melissa looked surprised at the sight of Rowena with her skirt and feet full of sand.


“My Lady What’s wrong You came running like this.”


“The Duke……is the Duke here” She said while breathing hard.


Rowena was out of breath from running so fast, Melissa patted her on the back and bit her bottom lip.


“That’s true, but…..”


“When is he coming At noon Sunset… Why didn’t you tell me”


Rowena urged with a look of great anticipation in her eyes.


“Tell me quickly.

You know how long I’ve been waiting.”


Of course, life on the island was satisfactory.


Rowena enjoyed the best of food, clothing, and shelter, just as she had in the capital.

But it was the island itself that drew her in more than anything else.

The natural scenery and the endless sea.

The kind and friendly islanders.


As she spent her days with a happy look on her face, what she was met with at the end of the day was nothing but an empty house.

There was a feeling of loneliness that washed over her while sleeping in the empty bedroom.

As more time passed, the more she missed Killian, who had put a ring on her hand and gently kissed her forehead.


While Rowena’s face was full of anticipation, excitement and happiness, Melissa seemed to be both afraid and sad about something.


As Rowena tilted her head at the unexpected reaction, she heard a voice behind her.


“The Duke is on his way…”


Rowena turned her head to the side and ran to meet him barefoot.

Melissa hurried after her.


“My Lady!”


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