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Taking vitamin C after taking the contraceptive pill could reduce the side effects to a certain extent.

Lu Xiao held the bottle of vitamin C and thought to herself that Mo Shi probably loved her too.

Although he let her take the contraceptive pill, he would also care about her buying vitamin C for her.

While Lu Xiao was in a daze, Mo Shi stood up while pressing his aching forehead.

He didnt really remember what had happened yesterday.

He only remembered that he had drunk a lot alone.

He thought that he wouldnt think of that woman when he was drunk.

But who knew that after he was drunk, her appearance became clearer and clearer, as if she was standing in front of him.

His heart ached so much that he felt like he was about to suffocate.

At this moment, he really saw her.

She was standing in front of him and looking at him with concern.

Mo Shi was pleasantly surprised and afraid.

He suddenly hugged the woman and thought to himself, “This time, I definitely wont let you leave me.”

But when he woke up from a dream, he realized that the woman was not her.

The real her had never returned.

Lu Xiao had already finished taking the contraceptive pill.

She carefully changed into a new bedsheet and folded the blanket.

Then, she walked up to Mo Shi and whispered, “Ah Shi, does your head still hurt Shall I make you a cup of tea”

Mo Shi looked at Lu Xiao in frustration.

A substitute was a substitute.

If it were her, he would probably be so excited that he would go crazy just by her looking at him like that.

The woman in front of him was humble and obedient to him, but in his eyes, she was just an empty shell.

She was completely unworthy of being compared to his real lover.

“No need.

Go and cook.

Im hungry.”

“Oh, okay.

Then Ill make West Lake Vinegar Fish, Stir-fried Vegetable Heart, and Lotus Ribs Soup” Lu Xiao asked softly.

“Sure.” Mo Shi waved his hand impatiently.

Lu Xiao put on an apron and went to cook.

Although Lu Xiao was just a substitute in Mo Shis eyes, it had to be said that Lu Xiao was very good at cooking.

The food she cooked was even more delicious than the five-star dishes he had eaten before.

This was also one of the reasons why he had yet to completely tire of this woman.

After Lu Xiao finished processing the ingredients, she started to cook.

Looking at the fresh grass carp that was gradually emitting a fresh fragrance from the pot, a blissful and gratified smile appeared on Lu Xiaos lips.

For her, the happiest moment of the day was watching Mo Shi eat the food she made.

Sometimes, when she developed a new dish, Mo Shi would praise her, and she would be as happy as a child who had been praised by her parents.

If only days could continue to be happy like this.

After cooking, Lu Xiao took off her apron and brought the food to the table.

Then, she went to the bathroom to take a shower.

After all, Mo Shi was a clean freak.

A little oil and smoke would make him unhappy.

Lu Xiao was taking off her clothes when someone hugged her from behind.

She was so frightened that she almost cried out.

When she saw that it was Mo Shi, her cheeks turned red.

“Ah Shi, I want to take a shower.


“Yes, lets shower together.” Mo Shi looked at Lu Xiaos exquisite and beautiful side profile, and his breathing became heavy.

This woman was really similar to her.

As long as he thought of this, he could not control his desire.

After coming out of the bathroom, Lu Xiaos legs were weak and she could barely walk.

She gritted her teeth and prepared to serve the food on the table.

“The food is cold.

Ill heat it up.”

“No need, lets just eat like this.” Mo Shi seemed to be in a good mood because he had been satisfied, and his attitude towards Lu Xiao had also returned to being gentle.

After dinner, Mo Shi went out to do something.

Lu Xiao washed the dishes and lay in bed to sleep in the morning.

The sunlight fell on her through the curtains, and she slept very deeply because of her fatigue.

“Qiqi…” In her sleep, someone called out anxiously.

Lu Xiao frowned in pain.

“Qiqi!” Qin Ran suddenly woke up from her nightmare.

She pressed her chest and a sad and confused expression appeared on her face.


“Whats wrong” Mo Chi sat up and hugged Qin Ran.

“Did you have a nightmare Dont be afraid, Im here.”

Qin Rans face was a little pale, and cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

“I dreamed of Qiqi.”

Mo Chi put on her coat and patted her shoulder comfortingly.

Qin Ran leaned on Mo Chis shoulder weakly and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Qiqi is my partners sister.

We trained together since we were young, did missions together, and watched each other grow up slowly.

Qiqi is the youngest of us, but she works hard no matter what she does.

She said that she doesnt want to be a burden to us when we do missions.

She also wants to protect us.

However, in the end, I couldnt even find her corpse.

I couldnt even bring her home.”

Qin Rans eyes turned slightly red.

Mo Chi had never seen her so sad and fragile.


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