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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 3 The Softest Side of Queen Alice

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Queen Alice gently stroked Amiras hair, giving the young girl an extraordinary calm energy. Amira feels at ease being under the tutelage of Alice, the mother of King Aaron and the empress of the Crystal Ball Kingdom. not long after that King Addison came with an aura full of emotion, instantly Queen Alice and Amira became difficult to breathe. Tears just flowed, a second later Addison realized her mistake and immediately apologized to the empress and daughter-in-law. King Addison began to control the power, and instantly the aura in the rooms returned to normal. Queen Alice glared at her husband, she was irritated by the deadly aura her husband gave off. Addison just sighed and quickly gave the most comfortable energy to her daughter-in-law.

"How are you feeling right now?" asked King Addison.

"Im fine, Daddy. How about you?" asked Amira.

"My daughter is worried about her Daddy. I feel very happy," replied King Addison.


e not worried about Mommy?" asked Queen Alice.

Amira smiled and immediately hugged Queen Alice tightly.

King Addison gently stroked the hair of the two people he loved so much.

"I promise son. Your husband will surely love you very much," said King Addison quietly without being heard by anyone else.

"Im going out for a bite my best friend," said King Addison.

Queen Alice just nodded and smiled.

Not long after, there was a loud growl that made Amira startled.

"Amira needs to know who we are, Alice our daughter is the Queen of the Crystal Ball Kingdom," said King Addison in a stern tone.


Amira was surprised not to play with the form of a white lion that was four times the size.

"This is what Daddy looks like, son," said King Addison.

King Addison approached Amira and roared with authority. Amira begins to accept her destiny because in this Kingdom she has the support of King Addison and Queen Alice.

"Good girl. Daddys proud of you," said King Addison.

King Addison smiled and disappeared before Queen Alice and Amira.

"Mommy. Daddy is very authoritative," said Amira.

Queen Alice just smiled and gently stroked Amiras hair.

"You must have dinner first," said Queen Alice.

Queen Alice began to feed Amira affectionately. The night was getting late, and after finishing dinner, Queen Alice ordered her daughter to go to bed.

"Go to sleep kid. it is late at night," said Queen Alice.

Queen Alice kissed her daughters forehead and left.

Amira finally complied and decided to sleep.


On the other hand...

~ King Aarons Room ~

King Aaron had finished his bath and now he was only wearing a towel.

"Tonight feels awful," said King Aaron.

King Aaron decided to go to the room where Queen Amira was sleeping. Aaron wanted to make sure his parents were asleep, and he could torture Amira at any time.

Arriving at the East Palace...

King Aaron closed his eyes to find out which room Amira was in. A second later he smirked after knowing Amiras whereabouts.

"I find you a weak human!" cursed King Aaron.

King Aaron also opened a portal to get to the room quickly.

when I got to the room...

King Aaron smiled faintly at Amira who was lying quietly on the bed.

"You seem to be sleeping very comfortably," said King Aaron.

Amira who heard the firm voice immediately woke up and sat on the corner of the bed. King Aaron who saw the human girls reaction only smiled sinisterly.

"Why should a human girl like you be my wife? Fate is unfair to me," said King Aaron.

Amira was silent, she did not have an answer to the question her husband asked.

"You are more worthy of being a servant than being the Queen of my Kingdom," said King Aaron.

Amira just kept silent without replying to anything making King Aaron even angrier.

"Are you deaf?" asked King Aaron in a disdainful tone.

Amiras back silence against Aaron is tantamount to surrendering his death.

"You will never be able to be my wife. Humans are weak!"

King Aaron decided to leave before he lost his temper. But suddenly Amira hugged her hand.

"What the hell is this weak human don touch me and I don want to be touched by you!" King Aaron snapped.

"I want to apologize to you if indeed my presence in this world nods you," said Amira.

"One thing you should know, Your MajestyI never dreamed of becoming a Queen in your Kingdom, this fate made me suffer too."

Amira let go of King Aarons right hand and decided to gaze at the view from the bedroom window.

"God..." Amira whispered.

"Why is my destiny like this," he thought.

Amira didn realize that her tears had moved to King Aarons hands, Aaron was shocked and moved the tears into a glass.

Not long after, a very hot fire appeared, then the form of the Devian King began to appear.

"Why did you come again?" asked King Aaron.

"I want to ask for your wifes tears," replied the Devian King.

King Aaron looked confused but still gave it to Devian King, Devian secretly smiled smirking his life would be eternal after drinking the tears of the human girl. before the glass reached the hands of Devian King suddenly appeared a middle-aged man, yes he was King Addison. Addison quickly took over the glass and drank the water into King Aarons mouth.

"What are you doing, Aaron?" asked King Addison in a snap.

the Devian king had been missing since the arrival of King Addison.

"Why did Daddy yell at me?" asked King Aaron.

"You are a stupid boy!" he snapped.

"You know son. Your wifes tears will make you stronger!" he insisted.

"Thank God I came in time and made you drink your wifes tears," said King Addison.

"Devian is cunning, Aaron. You need to wake up and start avoiding him before its too late!"

King Addison glanced at Queen Amira.

"Ill lock you two here for several weeks," said King Addison.

"I don want to be in the room with him, Daddy."

"Like it or not. You have to do it!" King Addison insisted.

"You guys are married and bonded to each other," he continued.

the king of Addison pushed the bodies of Queen Amira and King Aaron onto the bed until they finally lay down together.

"You won be able to use your powers, Aaron. Ive got you under control!" he insisted.

the king of Addison left his two children, and without Aaron knowing his Daddy smiled with satisfaction.

The door to the room was locked from the outside. King Aaron looked at his wife with an annoyed look.


e not happy in this position, aren you?" asked King Aaron.

"Of course not," replied Queen Amira.

King Aaron glanced at his wife and came up with an idea to prank his Queen.

King Aaron smirked and looked back at Amira.

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