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How much time has passed

There didn't seem to be a concept of day or night in the space, and the sky was still the same twilight color as when they arrived.


"Tyrol, let's take a break, shall we"




Ortansia deliberately sounded cheerful so as not to show her anxiety, and sat down on the spot with Tyrol in her arms.


'...I think it's been a couple of hours, physically speaking.

I am not sure''


Strangely, no matter how much she walked, she never got tired, which in turn made their sense of time vague.

She wondered if a few hours have passed, or if it has been less than a few minutes or Maybe they were just going around in circles in the same place

Driven by these doubts and fears, Ortansia turned Tyrol on his back and buried her face in his stomach.

She breathed in and out, and her strength returned.


'It's going to be okay.

I'm sure we'll find a way out!'

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 It was a good thing that Tyrol was with her.

If it had been just Ortansia alone, she might have despaired and not been able to move forward even a single step.


"I'll introduce Tyrol to everyone when we get to the ......

Verite family mansion.

And we'll have some good food."


Ortansia, trying to think of something cheerful to do, spoke to Tyrol as she softly nuzzled his paw pads.


"EveryoneWho's everyone The guy from Sia's flock"


Ortansia couldn't help but laugh at Tyrol, who cocked his head a bit.


"I'd call it a flock, or… family And then there are the servants…the people who work at the mansion."


The faces of those in the duke's mansion appeared in her mind.

She strongly remembered her brother Gerard's face especially.

Even his icy stare seems nostalgic now.


"I miss my brother…"


The moment she said that, a streak of light appeared from a distance.




The streak of blue light extended in a straight line to Ortansia's feet.


Tyrol, who had been gurgling, jumped up as if in a panic.


"What the hell is this"


"I don't know, but… maybe it's leading us somewhere"

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The streak of light felt like a thread of salvation to Ortansia.


"Tyrol, let's go!"




Ortansia and Tyrol started running, following the blue streak of light.


Strangely enough, they could run as far as they wanted without losing their breath or tiring their legs.

Without looking back, Ortansia and Tyrol just kept running.

Soon, a large door standing alone in the darkness came into view.

Ortansia gulped at the sight.


"No way!."


The door that seemed to float in the darkness was the grand door of the duke's mansion.


"That's a big door"


"Yeah, it's really very big."


Ortansia reached for the door, which she rarely touched because she usually had a servant open it for her.


'It's okay, I'm sure after this…!'

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Convincing herself, Ortansia stretched out and pushed the handle of the door with all her strength.

Slowly the door opened, and a dazzling light flooded out of the door.


Blinded, Ortansia quickly closed her eyes.




When she opened her eyes, she screamed out in a panic.


"This is...

the Duke's residence!"


What Ortansia saw was an unfamiliar room.

The building and the atmosphere of the building were however exactly the same as the ducal residence that Ortansia was familiar with.


'Come to think of it, there are still many rooms I haven't visited before…'


Looking around...

Ortansia had a bad premonition.


'It's possible this is...

someone's private room!'


The room was much larger than Pamela's room which she had seen before, and the furnishings were opulent.

The overall atmosphere was chic and relaxed.

It was probably the room of a man of high status.


'Who could it be Anyway, it would be awkward if I am found here, so I have to get out of here…'

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Even though arriving here wasn't something she could control, She didn't want it to be known that 

She was intruding into someone else's private room.

With Tyrol sniffing around, looking curious, Ortansia quietly tried to leave the room.

But just then, the doorknob that she was about to touch turned by itself.




Without having time to brace herself, the door quietly opened.

She saw Gerard, beyond the door, looking exactly as Ortansia remembered him.


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