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"Oh brother..."


'Is this really my brother's private room'


Ortansia froze, not knowing what to say to him.

Whether she should report that she had brought a spirit, Tyrol back with her, or she should excuse herself for having entered the room.


Unable to think straight, she stammered, "Well, um… umm..

" and then Gerard's arm reached out towards her.


Ortansia squeezed her eyes shut, afraid that he would be offended that she had entered the room without permission.

Gerard didn't say anything, but hugged Ortansia tightly.


"Well, you're back."


Gerard whispered this in a voice that indicated that he was suppressing his emotions.

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That way, she knew he was truly happy for her return.

Slowly, the back of her eyes grew hot, and she spoke emotionally.


"I'm home, brother."


For a few seconds, Gerard hugged Ortansia tightly without saying a word.

   She closed her eyes and rested her body against him, feeling comfortable.  Suddenly, Tyrol in her arms began to wriggle uncomfortably.


"Enough, I am in pain!"


"Woah, I'm sorry!"


When I hurriedly released Tyrol, Gerard widened his eyes in unusual surprise and stared at Tyrol.



That's a strange cat."


"Hey, I'm not a cat!"


Ortansia hurriedly soothed Tyrol, who was threatening Gerard with his claws.

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"Oh, that's right! Tyrol is a splendid snow leopard spirit! Brother, this cub is called Tyrol, and he is the spirit that has agreed to follow me."



I see.

Whatever it is, I suppose I'll have to inform Father that you've returned."




Ortansia followed behind Gerard as he headed to find their father.

He was happy for Ortansia's return.

For Ortansia, she was more than happy to see him.


    ◇                      ◇               ◇


From the time Ortansia left for the spirit world to the time she returned to the duke's mansion, it was, from a logical point of view, about half a day.

However, to his surprise, a week had actually passed.


"It's nice to see you back, Ortansia, That spirit is quite lovely… Take good care of him."


Her Father was delighted to see Ortansia back, and when he saw Tyrol in Ortansia's arms, he let out a little laugh.


'Certainly, I went to the spirit world to become stronger, but Tyrol doesn't look strong by any means.'


Ortansia laughed at Tyrol, who was tickled under the chin by her father and rumbled pleasantly.

Still, Ortansia was satisfied.

He had already become an indispensable little friend to Ortansia.


"Let's celebrate Ortansia's return in a big way today!"


At her father's command, the servants who had been waiting started to move at once.

The meals at the Duke of Verite's mansion were always lavish, but tonight's dinner, which was the celebration of Ortansia's return, was more elaborate than usual.

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As she looked around at the plates being brought to her one after another, Tyrol, who was at her feet, poked Ortansia's toes a little bit.


"Sia, I want to eat, too!"


"Oh, I'm sorry! Um, can you prepare one for him too"


When she made the request to the servant who was on standby, a plate for Tyrol was immediately brought.


Looking at Tyrol with a smile on her face, Ortansia suddenly felt a sense of incongruity.


"Hey, that guy…"


Behind Gerard on the other side of Ortansia, there was an unfamiliar person.

He was a young man with an air of intelligence.

She wondered if he was a new servant.

As she glanced at him, she wondered if he had noticed her movements.


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