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 The next day, Gérard arranged and handed down the punishment for Madame Guyenne with astonishing speed.

The confiscation of all her titles and possessions, and the imposition of a long period of labour in the mines of the territory.

This was the punishment imposed on Madame Guyenne.

Although she will not go directly into the mines to swing a pickaxe, her duties such as cooking and cleaning the lodgings were also very hard physical labour.

From Mrs Guyenne's point of view, it must have felt like she had been cast down from heaven to hell.


"I'm being sent to the mines How dare you… reconsider Gérard-Sama! I served tmMistress Catherine with devotion for decades! And yet this treatment… is the scheme of that filthy whore's daughter!"


"What have you done to Lady Ortansia Watch your mouth!"


"Don't touch me! You filth! Why did this happen to me"


Madame Guanne screamed with bloodshot eyes as she was stuffed into a wagon.


Ortansia was watching the scene next to Gerard.


Even though she had served the duchess for many years, her repeated insults to the main family members of her master were unforgivable.

She could have been executed without question, but Gérard did not.

Ortánsia did not know whether this was out of compassion for a woman who had served his mother for so many years, or if there was another reason.


"I thought for sure Brother would execute her on the spot."


When he heard what she said, Gerard put his hand on Ortansia's head.


"I thought about doing that, but then I changed my mind"




"The Woman insulted you, a member of her master's family, and tried to stain your pride.

If I just execute her, she may never realise the weight of the crime she had committed.

So I gave her the punishment that would hurt her pride the most."




It wasn't because his heart softened towards her, but rather that it was the result of choosing the method that would make her suffer the most

Certainly, Madame Guyenne was a proud woman, and labour in the mines would be a punishment worse than death.


'Probably mixed with My brother's personal resentment.'


As usual, Gerard had a cold expression, making it difficult to know what he was thinking.

But she wondered if he felt a little better now that he had banished Madame Guyenne, who was part of his childhood tormentor.

There were many factors that had caused her to rise to that level, including the disagreement between the Duke and the Duchess and the feud between the Duchess and Gérard.

It was impossible to say with certainty that only Madame Guyenne was 100% to blame, but it was also true that she had been hurting Gérard for many years.

Ortansia hoped that her banishment will lighten the burden on Gérard's heart.


'I feel bad for Madame Guyanne, but that would be nice…'


The escort wagon carrying the screaming Madame Guyenne slowly moved away.

After watching the scene, Gérard spuned around.


"Where are you going, brother"


"To check on the financial situation of the estate."


"No, don't go."


Ortansia stood in front of Gérard with her hands outstretched.


Looking down at Ortansia, Gerard frowned slightly, looking troubled.


"What are you doing"


"Brother, you were at work throughout yesterday.

Today you have already completed the great task of punishing Madame Guyenne, so you should be resting well!"


"This doesn't count as work."


"It's part of the work.

Besides, you told me yesterday that you were going to show me around the goat pasture! I was really looking forward to it!"


'Okay, cute little sister mode activated!'


Ortansia squeezed the hem of Gerard's clothes and turned over to hide her expression.

She then squeezed out a sad voice as best she could.


"I was looking forward to you showing me around"


Actually, Ortansia was not that interested in grazing goats, but she had a big mission to let Gerard rest.


"Has Brother started to hate Sia"


Tears welling up in her eyes, she looks up.

Then Gerard clearly flinched.


"Why do you need to cry Did you love goats that much"



I'm worried that my brother doesn't like me anymore!"


The most important thing to remember is that the best way to get the most out of your home is to make sure that your home is safe and secure.


Gerard let out a big sigh as he covered his face with his hands.

Ortensia panicked, wondering if she had gone too far...



Let's go see the goats."




 She felt a sudden floating sensation and realized she was picked up by Gérard

Gerard continued on his way to the path they had taken yesterday.


When this happened she was both happy and inexplicably embarrassed.

Ortansia's face turned bright red and she buried her face tightly in Gerard's shoulder.

Seeing the siblings like this, the servants in the castle hall were all taken aback.

When Gérard and Ortansia were completely out of sight, the servants whispered to each other in secret.


"Is that really Gérard-Sama"


"That Stone-faced Gérard-Sama is…"


"I can't believe he loves with his little sister!"


"But it's kind of nice."


The servants nodded quietly to each other at the words uttered by one of them.


The older servants, who had served the Ducal family for a long time, wept when Gerard, who had been treated coldly and emotionlessly by his mother, honestly showed his affection for Ortansia.

The younger servants who did not know Gérard's childhood fainted (in a good way) at the affection between the usually frighteningly cold-hearted duke's son and his innocent sister.

Thus, without her knowledge, Ortansia was cheered on by most of the servants in the territory's Mansion.


'I feel like everyone is kind to me...



As soon as she returned from the goat pasture, she was greeted by smiling servants with a wide variety of desserts, which made Ortansia was inwardly puzzled


'But… well!'


The desserts were delicious and it was nice that everyone is so kind to her.

Tasting the mildness of the pudding made from highland milk, a speciality of the Duke's territory, Ortansia smiled wryly.



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