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In no time at all, winter became so heavy that by the time the Winter Solstice Festival arrived, the garden of the mansion had turned a light milk colour.

The feast at the Winter Solstice was so delicious that it makes one drool just  thinking about it, and both the Duke and Gerard gave Ortánsia gifts.


Her Father gave her books of various genres that he thought Ortansia would like.

Apparently, he had done some research with the bookstore keeper and checked out the books that Ortánsia would like.

   Gerard gave her a cute stuffed cat that looked just like Tyrol, and a winter cloak that Ortansia would be able to pull over her head.

Tyrol seemed to like the stuffed animal and always slept with it, and the winter cloak was very useful for Ortansia's walks in the garden.

Of course, Ortansia also gave them both gifts.

A health charm for her father and a custom-made fountain pen for her brother.

The Duke was in a good mood and happy, and Gérard stroked Ortánsia's head for a longer time than usual, if not more heartily.

It was the first time since she had been taken in by the Duke of Verite that she had been able to spend a winter solstice festival like this, like a warm family.

Perhaps that was why Ortansia could not sleep that night, even when she went to bed, wrapped herself in her blankets and closed her eyes.


'It's been a long time since I've had such a fun winter solstice festival.'


Maybe since her mother was alive.


Could Ortancia have been a family to the Duke and Gerard.


'I wish these days could last forever.'


Even if she wished so, time does not stop.

In order to avoid the disaster that will come eventually, she had to fight as hard as she could.


'Okay, I have to keep trying!'


Once again renewing her determination, Ortansia closed her eyes tightly.


The winter solstice passed and the New Year arrived.

For the nobility of the Country there is an indispensable event.

The nobles of the country all gather in the Royal Capital and in turn are granted an audience with the king, where they give their New Year's greetings.

It was also the start of the social season, and local aristocrats used the occasion to expand their personal networks.


'Which means it could at least be a preview of my marriage life.'


Although her father and brother told her that she didn't have to do anything too much, Ortansia decided to go against their opposition and attend the New Year's event.


"Because, father, I feel that if I don't go, His Majesty the King won't recognise me as a member of the Duke's family."


"You don't have to worry about that, you're still my daughter."


"But I want to go!"


"I won't stop you if that's what you want, but...

aren't you afraid"


Of course Ortansia was aware of what her father feared.

How she had been abducted and had almost died in a terrifying way was fresh in her mind.

There was no reason not to be afraid.



'But if you don't move on, you surely can't change the future.'


Determined, Ortansia smiled brightly.


"Because, this time, father and Brother will be with me, right Then there's nothing to be afraid of!"


When she said that, her father shrugged his shoulders.


"I'm no match for you at all, .......

Did you hear that, Gérard"




When I fearfully looked back behind me, I saw my brother looking down at me with a blank expression on his face.


'Brother! When did he come here'


Ortansia, who was completely unaware of his approach, was dismayed.

Alternately staring at Ortansia and Gérard, who was as expressionless as ever, Her Father, the Duke smirked at her.


*It seems our princess is going boldly into battle."


"No, that is…"


Gerard stretched out his hand towards Ortansia, who reflexively tried to find excuses for herself.

As soon as she closed her eyes a gentle hand was placed on her head.



Promise me that you will never leave me.

Otherwise, I won't take you along."




When she looked up, Gerard was still looking down at her with the same expressionless face.

But there was a slight glint of concern for Ortansia in his clear eyes.

If it had been him before, he would have tried to stop Ortansia's movements at all costs.

But now he...


'You trust me, don't you'


Happy at the thought, Ortansia hugged Gerard tightly.


"Yes! I won't leave my brother!"


Gerard looked away from Ortansia looking a little troubled, but he did not try to forcibly pull away his sister who still clunged to him.


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