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Coming to This Era

Su Binglans eyes sparkled as she thought about her plans. She felt it was quite meaningful to get wealthy and that she was doing something interesting. Su Binglan carried a basket with her as she exited her pocket dimension.

Su Fengmao saw that Su Binglan was about to leave. He hesitated and did not know if he should ask after her. He wanted to take care of his daughter, but he worried she would get upset if he said too much.

I had always been like that in the past. Su Binglan would get angry whenever her father scolded her. Su Fengmao didnt want his daughter to get upset.

Su Fengmao forgot to weave the basket in his hand. He gazed at Su Binglan, wondering what his daughter would do with the basket.

Su Binglan was focused on her thoughts and overlooked Su Fengmao.

However, when Su Binglan reached the main door, she suddenly remembered something. She turned around and said to Su Fengmao, “Father, Im going behind the mountain.”

“What Behind the mountain”

Upon hearing this, Su Fengmao immediately sprung to his feet. He immediately collapsed because he stood up too quickly with his injured foot.

“Father, are you all right” Su Binglan hurriedly ran over and helped her father up.

Su Binglan didnt understand.I was just going to the back of the mountain. Why is he so scared

Although the Sus doted on their daughter, it wasnt to the extent of letting her go anywhere she wanted.

Su Fengmao couldnt care less about whether he was hurting or not. He anxiously grabbed Su Binglans hand and said, “Binglan, dont go there. If you want something, Ill go get it for you.”

Su Fengmao looked nervous, and his face was pale as he said that. His lips even trembled when he spoke.

“Father, whats the matter Im just going behind the mountain. Ill be fine.”

Even though Su Binglan was just an ordinary person, Su Binglan felt she would be fine if she went there. She even possessed incredible powers.

Although her powers were yet to retune entirely, it wasnt a problem for her to protect herself in this era. Even a person with strong martial arts skills would be no match for her.

However, this was a secret Su Binglan could not tell anyone.

Su Fengmaos voice trembled as he said, “Three or four years ago, you went behind the mountain and took a tumble. Blood covered your entire body, and it frightened us. Even the doctor said you wouldnt make it.”

Tears welled up in Su Fengmaos eyes as he thought of the past. He only had one precious daughter, and he couldnt let anything happen to her. Su Fengmao was afraid.

Three or four years ago

When Su Binglan thought back, she recalled her head had started to hurt for some reason. Light and shadow flashed through her mind.

Many memories cropped up, but they were vague, and she couldnt remember them all at once.

However, Su Binglan caught some vague scenes. They seemed to be ancient and related to this era.

Could it be that she had lived in this era before Could she have forgotten something Could it be that she had been reincarnated to this era long ago, but something happened later that made her forget the past Since she couldnt remember, Su Binglan stopped thinking about it.

“Father, Im fine. I can protect myself.”

“No, you cant go there,” Su Fengmao instinctively answered.

After saying that, Su Fengmao realized that he had spoken too harshly and was worried his daughter would be unhappy. He softened his tone and said, “Binglan, Ill go get it for you if theres something you want in the mountain. Dont go behind the mountain.”

Su Fengmao spoke to Su Binglan in a pleading tone.



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