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Chapter 1501 - Treasure

“You sure about that” Lin Yun looked at Xiao Yun with a weird expression, since Xia Yun’s expression changed too quickly.

“I really don’t need it.

I believe that if I was in your position, you’d also save me without any hesitation.” Xiao Yun smiled.

Lin Yun fell into deep thought and turned to look at An Liuyan beside him.

The chill on An Liuyan’s face disappeared, and she squinted her eyes, “Lin Yun, hurry up and refine it, then.”

Seeing this, Lin Yun understood something, and, in the end, he ultimately refined the Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella.

The owner had already passed away, and Lin Yun had been practicing the Azure Dragon Saint Art.

So he had a natural affinity with this saint artifact, and refining it was an easy task for him.

If he still had the Azure Dragon King Bone left to him by the Azure Dragon Lord, the umbrella would probably acknowledge him without even needing to refine it.

When Lin Yun opened his eyes, a light flashed through his pupils, and his gaze fell onto the umbrella.

The umbrella was five feet tall and was one and a half times longer than the Flower Burial Sword.

Without activating it, the weight reached ten thousand cauldrons, and it was taxing for him to use this umbrella.

When he held onto the umbrella, he could feel a warmth coming from it, dissolving the frost in his internal organs, and his face gradually became rosy.

The surface of the umbrella was metallic, and anyone could tell that the material that forged this umbrella wasn’t simple.

When Lin Yun held onto the handle of the umbrella, he found it difficult to lift it up.

This umbrella weighed ten thousand cauldrons, and it was tough for him to hold it in one hand, even with his physique.

He could just barely wield it, and his right hand would cripple if he swung it a few times.

With a single thought, Lin Yun poured all his astral energy into the umbrella and slowly raised it.

Then, he realized that it was now easier to wield this umbrella, and he began to swing it around like a sword, leaving behind ripples in the air.

Even if he didn’t use any of the saint runes, the umbrella alone was terrifying enough.

“As expected of a glory saint artifact.” An Liuyan stood to the side as she looked at Lin Yun swinging the umbrella.

He hadn’t opened it up, and she couldn’t imagine how powerful it would become if Lin Yun brought out the full power of the umbrella.

This made her glance at Xiao Yun because she now knew why he was so obsessed with this umbrella earlier.

Xiao Yun was looking at Lin Yun with envy in his eyes, and he let out an awkward cough when he sensed An Liuyan’s gaze before he retracted his gaze.

When Lin Yun poured his dragon runes into the umbrella, the entire umbrella shone brightly as lightning began to crackle on the umbrella.

The cave started to tremble as fragments fell from the sky, and a powerful dragon aura exploded from the umbrella.

When Lin Yun poured eight thousand dragon runes into it, the terrifying dragon aura immediately pushed An Liuyan and Xiao Yun against the wall.

No matter how they tried to resist, it still felt suffocating for them, and they were under unimaginable pressure.

Lin Yun gave it several tries and realized he couldn’t open the umbrella.

His arm began to feel sore, and looking at the two stuck onto the wall, Lin Yun said softly, “Stow!”

As Lin Yun recalled the dragon runes, he stowed the Azure Dragon Sun-Moon Umbrella into his interspatial bracelet.

This made Xiao Yun and An Liuyan let out a breath of relief as they looked at Lin Yun with different expressions.

“Since we’ve gotten the dragon bone and the umbrella found an owner, it’s time for us to go out!” Xiao Yun urged.

“I saw a sealed gate under the lake.

But it’s too dangerous, so I didn’t enter.”

“The White Dragon Treasury White Dragon Secret Realm Or the Divine Dragon Valley” Xiao Yun’s eyes lit up, and he asked, “Do you want to try it”

But Lin Yun shook his head and rejected that suggestion.

He was thinking of another question and asked, “This is the White Dragon Palace, right”

“That’s right.

What about it”

“But the one guarding this place is related to the Azure Dragon, instead.

Is the Azure Dragon Clan under the White Dragon Clan” Lin Yun asked.


What’s wrong with it Is it embarrassing for the Azure Dragon Clan to guard on behalf of the Whtie Dragon Clan” Xiao Yu smiled.

“White Dragons aren’t ordinary divine dragons, and Azure Dragons aren’t ordinary true dragons either.

This is an honor, but I believe you can see it.

The Azure Dragon Clan didn’t have a high status before, and it was thanks to the White Dragon Clan that they could have such a high position.

“Otherwise, why do you think the Azure Dragon is amongst the four natural sovereign constellations This grace greatly increased the Azure Dragon Clan’s potential.”

“Why do you know so many secrets” An Liuyan asked with her eyes flickering.

“Just treat it as if I’m bragging, then.

Who knows if it’s true.” Xiao Yun smiled while spreading his hands apart.

He continued, “There’s nothing else to say because I’ve seen similar situations.

Cultivators possessing the dragon clan’s bloodline will have to undergo a trial if they want to obtain the dragon bone.

The gatekeepers are usually known as the Dragon Gate Venerable.

Even after their death, they won’t forget their duties.

I have no ill intentions, I just want the gatekeeper to force out Envoy An’s true strength to see if I can recognize her origin.”

As he spoke, he sighed, “But I didn’t expect Brother Lin to be so honest.”

“You’re someone I invited, and I didn’t care about your origin.

So why are you concerned about my origin You talk as if the Divine Dragon Palaces are your home!” An Liuyan furiously said.

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong, if you put it that way.” Xiao Yun shrugged.

“What about now You still want to know about my origin” An Liuyan retorted.

“I’m willing to believe you, since Brother Lin believes you.

After all, he nearly died because of you.

So what else can I say” Xiao Yun smiled.

An Liuyan wasn’t satisfied with that explanation, but Lin Yun stopped her, “He should have no ill intentions.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have saved us from the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree.”

He turned to Xiao Yun and asked, “But I’m curious about why you trust me so much.

We just got to know each other not too long ago.

So why are you so friendly to me”

“Do I really have to say it” Xiao Yun asked with his face scrunched together.

“Yes, you have to.” Lin Yun said in a heavy tone.

“I heard about you from someone.

He said that he fought someone to an even ground on the Profound Wither Island, and that person helped him.” Xiao Yun helplessly said.

When Lin Yun heard those words, his eyes lit up, and he immediately recalled the person by the surname Xiao who had short silver hair and was proficient in the blade.

That was the first time he felt suppressed when facing an opponent at the same cultivation.

“Xiao Fan!” Lin Yun replied.

“So it’s really you.” Xiao Yun smiled.

“What are you guys talking about” An Liuyan had no idea what they were talking about.

“Nothing much.

The misunderstanding is resolved between us.” Lin Yun smiled.

“Let’s quickly head out.”

The trio then turned back from where they came from.

When they reappeared in the hall once more, they looked at the painting with shock.

They still couldn’t believe the painting had a hidden space.

Xiao Yun and An Liuyan seem to know a thing or two about this person in the painting, and Lin Yun was the only one in the dark.

“Xiao Yun, I recall that the Netherworld Hall’s party also came in, right” Lin Yun asked.

“That’s right.

But we don’t have to worry about them.

They’re bold because they want to go after the treasures outside, and they rarely come for shelter here at night.

Not to mention that this palace is huge, and they might not be able to run into us.” Xiao Yun said in a confident tone as he looked at the white-clothed person in the painting with revere in his pupils.

Those people were bold since they even wanted to go after the Primordial Demon-Refining Tree’s saint fruit.

Suddenly, Lin Yun’s sword intent sensed a trace of danger.

Not only Lin Yun but Xiao Yun and An Liuyan’s faces also changed.

When they turned around, they saw a group walking out from the darkness.

The leader was one of the seven core disciples, Xie Feng.

Beside him was Ku Ying, and they had six eight-star Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts behind them.

They were in a pretty good mood, which was enough to prove that they had a good harvest.

“Brat, we meet again.” Ku Ying smiled with cold, killing intent brimming in his eyes.

“I’m tired of playing catch with you the past few days, and it’s time for me to deal with you.

I bet you harvested quite a few saint elixirs here, right”

Lin Yun’s eyes flickered because it hadn’t been long.

From that, it was easy to decipher that the flow of time here differed from the outside world.

Xiao Yun had fear flashing through his pupils because he suffered quite a bit at the hands of Ku Ying.

“You’re more beautiful than the rumors.

It’s no wonder why my junior brother would have such a strong obsession with you and even warned me against touching you.” Xie Feng fearlessly stared at An Liuyan.

He licked his lips when he saw the snow-white skin on her chest.

“Young Master Xie must be joking.” An Liuyan replied as she suppressed her unhappiness.

“Haha!” Xie Feng smiled before he turned to the painting on the wall.

“What’s so special about this wall Did Envoy An discover something Why don’t you share it with me”

“Nothing.” An Liuyan replied.

“There must be something since you answered so fast.

Let me ask it in a manner that you like, then.” Xie Feng sneered as he flapped his wings and came before An Liuyan.

The two instantly exchanged three moves before An Liuyan was sent flying with a punch.

But when An Liuyan was sent flying away, he stretched his hand towards An Liuyan’s chest, wanting to rip her clothes off.

“I bet it must be uncomfortable to have it all wrapped up.

Why don’t you let those two bunnies get some fresh air Hahaha!” Xie Feng laughed, and his laughter drew waves of laughter from everyone else.


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