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26 Hundred-Forty Billion!

A War God level person would probably not even glance at Silas Queen.

The experts at that level were extremely arrogant, and money could not move them at all.

Silas knew that the person in front of him had more than a hundred War Gods under his command. He was the true Northern King!

Back then, he had a plane crash in the north with his entire family. When he found out that they had almost crashed into the camp, he was almost scared to death.

In the years that followed, people kept hearing about the legend of that big shot in the northern region of Hansworth!

He was really a person who could be seen as a deity in the world!

“Northern King,” Silas said respectfully.

“Just call me by my name. Im at home!” Braydon Neal smiled.

Silas mustered up his courage, but he did not dare to call the Northern King by his name.

“General Braydon, I didnt have my phone with me just now. Otherwise, I would have picked up the call!”

“Its fine. I called you to remind you that its time to return the favor!” Braydon said.

Silas said seriously, “Three years ago, my plane crashed in the north. If it wasnt for you, my wife and two children would probably be dead by now. As long as I can help, Im willing to give you all my assets!”

Heather Sage was shocked by his words.

Who would have thought that Braydon had saved four people

Braydon turned to look at his father. He would let him calculate how much money was needed.

“The Neal family needs to borrow a large sum of money from Mr. Queen,” Louis Neal said. “Its to repay the eight billion we borrowed from the bank, as well as the debt we have!”

“Ill transfer you the required money for free, but this money cant repay General Braydon for saving my family!”

Silas was a businessman who could become the richest man in the world back then!

To be able to do business to this extent, he was not short of tricks and breadth of mind. He was willing to pay the money, and he did not want to cut off contact with Braydon.

He knew the legend of Braydon too well!

To put it bluntly, Silas was a warlord and wanted to ride on Braydons coattails. He even dreamed of becoming a War God one day!

Louis brows were tightly locked. He was thinking in his mind that the supposed eight billion should be enough!

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Silas was good at observation and hurriedly said, “Brother Louis, if the money isnt enough, dont worry. Ill add another 70 billion!

Louis: “”

Laura Quinn: “...”

Heather was dumbfounded!

At this moment, Silas Queen was very sincere. People who did not know would think that he was looking for Louis Neal to borrow money!

Louis eyes were dull. After talking for so long, it was actually going to be one hundred and forty billion

Laura was stunned for a while. Heathers fair hands covered her big mouth, and her clear eyes were also stunned.

Only Braydon was calm and uninterested in money!

“Brother Louis” Silas asked.

“Ah Mr. Queen, thats too much money. This ...”

To be honest, Louis was stunned at this moment.

The loan that the two of them were talking about just now was on a completely different level.

That was one hundred forty billion in total!

Why would the Neal family need so much money!

One-tenth of the hundred-forty was basically enough!

Louis hurriedly said, “Brother Queen, let me think about it. If you want to borrow us money, 14 billion would be more than enough!

Silas was stunned. He seemed to have understood something.

If it was 14 billion dollars, it was definitely not a big deal for him.

“You sure thats enough” Silas frowned.

“Its enough. This is a loan. When the Neal familys capital turnover is over, well definitely return it with interest!” Louis would return the money if he said he would.

Silas was anxious. “Brother Louis, this money is free. You dont have to return it!”

“Brother Queen, the Neal family must return this sum of money, or else we wont accept it!”

Louis had made it very clear that he was borrowing from the start.

If they were to borrow this sum of money, it would mean that the Neal family was in trouble and that they had a favor to ask of him!

If he did not have to return it, then what was the difference between that and begging!

Then, he hung up.

“Brother Queen is an honest person!” Louis sighed.

“Pfft!” Braydon choked on his tea.

Everyone in the world who ran international trade knew of the name of the business fox, Silas Queen. He had been in the business world for many years and had almost never suffered a loss in the invisible confrontation of swords.

Was this an honest person

Are you kidding me

On the small island outside the border, Silas hung up the phone and turned around. “Ask the Asia Pacific Investment Director to come here. I have something to tell him!”


“Yes, President!” The female secretary quickly went to contact the person.

Silas stretched lazily, feeling refreshed and in a good mood!

In the Neal family manor, early in the morning!

Braydon sat cross-legged on the roof of the bright hall, facing the light that was about to appear in the eastern sky. A trace of purple Qi appeared like a strand of hair and was inhaled into his nose!

This was purple Qi from the East!

Every day, when the sun and moon alternated and the first rays of the sun gradually appeared, purple Qi would appear.

Purple Qi was extremely precious. Ordinary ancient martial art practitioners had only heard of it but had never seen it before. They had never heard of anyone who had the heaven-defying means to gather purple Qi!

A wisp of purple Qi could help a person reforge their bones, strengthen their foundation, and lay a solid foundation!

It could also improve ones talent and comprehension!

In ancient times, refining pills with purple Qi was an even more precious treasure, and even experts would come to ask for it.

But today, Braydon was condensing the purple Qi and absorbing it into his body.


That was why Braydons cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds over the years. The reason was that his cultivation method could condense purple Qi.

By absorbing the purple Qi every day, only God knew how powerful Braydons foundation and talent were!

This was the most important moment for Braydons daily cultivation!

A trace of purple Qi entered Braydons body, causing him to open his eyes. His deep eyes were completely purple, and his pupils gradually faded. Then, he stopped and exhaled a mouthful of foul Qi.


A basin-like pit appeared on the roof.

“What” Braydon suddenly stood up and frowned. “The bottleneck of the second transformation of the War God is really hard to break through!

As the morning broke, Heather stood in front of Braydons room and whispered, “Brother Braydon”

A minute passed.

Heather shouted, “Stinky Braydon, open the door for me. You promised me last night that you would send me to school. Where are you”


“Stinky lazy pig!” Heather continued to shout.

Braydon crossed his arms and stood behind her, quietly watching her pouting and angry face. Somehow, he felt that she was a little cute.

Heather was very beautiful to begin with. Her oval-shaped face was exquisite and flawless, her eyebrows were like a painting, and her figure was slim and graceful. She was born into a rich family like the Sage family, and her temperament was not inferior to any girl.

“Youve been scolding me for so long. Are you thirsty” Braydon smiled.

“Where did you go last night” Heather turned around suspiciously.

Braydon smiled.

“If you dont tell me, Ill tell Aunt Laura that you sneaked out to a nightclub last night!” Heather said slyly.

Braydons mouth twitched. He turned around and held her cold and soft hand as they walked out of the Neal familys gate.

There was only half an hour left before her exam!

A black car stopped in front of the door, and the driver got out to open the door. “Young Master, Miss Sage!”

Now, Braydon was the eldest son of the third generation of the Neal family, so his status was naturally not to be questioned.

“Where did you go last night” Heather asked in the car.

“Youve been in the northern territory for thirteen years. Was it fun there

“I heard that the third largest desert in the world is there. Do you often play with sand there

“Did you go to university”


Heaters questions came one after another, like a curious baby.



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