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See You Again

In Lin Guoguos house in Lan Village, three square tables were placed together.

Just as Li Yanchen was about to help out, Lin Tong chased him to the side.

“Go have a seat and have some tea. Dont stay in the kitchen. Itll affect my performance.” For him, cooking was an art, no less than a performance. At the hotel. He cooked delicious food every day for hundreds of people at a time. Lin Tong felt embarrassed to ask for help when he was just cooking for a few people here in the village.

To be honest, Lin yanchen had hoped he could help out in the kitchen. He hated talking with so many people outside, so he was trying to hide in the kitchen.

“Brother Lin, Im not here to help. Im here to learn.” Li Yanchen came up with an excuse.

“Oh, I understand! Take a good look then. These dishes are very simple to make.” Lin Tong had seen the way Lin Wan was bashed online and made the hot search for compressed biscuits she fed to the children. That was partly the reason why he had suggested inviting the Li family to dinner yesterday.

In the yard, a few women sat around the table and began to discuss their parenting experiences.

Lin Wan felt that she did not fit in with them. She lay on the recliner under the grape trellis, put on her hat and sunglasses, and closed her eyes to rest.

Today was the third day. That meant, half of the week was almost over! Lin Wan felt as if she could see one million Yuan waving at her. When the thought of money crossed her mind, Lin Wan realized that she should have checked the original owners bank account to see how much savings she had. That way she could divide the budget and make her plans.

A rich wife must have a lot in her savings, thought Lin Wan. These rich peoples wedding gifts alone were huge. Lin Wan was looking forward to it.

The children were playing games together, and no one noticed the woman under the grapevines.

[Is Lin Wan not sociable Shes alone under the grape trellis.]

[Thats right. All the mothers talk about their children when they get together. Do you understand, Lin Wan]

[Of course, she cant. Lin Guoguo and the others will leave. Did you guys hear The new family that will be joining tomorrow will be very interesting to watch.]

[Is it Anan Anans mother is a beauty blogger with a lot of fans]

[Anan is also very outstanding herself. Shes very versatile.]

[Even Anans father, who is a famous designer, often appears in his wifes livestream and models for his wife.]

[It was funny when Anans mom asked him to put on a facial mask in the livestream room. The facial mask covered only the middle of his face.]

[Have you seen Anans mothers Weibo She said that she was Lin Wans high school classmate.]

[I really want to know what Lin Wans high school was like. Will Anans mother expose her]

[One married a man of equal social standing and had her own child, while the other became a stepmother to three rude children. What a different life!]

[We asked Anans mother on her Weibo about her relationship with Lin Wan and whether Lin Wan was a shrewd woman without morals. Anans mother did not reply.]

[How can she reply They are going to do the show together.]

The substitute family would arrive at the livestream the next day and live at Lin Guoguos house.

Anan was eight years old with many talents. She was already a very exceptional violinist and the lead singer of Yun Citys youth singing group. Her father An yang was Yun Citys prominent architect while mother, Song Jing was a pretty famous beauty blogger. Her father and her mother always did funny things together and the while city felt as though they were two bodies with just one soul. Song Jing was from a humble background and was very insecure about it. Therefore, she worked hard and placed all her hopes on her daughter. She wanted to raise her into a celebrity. Song Jing was also Lin Wans classmate from high school.

Lin Wan didnt know anything about Anan and therefore couldnt care less about who would be replacing Lin Guoguos family.

When Lin Tong was done cooking, he went outside in the courtyard and told everybody to clear the tables and prepare for lunch.

Li Yanchen followed him out. He saw Lin Wan lying down under the grape trellis all alone, while the other wives sat together laughing and chatting.Is he being left out intentionally he thought, a hint of anger in his eyes.

He walked over to Lin Wan. “Lin Wan,” he called.

Lin Wan, who had been resting with her eyes closed, was startled. She raised her head slowly. “What”

“Are you alright” Li Yanchen was clearly concerned, but to Lin Wan, he looked very serious, almost angry.

Lin Wan was lying on the ground with Li Yanchen right in front of her. She could not stand his intense gaze. She took off her sunglasses. “Why do you look so serious” she asked.

“Why are you here alone If youre not feeling well, we can go back,” he said.

“Oh, its cool here. Its so tiring to sit and talk. Lying down felt better,” said Lin Wan. She could not understand why he looked so solemn. She got up and smiled. “I found out that some grapes are finally ripe.”

“Mr. Li, Lin Wan, the two of you are so sweet. You even found a place to chat. Come and eat,” Shen Man said.

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“Thank you. We will be there,” said Lin Wan as she got up from the recliner. She walked towards Shen Man with a smile.

So, they werent leaving her out intentionally, understood Li Yanchen. Seeing her in a good mood, he realized he was just overthinking.

[Li Yanchen only has eyes for Lin Wan. When he came out and saw Lin Wan by herself, he immediately walked to her.]

[He wasnt assuming everyone was leaving her out, right]

[We can testify that Lin Wan went under the grapevines herself.]

[Li Yanchen looks very nervous.]

[I can see it too. I can see his side profile from this shot.]

The childrens stomachs were already growling after an entire day of exercise. When they saw the food on the table, they put down their toys, washed their hands, and sat down with the adults at the table.

“Lets eat. Xu Xiaoxiao said that Tutu is still sleeping. If we wake him up, the child will make a fuss.” Shen Man saw that Xu Xiaoxiao was absent, so she had dropped by Tutus house to ask if everything was alright.

“Does she want to take him to a hospital Its not normal for him to sleep the whole day.” Xia Mo was a little worried.

“I took Tutus temperature, and he seems to be fine. He is probably tied.” Shen Man had asked Xu Xiaoxiao if she wanted to take the child to the hospital. She had also offered her help. She had said that Tutu seemed fine, and she didnt want to disturb him because he was sleeping so peacefully.

“Alright, lets toast to Guoguos family.” Nannan was the first to raise her glass.

Lin Tong had just taken off his apron. When he saw that everyone had stood up, he picked up his drink. “Thank you, everyone. Our family will be bidding farewell to everyone this afternoon. Hopefully, well meet again.”

“We will!”

“Chef Lin, after we return to Yun City, please give us a discount when we visit your restaurant,” joked Michael.

“Of course, of course!” Lin Tong laughed.

“Although weve only known each other for two days, we have gotten so familiar with each other. Since most of us live in Yun City, we can still visit each other in the future. We also welcome you to visit QW.” Shen Man was a Sales Director through and through. She was very good at talking with people.

“Director Shen, QW is definitely on my list. After Xiao Yi graduates, I will send him to look around and work in such a reputed store,” Xia Mo seized the chance and joked.

“A top student applying for a job in my company I will be honored. You are very welcome! I will be waiting.”




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