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Chapter 9: Unexpected Victory Part 2

In fact, this was not a women’s ‘elegant’ spin-talk, but a sarcastic response used among people.

Naturally, if you didn’t know the name of the children from powerful families, it was also to be criticized as ignorant.

But she had her own conviction.

Like a Commander who stands behind a pawn and takes command, if she was a woman from a large family such as a Duke or Marquise, she would have let her go without coming forward like this.

As evidence, the woman’s dress, which made such a scratching noise, contrasted with her colorful dress at a glance.

The woman’s face turned red when she heard Lucifella’s words.

It was because it was obvious that it would be ridiculous to say, “How do you not know me”.

“Young Lady and I occasionally exchanged greetings, but it seems that Young Lady’s memory was not good enough to remember me.”

“I guess so.”

When she calmly responded to the sarcastic remark with excitement, laughter erupted from the crowd.

Lucifella admitted that her memory was not good, but anyway, as long as the woman was excited first, she seemed to just run at whatever she said.

Lucifella looked around for the ‘commander’ who made this woman do this.

Among the eyes that looked at him with a curious expression, there was an intrusive look.

It was a white-haired girl.

Lucifella, intuitively realizing who the ‘commander’ was, looked directly at the woman.

“Young Lady! I’m the one in front of you right now! Does Young Lady ignore my worries”

Lucifella looked back at the woman’s words.

She seemed to be angry because she was ignored, but when she looked closely, Lucifella looked at the platinum blonde, she seemed embarrassed.

Suddenly Lucifella became curious.

Can I ask this It was curiosity that finally won after a long period of thought.

“Can I ask you a question”

“You must be curious about my name now, right”

Lucifella shook her head and said.

“Let’s just say that it’s an open rumor that I almost got into a big trouble.

How did you know I was in the criminal’s carriage and strangled”


The woman was taken aback by the unexpected question.

“It’s the knights….”

“What Knights”

What was absurd was Lucifella.

“Are you saying that the knights told you now”

When Lucifella asked again, as if to confirm, the woman looked perplexed.

I can’t believe the kngihts told her.

Does that make sense

“Your Majesty’s directly ordered the knights of Jansgar to catch the murderer, so, then, the details of the investigation were kept secret, weren’t they”

Isn’t it like that here Is Jansgar’s knights investigating differently Are you deliberately releasing all the information and conducting an investigation

Lucifella became really curious.

At that time, among the onlookers surrounding her, there was a murmur among the men, saying, ‘That’s true,’ and ‘How did you find out when they still investigating’.

The question expressed by Lucifella did not seem to be groundless.

Lucifella laughed, dumbfounded.

“What, then the knights are making fun of you”

The phrase ‘playing your mouth cheaply’ was definitely not a word used by ladies.

Although Lucifella’s tone suddenly became low-key, people murmured that she was concerned about the issues that she pointed out.

There is nothing more serious than this when information about the incident in which the Emperor ordered the investigation himself has spread.

On the battlefield, pretending to be so great, the Jansgar Knights were no big deal.

If this had happened within her knights, it would have been insufficient to get cold water on a winter day and a hundred laps of the training ground under the hot sun.

Phew, how pathetic.

Lucifella clapped his tongue.

“Oh, no!”

Young Lady, who had suddenly insulted the knights of Jansgar, was filled with embarrassment on her face.

It did look a little pitiful.

But Lucifella did not intend to miss the opportunity to ridicule the knights.

“It’s a real disappointment for the Knights of Jansgar.”

When she kicked her tongue and looked at the men, some noble men who appeared to be knights avoided her eyes.

When Lucifella looked at the platinum blonde woman again, her face turned pale.

It seemed that the side that got the information from the knight and leaked it was over there.

The Duke of Heint should have seen this.

He should be ridiculing the knights under his command for not managing their mouths like this.

What kind of expression would that smug face make when he heard these words

But where is the man Lucifella frowned and looked for her fiancé, he was not here.

“Don’t you know that Young Lady’s fiancé is also a knight The honor of your fiancé….”

“It’s not me, it’s Young Lady who’s been disgraced the Duke.”

Lucifella muttered sarcasm in such a way that it should be as it should be.

The tone was still straightforward, but anyway, it seemed very plausible with Lucifella’s pretty voice as it softened the end.

At the words, the woman stepped down with an angry look.

‘Did I… Did I win’

She looked at their faces and she seemed to have won, though she didn’t mean to.

Not knowing the name was something she thought about and threw it out once, and she was curious about the source of the information, so she asked the question and laughed at the knights.

Then the trumpet sounded, and everyone looked at the banquet hall entrance.

The trumpet sounded three times, which meant that the Emperor would enter the hall.

At that moment, Lucifella’s mind became sharp at once.


If it was an emperor, wouldn’t he be the one who started the war

The man who wanted to cut her throat so badly came over there.

Somehow she was impatient.

Again, a strange occupational disease was rampant.

Lucifella unwittingly tensed up and clenched her gloved fists.

The Emperor was an old man with a good appearance even from a distance.

She couldn’t get close to what the face looked like, so she didn’t know.

Instead, just by walking, she could tell that the Emperor was a strong man even though he was somewhat old.

Compared to Ersha’s last King.

Behind the Emperor was the Empress, the Crown Prince, and the Second Prince.

Is that blonde prince She immediately turned her eyes away.

Then she made eye contact with the Duke of Heint, who was following the Princes.

She avoided looking.

Her attention was solely on the Emperor.

The emperor was sitting on a chair on the podium and talking to the nobles who came to greet him.

My heart was pounding.

Should I kill him Can I kill him In Lucifella’s mind, Estelle suddenly spoke loudly.

She knew better that it was impossible.

First of all, she didn’t have any weapons, and she didn’t even have the strength to use a bow, and if she came closer to the Emperor, the swords of the knights standing next to him would cut her throat.

One of those who cut off her head must be the Duke of Heint.

There were still occasional sneers and curious glances at her, but all she could think about was how to kill the Emperor.

After looking at the Emperor for a long time, she tried to calm down and looked around.

People’s eyes on her were also focused on the Emperor when he came in.

It’s better to avoid the attention this time and come back.

Realizing that she was too excited by the Emperor, Lucifella carefully headed to the second floor of the banquet hall to avoid people’s eyes.

Due to the appearance of the Emperor, there was no one on the second floor.

Lucifella walked where her footsteps led.

Like the Kingdom of Ersha, there was also a lounge here, and Lucifella opened the most colorful door at the end of the hallway with the rooms and entered it without hesitation.

Lucifella sighed and sat down at the soft sofa in the lounge.

For her, Jansgar’s lounge was a strange place, but she acted as if it were a familiar place.

Lucifella felt no discomfort in such behavior.

She sat on the sofa and took off her high-heeled.

Because she had no sense of aesthetics, these shoes were nothing more than an uncomfortable shackle to her.

As her feet relaxed, she sighed and rested her head on her sofa.

She was careful not to mess up her hair and thought about what she was doing.

After all, all she did was pretend to be noble in Jansgar’s clothes to adapt as Lucifella.

Does she really have to assassinate the Emperor That doesn’t make Ersha come back.

She wanted to know Liam’s whereabouts, but if she could know Liam’s whereabouts, she would have been found by the Emperor and beheaded.

In the end, there was nothing she could do.

Deep in melancholy thoughts, she didn’t notice anyone opening and closing the door.

I could hear footsteps approaching her, and it was only then that she turned her head.

“Hey, Lucy.

As expected, you were waiting for me”

The man with his brown hair back was smiling.

The one standing in front of the door was the Crown Prince.


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