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Seeing that everyone was here, Feng Qing acted like a young madam and instructed Xie Ruoyun, “Go and tell the security guards here that Im here to look for Du Yu.”

Upon hearing this order, Xie Ruoyun instinctively wanted to reject it.

She didnt want to be controlled by Feng Qing from the bottom of her heart.

That would make her feel humiliated.

However, Xie Cheng and Xie San were both here.

No matter how dissatisfied she was, she had to consider their reputation.

Helpless, Xie Ruoyun comforted herself in her heart as she walked towards the two security personnel at the entrance of the Heaven and Earth Hall.

“Hello, sirs.

Please help to inform Master Du Yu, who lives here, that the First Madam of the Xie Corporation is at the door and wants to meet him.”

The two security guards were slightly stunned.

In the Capital, they could not know anything, but they had to know the Xie Corporation.

Otherwise, they would not even know how they died.

Although the two security guards did not know how heavy the title of the Xie Corporations First Madam was, they knew that it was definitely not light.

Hence, they subconsciously looked at Feng Qing, who was not far away.

But Feng Qing was wearing an exquisite pink veil that covered most of her face, so the two security guards did not see her entire face.

Yet, the aura emanating from Feng Qing made the security guards feel that theFirst Madam of the Xie Corporation in front of them was definitely not simple.

After the two of them looked at each other, one of them reported on the walkie-talkie, “Hello, this is Gate 01.

There are a few people at the door now.

They say that the First Madam of the Xie Corporation wants to meet Master Du Yu.

Please reply if you copy!”

After shouting a few times, someone finally replied on the walkie-talkie.

However, the mans voice was filled with helplessness.

“Im sorry, I just asked Master Du Yu.

He said that he refuses to meet the First Madam of the Xie Corporation.”

Hearing the answer on the walkie-talkie, Xie Ruoyun hurriedly said, “Why doesnt Master Du Yu want to see our Young Madam”

The walkie-talkie sounded again.

“Im sorry, Im not sure either.

Master Du Yu just said that he doesnt want to see her.”

Xie Ruoyun did not say anything else.

She turned around and walked back to Feng Qing, pretending to be very angry.

“Young Madam, Ive already gotten the security personnel to inform Master Du Yu.

I even specifically instructed that Young Madam is waiting at the door to see him, but Master Du Yu said that he doesnt want to see you.”

Upon hearing this, Xie Ba was instantly furious.

He was born an extroverted and impulsive person.

He clenched his fists and scolded, “Bah, f*ck, what kind of bullsh*t master is this He actually dares to put on airs in front of Young Madam.

Do you believe that Ill kill him with a palm”

However, before Xie Ba could walk over and beat up the security personnel, Feng Qing stopped him with a look.

Then, she shifted her gaze to Xie Ruoyun.

The smile on Feng Qings face gradually disappeared.

In the end, she even took off her sunglasses and looked at Xie Ruoyun with a scrutinizing and questioning gaze.

Xie Ruoyun instantly felt goosebumps from her gaze.

She didnt know what Feng Qing meant.

Sensing the pressure on the scene, Xie Ruoyun could only brace herself and say, “Young Madam, do you have any other instructions”

Feng Qings voice was a little cold as she said, “Xie Ruoyun, what did you tell me in the Xie Manor yesterday Did you forget after sleeping”

Xie Ruoyun said in confusion, “Yesterday What did I say”

Feng Qing snorted coldly.

“You told me yesterday that if Master Du Yu doesnt want to see me, youll kneel until he agrees.

Is your memory bad, or are you just saying it casually”

Xie Ruoyun : “…”

Feng Qings voice was suddenly filled with anger as she said, “Ruoyun, wheres your sincerity Didnt you say that youre a member of the Xie Corporations collateral branch, so you have to solve the problem for the Xie Corporation and Ninth Master Is this your loyalty and responsibility”

Xie Ruoyun: “”

She never expected that Feng Qing would actually be waiting for her here.

She said everything she casually said yesterday.

What did she mean by solving the problem for the Xie Corporation and Ninth Master That was just an excuse.

Who didnt know how to say nice things She didnt expect that Feng Qing would actually take it seriously.

Seeing that she was stunned on the spot and did not react, Feng Qing put on her sunglasses again and said in a dissatisfied tone, “I listened to you, thats why I agreed to come with you.

Now that Master Du Yu doesnt want to see me, why arent you kneeling Do you want me to go”

Feng Qings voice was not loud, but it could be heard by everyone.

Xie Ruoyun gritted her teeth.

At this moment, she really wanted to flare up.

The grievance and anger in her heart were intertwined and were about to explode her.

However, Xie Cheng and Xie San were both here, so she could not really flare up.

She could only retreat in order to advance and let them see how Feng Qing, this Young Madam, bullied her.


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