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Chapter 10 Injured



He came aggressively, clearly wanting to kill this kid who spoiled his good deed on the spot.


Chen Jianan retreated back, still not forgetting to call out: “Brother Yong, Brother Yong, we have a misunderstanding, let’s talk properly, there is no need to scream and kill, right”


However, his brazen compliments were of no use to a cold-blooded assassin.


In the process of escaping, he caught a glimpse of the dark military dagger in the opponent’s hand and was somewhat frightened.

However, if someone were stabbed by this thing, they would surely lose half their lives if they weren't killed.


Fortunately, after being reminded by Qiao Wen last night, he was prepared.


Jumping to the weapon rack, Chen Jianan picked up a long stick in his hand, glanced at the burning incense not far away, and remembered Qiao Wen’s words to him to drag enough time.



The yard's entrance and exit doors were locked, so he could not get out.

Although the yard was not big, fortunately, there were two banyan trees with crooked necks and a small flower bed, though there was no place to hide, it was enough for him to circle for a while.


So, he transformed himself into a clever monkey, using the flower beds and banyan trees to run around in circles, preventing Ruan Yong from getting close to him.


For a while, the whole courtyard was filled with chaos like a dog chasing a flying chicken.

Zhao Shanhai, who was drinking tea outside, listened to the movement inside and asked Uncle Cao beside him: “How it’s going”


Uncle Cao looked in through the crack of the door and said with a smile: “This boy is quite clever, but I don’t think it will last long.

It will only annoy Ruan Yong, and it will not be a good thing."


“Well, let's see if the boy's life is big or small enough.” Zhao Shanhai smiled wryly, obviously not caring about the life and death of the people inside.


Although Chen Jianan was a member of his and Xing society, but a bad little pony, if he dies, he dies.

Chen Jianan’s tricks did not last long.


Because Ruan Yong was soon angered by his monkey-like hiding, as he jumped over to the other side of the flower bed from his chase, he let out a loud roar, with his foot pressed on the edge of the flower bed he jumped up and flew straight over and made dive at Chen Jianan.



Chen Jianan knew that he couldn’t avoid this time, and saw that only a small part of the burning incense was left, and within this fraction of a second, he met the blow against his scalp.

Upon seeing the army dagger approaching his neck, he jumped up and let the stab land on his chest instead of his neck.


However, the razor-sharp army stab didn’t penetrate his body but rather slipped as if it had come against something hard.


When Ruan Yong was stunned, Chen Jianan quickly stepped back two steps, clutching his chest and grinning.

“My uncle’s armor seems to be fine.”


Though he was grinning on the surface his heart was frightened, 'this bastard is really coming for my life'.

If Qiao Wen hadn’t anticipated in advance, he had put on the armor wisely for self-defense, I’m afraid that the army stab would have already pierced his little heart.


He was also a vigorous young man, and now he was being pressed down step by step like a grumpy grandson, he couldn't help showing his skills and letting the other person see him, but remember what Qiao Wen said, ‘you must never expose your true ability in this way’.


Seeing that Ruan Yong hadn’t regained his senses, he gritted his teeth and threw away the long stick in his hand.

He flew forward and wrapped his hands and feet around him shamelessly, and using two rows of large white teeth as a weapon, he gnawed ruthlessly at the opponent’s face and gnawed a mouthful of blood.


Ruan Yong was already furious after he had slipped a few big circles, at this moment, he was even more furious for being entangled by this kind of rascal Fan Clan.

However, this shrewish monkey’s fists and feet were average, but the strength was very big, coupled with long hands and feet, surprisingly he was trapped at once, and the military dagger in his hands was useless.


Whether he was on the battlefield or as an assassin, Ruan Yong had always come up with a knife, where he had encountered such a situation, his original intelligence, cold-blooded, had been disheveled and his mind was in a state of turmoil, the fire in his heart jumping up, he glimpsed at the increasingly short incense and became more manic.



As a result, he was finally led astray by Chen Jianan, throwing all his original fists and killing tricks behind his head, hugged him, rolled on the ground, pulled his hair, and punched his teeth.

Ruan Yong was in a real mess, but Chen Jianan was in a false mess, seeing this bastard was successfully led by himself, he quickly found an opportunity and knocked down his military stab in his hand, kicked it far away, and continued to roll around with his hands and feet wrapped around him.


Disposing of the opponent’s deadly weapon, he was greatly relieved and began to exert his full power.

Ruan Yong went completely insane, instead of looking for an army dagger, he punched and slammed at every slight interruption.


Chen Jianan’s eight punches definitely couldn’t beat the Ruan Yong real punches, who trained on the battlefield with live ammunition.

After a few rounds, he was overpowered, two consecutive heavy blows landed on his handsome face, and his face was immediately muddled with blood.

It was quite terrible.

Ruan Yong, who was gradually gaining the upper hand, fought harder and harder.

After breaking away from the opponent’s hands and feet, he finally came back to his senses, kicked him off, and ran to pick up a military dagger.


Chen Jianan, who fell on the ground, saw that there was only a little bit of the incense left on the incense case, and it was about to be wiped out.

He crawled back with his hands and feet, and yelled at Ruan Yong, who was coming step by step holding a military stab: “The incense is burned, don’t come over! Don’t come! Lord Leopard, help!”


Ruan Yong was unfazed by his call for help, he clutched the opponent's neck and just as the dagger was about to plunge into the his head, a rough hand grabbed his wrist.


He was a disciple of Zhao Shanhai.

Zhao Shanhai on the side said unhurriedly: “Ayong, Jianghu people have to follow the rules, the incense has burned out, no matter what the result is, it's over.”


With a dark face, Ruan Yong let go of his hands unwillingly.


Seeing the crisis had finally been over, Chen Jianan, whose face was full of blood, fell heavily on the ground, closed his eyes, and fainted in fright.



Zhao Shanhai frowned at the little pony with a bloody face, and he pulled the corner of his mouth indifferently and said: “Smelly boy, count your life!” He shouted to the outside “Hurry up and bring people to the clinic.”


Chen Jianan opened his eyes again, the person was already on the stretcher, and he was too breathless to talk: “Brother, take me to Uncle Hua’s Clinic.”

With that, he closed his eyes again, tilted his head incoordination, and “fainted” again.


“Awen, my brother is injured.

At Uncle Hua’s place, he was beaten, his face is full of blood and I can’t see his nose and eyes.” Qiao Wen, who was reading the newspaper at home to learn about the times while waiting for Chen Jianan’s news, had just seen stock market news, and the door of his house slammed open.

It was Haozai who ran while howling.


Qiao Wen's heart was shaken, put down the newspaper and asked: “How is he”


Haozi shook his head with red eyes: “I don't know what happened.

He didn’t have the strength to speak, he barely said a few words and asked me to come to you.”

Qiao Wen understood and nodded: “Okay, I will go now.”

Haozi did not forget to care about him: “Awen, how is your health”


Qiao Wen: “I’m much better today, don’t worry.” After thinking about it, he added, “Don’t tell Uncle Chen about Brother Nan’s injury.”


Chen Jianan’s father was a soldier when he was young.

He was injured during the War and had a lame leg.

After he came to Hong Kong, he worked on fishing boats and lived on fishing boats on weekdays, and rarely went home.


He was a righteous man, and he could barely get home to rest for a few days and now he came, naturally he wouldn’t make him worry about his son.


Qiao Wen followed Haozi to the Uncle Hua clinic.

At this time, there was no one in the clinic except for Uncle Hua and Chen Jianan, who was lying on the hospital bed.

That bed was the same one that Qiao Wen lay on yesterday.


“Brother Nan, how are you” Qiao Wen stepped forward and asked.


Chen Jianan sat up from the bed and waved to his cousin: “Haozi, it's enough for Xiao Qiao, you can go out and do your business.”


Haozi always regarded his words as an imperial decree.

He looked at his face, his eyes were not eyes, his nose was not a nose, and his standard face was completely different, although he was still worried in his heart, he still obediently turned around and walked away.



To be honest, Qiao Wen looked at the blood-stained man on the bed, and couldn’t be sure how badly he was hurt.

He couldn't help but touch his body up and down, wanting to see if there was any fatal injury.

"I'm fine! I'm fine!" Chen Jianan brushed away his hand, although his thick eyebrows and big eyes were swelled into two slender mouse eyes, they did not prevent him from bursting out with excitement from the two gaps, because when talking pulled the wound, he inhaled and said, “Xiao Qiao, let me tell you, you guessed it all right.

The Vietnamese came to the door, and Lord Leopard lit a half-pillar of incense, letting me and him solve it.

I remember your words, don’t expose skills, and protect your vitals and finally, there is no danger I dragged the time.”

Qiao Wen frowned and looked at him up and down, and asked: “You are covered in blood, are you seriously injured”



Chen Jianan shook his head, touched his face and grimaced with pain, and pulled out a piece of armor from his chest: “Don’t worry, I’m really fine.

I wear this, basically, nosebleeds, look serious, but in fact, it’s actually a skin injury.

Didn’t you say that you had to injure a little bit, so I deliberately made it more realistic, Lord Leopard, and they all thought I was seriously injured.

In fact, this injury will be fine in two days.”


Seeing the armor in his hand Qiao Wen was a little relieved, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and nodded.

“Then you stay at home for these two days and don’t go out.

Let the leopards think that you are lucky enough to take your life back, and you’re seriously injured.”

Chen Jianan grinned and said, “This time thanks to your anticipation in advance, I was prepared for everything.

That Son of Bitch really came for my life.

Xiao Qiao, I didn’t know before, you are so smart.”


Qiao Wen said: “What kind of cleverness is this You can guess what Leopard's style is if you think about it."

Chen Jianan said: "Then I didn't think about it."


“You are a fool.”

Chen Jianan was not angry, but instead said with a silly smile: “You have been good at homework since you were a child, then you must be smarter than me.”


Because Hexing Society had so many eyes and ears, Chen Jianan lay in Uncle Hua’s clinic until dark before returning home.

In order to look realistic, Haozi carried him back.

The seventeen-year-old boy, carrying a big man on his back was so tired, whining and panting all the way.

Afraid that his father might be worried, he didn't come home and directly went downstairs and stayed at Qiao Wen’s house.

Granny Qiao had seen him injured and knew that he was not seriously injured, so she didn’t ask much, just made a pot of soup for two children and a bowl for each of them.


Following Grandma's early bedtime, just after nine o'clock, the grandmother went back into her inner room to rest, leaving the two brothers who had eaten their stomachs full of soup to sit on the small sofa outside.


Tonight there was electricity, through the dim light Qiao Wen continued to read the newspaper that he hadn’t finished reading during the day.


Although Chen Jianan was injured from head to toe and looked unhuman, he still couldn’t sit still, he swayed to and fro with struboness, and after a while, he craned his neck to lean in front of Qiao Wen’s newspaper for a moment, of course, he was not seriously read it, just messing around with Qiao wen.


Qiao Wen had to put down the newspaper to pay attention to him: “Brother Nan, you are injured, why don't you go to bed earlier”


Chen Jianan: “I’m not a grandma, how can I fall asleep so early”

Qiao Wen said: “Then what do you want to do.”


Chen Jianan, whose legs were covered with red and swollen scars, approached Qiao Wen and asked: “Xiao Qiao, are you looking for a job”


Qiao Wen said: "I have already graduated two months ago, so I am definitely looking for something to do."


Chen Jianan said: “I told you before, that in those companies, foreigners despise us Chinese, would take advantage of us and oppress us.

You are like this, how can you withstand the toss.”


At first, Qiao Wen was planning to find a job very much, but after seeing the current market situation, it was not difficult for him to find a clerical job in an office, at most one thousand yuan a month, but it was not enough to rent a decent apartment.

So he quickly dispelled the idea of ​​looking for a job. 

Now the economy of Hong Kong City was taking off, and the real estate and stock market were full of gold.

In the next ten years, the city would create countless rich myths, including legendary self-made tycoons, which started from scratch.

Big guys are everywhere.

Lin Zihui and Chen Jianan in the original book were also one of them.


Since he had an advantage, he must not miss the opportunity.

He said with a smile, “Grandma is getting older, and I am already eighteen.

How can I sit idle and not make money Could it be that my granny still has to sell dry goods to support me even when she's 70 or 80"


Chen Jianan raised those dark eyes and said, “I will support you.”


Qiao Wen said: “You yourself are so poor, how can you still support me”

Chen Jianan said: “Don't bully young people into being poor, I will always make money.”


Qiao Wen wanted to laugh, but on second thought it was indeed appropriate for him.

In just four or five years after Qiao Wen’s death the original Chen Jianan became a powerful tycoon in Hong Kong-though he was prestigious but he was shot to death in less than two or three years.


“Okay, let’s go to bed early, you are not sleepy, but I am sleepy.”


Chen Jianan followed him happily into bed because the movement was too heavy, it touched the wound on his body, grinning in pain and gasping for air.


Qiao Wen gave him most of the bed: “Be honest, although it's all skin injuries, it's enough for you”

Chen Jianan chuckled dismissively, and lay down carefully: “Xiao Qiao, I really have to thank you for today, otherwise this matter will definitely not be over.”

“It’s alright, remember, no matter what happens in the future, don't promise people to do this kind of harmful thing."


“Hey, I know, Didn't I just look at you lying in your hospital bed struggling for life, so I’m anxious” he muttered a few words with closed eyes, and not long after there was a deep breathing sound in the quiet room and he fell asleep.

Qiao Wen admired his open-minded character very much.


He silently listened to the breathing in his ears, his heart was suddenly very surprised because he realized that he had only come to this world one day, but whether it was the environment here or the young man beside him, he was used to it as if they had known for many years.


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