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Chapter 12



Chen Jianan almost wanted to grab Qiao Wen’s shoulder and shake him awake.


He was a poor ghost with a pocket as clean as his face all the year round, let alone 20,000 yuan, he couldn’t even get the two hundred yuan, afraid of worrying Granny Qiao, he squeezed out a smile, bit the bullet and said stiffly, “Yes, I’ll just ask the help from fourth brother ”


In Grandma Qiao's opinion, although Anan was not very old, he had been a child with ideas and would do things since he was a child.

In the past two years of joining Hexing Society, he has done a lot for the neighbors in the neighborhood.

Hearing him say this, she was a little relieved, and then sighed again:  “You have to go the right way, and you can't get addicted to gambling.”


Chen Jianan patted his chest and promised: “Of course.”


After comforting the grandma, the two went upstairs.


Seeing Qiao Wen's calm appearance Chen Jianan couldn’t help it.

As soon as he entered the door, he grabbed his shoulders and with gritted teeth he said: “Xiao Qiao, Uncle Ming, this matter is not a joke.

Even if it was two days later it was impossible for us to make this much money and Bao Lian still has to be taken away.

The scar is probably going to trouble us.”


With his iron claws, even if he didn’t use much force, Qiao Wen, who had delicate and tender skin, felt pain: “Brother Nan, don’t worry!”


“How can I not be worried This is 20,000 yuan, where can we get it Even if the neighbors are willing to help, it is estimated that we will only be able to make a small amount.”


Qiao Wen brushed his hand away and said calmly.

“Brother Nan, you forgot Lin Zhaoming”


Chen Jianan paused for a moment, obviously he didn’t react: “Lin Zhaoming”


“Didn't he give you a card to reward you Twenty thousand yuan is an astronomical figure for us, but for billionaires like him, it is a matter of sprinkling water.”


Chen Jianan knitted his eyebrows and showed hesitation: “Can it work What If he finds out that I am from Hexing society, or someone who wants to kill him Don’t say giving money, I am afraid that with his bodyguard he will directly beat me to death”


Qiao Wen smiled and shook his head: “Don’t worry, even if he finds out that Lord Leopard sent someone to kill him, he will never believe that Lord Leopard will find a 49th boy to do this, and top of that you even blocked the Vietnamese assassin, which means that you don’t even know that Master Leopard is going to kill him.” He paused, and said, “He must not look down on people like us, I read in the newspaper that he is a man of his word, since he gave you the card, as long as we ask I'm sure he'll pay the money to get rid of this favor."


Chen Jianan nodded: “It makes sense, then I’ll call and try it.” As if thinking of something, he raised his eyelids, cleared his throat, and tentatively said.

“Since 20,000 yuan is just sprinkling water for him, can I ask more”


Qiao Wen laughed: “No! Rich people like Lin Zhaoming are very defensive.

If we ask a lot, he will definitely think that we are trying to blackmail him, maybe steal chickens and lose rice.

Twenty thousand yuan is just like an amount for emergency use, and when the time comes, we have to say that this money will never be taken for nothing, and we can do something for him in return."


Chen Jianan laughed and asked: “What can we two poor boys do for the billionaire"

Qiao Wen said: “For example…help him find out who is the one who wants his life”


Chen Jianan was taken aback, and said, “Master Leopard accepts money from people to help them with things, but when he is sought out, people use intermediaries in order to keep their identities hidden.

Let alone me, I’m afraid even Master Leopard himself doesn’t know, who was the one who asked him to kill Lin Zhaoming.”


Qiao Wen mysteriously hooked the corner of his lips, thinking that Zhao Shanhai might not know, but he himself, a book wearer, knew very well.

However, he couldn’t tell Chen Jianan clearly, only said: “It’s okay, I have a way to find out.


Chen Jianan suspiciously looked him up and down, he was very sure now that it was not his illusion that day in the teahouse, Xiao Qiao was indeed different from usual, clearly it was still a familiar pale face, but he seemed to be different from before.


However, he had always been careless, there was nothing wrong with this kind of change that he can’t say bad, and it even surprised him a little, so he didn’t think too much, just squeezed Qiao Wen’s face, curled his lips, and joked: “Xiao Qiao, are you possessed by something Quickly return my Xiao Qiao back.”


Qiao Wen was inexplicably guilty, then rolled his eyes and opened his hand: “Brother Nan, stop making trouble, quickly find a card and go and call.”


Chen Jianan laughed and walked out, suddenly remembering something, turned around and picked up his cane, and limped.


Don’t say it, pretend to be a bit like.


Most people in the walled city did not have telephones, if needed they would use public telephones.

Now in current situation Chen Jianan had to pretend that his legs were injured and it was inconvenienced to move.

So more than half an hour passed since he had gone.


But fortunately things went well, when he entered the door, his handsome face had a big smile: “Little Qiao, Lin Zhaoming asked me to meet tomorrow.”


Qiao Wen naturally expected this and nodded: “I will go with you.”

“OK, now that you have more ideas than I do, I feel at ease with you.”


Qiao Wen smiled and shook his head, watching him slump on the sofa, rested his legs on another stiffly, speechlessly he slapped him away.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Brother Nan, I know that you joined the Hexing Society, because you think you can have an amulet.

This identity is indeed useful, if it were not for you, Bao Lian would probably be taken away today.” He paused slightly “But are you really going to hang out with Brother Fei"


Chen Jianan said nonchalantly: “I also want to go out to find a serious job, but you also know that I haven’t read a book for a few years, and I can’t speak English.

What can I do if I leave the walled city Pulling a rickshaw or going to the docks to do hard labor If people like me want to get rich, they have to be chicken or sell white powder.” He quickly turned his head and grinned at Qiao Wen “Don’t worry, I won’t do these detrimental things.

My grandfather fought the Eight-Nation Allied Forces, and my father fought against the Japanese.

Our Chen family all walked the right way, and I will definitely not go astray.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “If you say so, I can rest assured.

Don’t worry, now Hong Kong City is a good time for development.

There are many opportunities, we will definitely go out.”


Chen Jianan sat upright, hugged his thin shoulders, and said neatly: “In fact, who doesn’t want to go out You say it is the fish ball shop Gu sister-in-law who doesn’t want it Or is Uncle Ming, who doesn’t want or Bao Lian wants Grandma doesn’t want it Even Haozi often say that he wants to go out.

The walled city is not a good place to live, the police don’t come in, and no one cares about killing and arson, the triad boss is here as the emperor of the land, with all this and that everyone was having a hard time with all the expenses.

But many of us here have experienced war, famine, cornered and lost their way, desperate and settled latter, no matter how hard it is at least we can have a place to live, enough to eat, wear and shelter.

It’s not hard for a young and strong offspring to leave here to get a bite of food to eat, but in this situation, I stay here so I can take care of the neighborhood.”


After speaking, he leaned back lazily on the sofa and said casually: “Sometimes I actually think that if I were the boss of Hexing society, maybe we wouldn't have to go through this."


Qiao Wen looked at him in shock.

He didn’t expect that such a mischievous boy would still have this knowledge.

It was a wake-up call, but he underestimated him.


And wanting to be the boss was only for the sake of neighbors in the walled city to live better.

However, what he didn’t know was that people couldn’t help themselves in the arena, even if he really became the boss, Nine-out-of-Ten he would become the second Zhao Shanhai.


He calculated that it would be two years before the ICAC was established and the whole city would be wiped out and the police would confined the walled city.

However, the police arrival had not completely changed the situation, the crime rate was still high, and the people were still having a hard time.

After all, this place remained a tumor-like existence in Hong Kong until it was demolished in the early 1990s.


Therefore, it was necessary to leave.


After Chen Jianan finished speaking, he thought of something and asked curiously: “Xiao Qiao, you said there is a way to find out who wanted to kill Lin Zhaoming, what is the way”


Of course, Qiao Wen didn’t really have a way, but as someone who had read the original book, he knew who it was.

Because later Lin Zihui became rich, and tried every means to find out who was behind the killing of his father, he naturally identified that the killer was Chen Jianan and avenged his father's murder.


However, it was useless to only know who it was.

You must find evidence to prove it to Lin Zhaoming.

He thought for a moment, and said, “Do you remember the young man with glasses in the Furong Tea room He called Lin Zhaoming, Abba, he should be his illegitimate child, who was raising outside.

Since the message provided to the killer is the Furong Tea Room, it means that the person who wants to kill Lin Zhaoming knows his whereabouts and background well.

We can start from the Furong Tea Room.”


Chen Jianan still had an impression of Lin Zihui, 'it was stupid', but what Qiao Wen said made him confused.

He rubbed his head and frowned, "Will it really work"


“Brother Nan, believe me, and believe in yourself.”


Chen Jianan raised an eyebrow and smiled: “Yes, who is this pretty Nan If I can't get this done, how can I still get along To be honest, I was going to kill people, but accidentally saved them, and it doesn’t make sense if I get other’s Money, but if I can do something for them, then I can get this money with peace of mind.”


Qiao Wen looked at him calmly, but said nothing just smiled.


After being in this world for just a few days, leaving aside the influence of his original body, he found that Chen Jianan surprised him a bit.


At this time, the future villain who would do nothing but evil was actually a good young man with a sense of justice.


Even if it wasn’t for Xiao Qiao Wen, just because of this person, he would never let him follow the old path in the book.


He didn’t tell Chen Jianan, in fact, this time he went to Lin Zhaoming, one was to raise money to save Uncle Ming and Bao Lian, and second, he planned to look for opportunities.


This world was set according to the real world, except for the characters without real existence, all backgrounds were no different from reality.

The 1970s was a period of rapid development for Hong Kong City, especially in the past two years, whether it was the stock market or the real estate they were booming.

In particular, the stock market would enter a bull market from this year to the first half of next year, with the Hang Seng Index rising from more than 700 to nearly 2,000.


In the original book, Lin Zihui entered the stock market with the 20,000 yuan given to him by the Lin family as a beggar.

Within half a year, he made nearly one million, then before the stock market crash in the second half of the year, he withdrew from the stock market and invested in real estate, which made him make a fortune.

In the following years, the protagonist’s aura opened up and lead him straight up to a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong.


Lin Zihui's template was here, and he made sure to use it.

It was just that his and Chen Jianan’s starting point was much lower than Lin Zihui.

Not to mention 20,000 yuan, he couldn’t even take out 2,000 yuan.

It was impossible for him to invest in the stock market right away, so he had to get the first pot of gold as soon as possible, and make a wave out of the stock market before the it crashed.


A billionaire like Lin Zhaoming was obviously a good opportunity for him to make his first pot of gold.




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