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Chapter 13.1 How Many Fish Balls Can We Have

Since the man to be seen was a billionaire, the two poor boys naturally had to dress up, so they wore the same white shirt and black pants.


Needless to say, Qiao Wen had eaten well and slept soundly these days.

His always pale complexion rarely became more rosy, and it was almost as pretty as peach blush pink.

As for Chen Jianan, the injury on his face was completely healed , and his handsome face returned.

He rarely wore this white shirt and black trousers, lined with his narrow waist and long legs, he stood out among the crowd.

No one could have predicted that this dog-like man belonged to the Walled City gang's 49th boy if no one had said anything, the people would have even thought that he was the rich young master who came out of the upper class.

(*** dog-like-man — a local ruffian pretending to be serious )


He used fragrant oils to rub his jet-black short hair into a tiny, rubbery split.

Looking at the masterpiece in the mirror he was very satisfied and asked, “Xiao Qiao, isn't your brother Nan beautiful today"

Qiao Wen looked at his smug look and nodded facetiously, laughing, "Pretty boy Nan is worthy of the name."

Receiving the compliment Chen Jianan turned around to him with a smile, and looked him up and down, and said: “Xiao Qiao, why do you look so good-looking If you are a woman, the female stars in the pictorial will have to step aside when choosing Miss Hong Kong and the No 1 title will definitely be yours.”


As a man, the praise of appearance did not make Qiao Wen feel much pride.

But he also had to admit that the original body could indeed be described as beautiful, but fortunately, this beautiful was not girly, just a standard beautiful boy.

He shook his head in amusement: “Brother Nan, I am a man, don’t always compare me to a woman.”

Chen Jianan laughed: “Okay, no comparison.”

Naturally, when going out they had to perform a full set of dramas.

It was only five or six days since he was injured, Chen Jianan was still limping with a cane when he went out.

Once in a while when he encountered Hexingshe people he would inevitably sigh to express that he was still seriously injured.

Qiao Wen felt that this person was quite a showman.

Lin Zhaoming had just experienced the assassination incident, so this time he was extremely careful.

The meeting place was a presidential suite in his hotel.

When the two entered the door, they were searched all over by several big men in black, and only put in after making sure that there was no murder weapon on them.

Lin Zhaoming, who was in a suit and leather shoes, sat on the sofa in the living room, saw people coming in, although he did not get up to greet him, he still greeted them kindly: “The two little brothers are here!”

Qiao Wen didn’t know much about this person, because the original book began with his funeral, and all the descriptions about him were just Lin Zihui’s memories.

To Lin Zihui, he was a good father.

Before the death of this good father, although Lin Zihui was an illegitimate child raised outside, he did have a good life, to the extent he was naive and innocent temper.

It wasn’t until Lin Zhaoming's death and series of twists and turns, that he, the leading male protagonist, slowly changed his temper.


But a good father did not mean a good person.

Lin Zhaoming came from a grassroot (small family) and made his fortune through his wife's family.

He ran a clean business, but his means weren't very clean, thus making countless enemies was a matter of course.

When dealing with such an old fox one shouldn't be careless.

The two walked over and greeted him politely.

“Sit down!” Lin Zhaoming pointed at the seat next to him with a smile, looked at the two beautiful young people calmly, and said to Chen Jianan with a smile.

“The little brother shaved his beard, I almost didn’t recognize it.

Last time, I wanted to thank my little brother for saving my life but I didn’t expect you to disappear in a blink of an eye.”

Chen Jianan said: “It was chaotic at the time.

My brother was in poor health, so I took him away first.”

Lin Zhaoming looked at Qiao Wen, thin and pale, and indeed looked like a sick seed.

He smiled and nodded at him, and said, “I shouldn’t need to introduce more about my identity, but I still don’t know what you two are called”

Chen Jianan: “My name is Chen Jianan, and my brother’s name is Qiao Wen.”

Lin Zhaoming asked again: “Where do the two little brothers live”

Chen Jianan replied: “We live in the Kowloon Walled City.”


Hearing the words “Kowloon Walled City”, Lin Zhaoming's brows were faintly knitted down untraceably, he obviously didn’t like it.

But for the savior, he still had to do his best to save face.

He nodded, took a sip of tea slowly, and smiled: “You said on the phone that you want to ask me for help.

If you need any help, please speak up.”

Chen Jianan turned his head and glanced at Qiao Wen with an expression of entanglement and embarrassment: “To be honest, I just saved Mr.

Lin accidently, and I didn’t think about asking Mr.

Lin to thank me for anything.

If I hadn't run into a bit of trouble, I wouldn't have come to bother a big shot like you.”

On weekdays, he was usually like a fool, but when he spoke seriously, it was hard to tell that he was a bad boy!

Lin Zhaoming smiled and waved his hand: “It is a fact that you saved me, and I must pay this favor.”

Chen Jianan said: “To be honest, because an uncle of mine owes a gambling debt and has no money to pay.

The casino guy wants to take his daughter to the nightclub to pay off the debt.

My sister is only sixteen years old, I really can’t bear it and there is no way I can raise that much money, so I can only ask you for help."

Whether the story was true or not, Lin Zhaoming was not surprised, he asked with a smile, “How much do you need”

“Twenty thousand.”

Lin Zhaoming nodded and did not ask any more.

He took out a cheque-book from his jacket, signed a cheque and handed it to him: “This is 30,000 yuan, just consider it my reward.

You take it to save your sister, and You and your brother keep the rest.”

Chen Jianan didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

He was taken aback for a moment, and happily accepted the check, not forgetting to thank him again and again, and then grinned at Qiao Wen, who already predicted this result.

Qiao Wen clenched his fist to his lips and coughed slightly.

He immediately reacted and turned his head to Lin Zhaoming and said, “Mr.

Lin, you can rest assured that we will not take this money for nothing.

What can we do for you We will do our best to repay you.”

Lin Zhaoming waved his hand and said amusedly: “This is my gratitude for your life-saving grace, How can I ask you to repay me"

Chen Jianan: “Even though we are the children of poor families, we also know the truth of no merit, no reward.

That day in the teahouse, it seems to you that I saved you, but to me, I didn’t do anything, but it was a mistake, it is the truth.

So I definitely can’t take the money for nothing.”

“Oh” Lin Zhaoming originally thought that the two poor boys wanted to mooch off this point from him.

He was unwilling to owe favors.

Although it was an accident, he also saved himself, and could use 30,000 yuan to pay off this favor.

It was naturally better this way, but who knows that the young boy actually quite had a bit of a spine.

He squinted at him to make sure that the other party was sincere, and after pondering for a moment, asked with a smile, “What do you think you can do”


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