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Chen Jianan glanced at Qiao Wen again, and the other party nodded slightly.


Lin, it’s like this.

I think you just encountered the assassination, you must want to find out who is behind it, I don't know if you found out"

Lin Zhaoming said with a smile, “It is inevitable to make enemies in the business field and there are many people who want to kill me.

I’m still investigating.”

Chen Jianan said: “So, you haven’t found it yet”

Lin Zhaoming nodded with smile.

Chen Jianan said: “You haven’t found out a person still now that means you are in light and the other party is in the dark, which is not only dangerous but also very inconvenient.”

Listening what he meant Lin Zhaoming laughed out: “What You want to help me investigate"

Although it was a question, the tone was clearly a bit derided, and he obviously didn’t believe that the two slum boys in front of him had this ability.

Chen Jianan nodded: “We do have this plan.

After all, thinking about it, only this matter is worth 30,000 yuan."

Lin Zhaoming was stunned, then burst out laughing: “The young man, my people have been checking for a few days, and they don't find any clues.

You only know my identity and know nothing about my life but wants to help me find out who the mastermind behind, I’m afraid it’s a foolish dream.” After a pause, he added, “I'm impressed that you guys have this heart that doesn't want to take advantage of it, but it’s better for young people to not to talk big words.

This little money is nothing to me, you don’t have to worry about taking it, I owe my little brother a favor and it will be repaid.”


“Five days.” Qiao Wen suddenly said, “Mr.

Lin, give us five days, we'll help you find the mastermind behind the curtain."

Only then did Lin Zhaoming look at the boy next to Chen Jiannan who had been silent till now.

Obviously he was still a child, but when he met those beautiful eyes, he was suddenly shocked by the calmness beyond his age, not only calm, but also a kind of insightful certainty.

Even though he had seen and read countless people, he was still a little stunned, and then chuckled slightly, and said something unexpected even for himself: “Okay, then I will give you five days.

If you can find the master behind the scenes, I still have Thank you very much.”

Chen Jianan didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.

Coming out of the hotel, he titled his head up, and faced the sun: “Xiao Qiao, thirty thousand yuan!”

He lived for 19 years and this was the first time he saw a check, it was still a check of 30,000 yuan.

Grandma Liu, who had just entered into the Grand View Garden, looked at them very strangely.

This couldn’t really be blamed on him.

He followed Zhao Asi to manage the two small gambling stalls, and occasionally sold some colorful magazines to young people in the city, and could earn a thousand or eight hundred yuan a month.

This income was already pretty good.

After being exploited by the Hexing Society, many small stalls in the walled city were able to make a few hundred yuan a month. 

Thirty thousand yuan was enough for an ordinary family in the walled city to live for five or six years.

It’s not a small sum of money but a significant amount.

Qiao Wen looked at his excited little appearance and shook his head amusingly.


“Crap!” After a moment's elation, he came back to his sense that the two-thirds of this huge sum of money would be repaid to Uncle Ming’s gambling debts, he couldn’t help but burst into flames again, he said angrily, “Xiao Qiao, if you had not thought of this solution, Bao Lian really can’t be saved this time.”

Qiao Wen said with a smile: "Actually, it's not that I have a solution, but that you saved Lin Zhaoming by accident that day."

Chen Jianan disagrees: “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have thought of looking for him.

Besides, if you didn’t show up at the tea house, I might have killed him.

Speaking of which, it's still because of you."

He was a man of no credit.

Qiao Wen smiled and said: “Although we got the money, we still have to do what we should do.”

Especially Lin Zhaoming said that if the murderer was found, there would be another heavy thanks.

He was looking forward to this heavy thanks.

In the past few days, two major events had happened in a row, both of which Qiao Wen found a way to resolve.

Chen Jianan was completely impressed with him.

He thought about it, Qiao Wen was indeed smart since he was a child, and his homework was excellent, but in the past so many years, his cleverness was only used in his homework, he was almost ignorant of the world, like a delicate flower that needed to be protected from the wind and with his very timid, he would take detour whenever he see someone from Hexingshe society.

However, Qiao Wen now clearly used his ingenuity in doing things.

Chen Jianan didn’t know why Qiao Wen had such a big change, thinking about it, he could only attribute it to growing up.

His delicate little brother has grown up.


He took Qiao Wen’s shoulders happily, and touched his soft hair: “With Xiao Qiao's clever brain, I believe we can find it in five days."

Qiao Wen once again discovered a great advantage of this man-heartless optimism.

The two went to the bank to withdraw money.

Regarding the windfall(sky falling fortune), Chen Jianan first thought was to go shopping with Qiao Wen, buy new clothes and shoes for everyone in the family, and plan to go to the high-end Western restaurant in Causeway Bay to have a meal after shopping.

He had the temperament of being drunk at the moment and didn’t have any long-term plans.

However, Qiao Wen totally denied his plan, and only asked him to buy two fish balls on the street stall, one for each, after eating he took him to the stock exchange.

Chen Jianan didn’t know anything about stocks.

He only heard that this was the same as gambling, and nervously grabbed Qiao Wen and said: “Xiao Qiao, don’t touch stocks casually.

I heard that some people have lost all their money and ruined their family by playing stocks, it is no different from gambling money.”

Qiao Wen laughed and said: “Of course there are risks in the stock market, but it is not the same as gambling.

Securities trading is a subject, and there are courses in universities now.

Those who have lost everything, either do not do their homework or are greedy.

We are these.

Although this money of ours is pie in the sky, we would be wise to not spend it recklessly.

Don’t worry, I have studied stocks and I am confident that money will makes more money.”

Seeing that he had a firm tone, Chen Jianan no longer doubted, anyway that the money was not earned by himself, if he really lost, he would not feel distressed, so he waved his hand and pulled him to the window to line up in ease.

The securities transactions of this era were still primitive and could only be purchased on the stock exchange and gave money to get stock certificates, which was like depositing money.

Qiao Wen took the securities investment course in the past, so he had a good understanding of the stock market in various periods.

Before the 1970s, the Hang Seng Index was mainly controlled by British capital.

Since the 1970s, Hong Kong enterprises have made a sudden appearance, especially those of several large families.

After being listed successively, it had become the target of capital pursuit.

Three Hong Kong companies have just listed this year, and capital had already entered, but many ordinary shareholders were still in wait-and-see status.

After the stock price has been rising, a large number of ordinary shareholders would have poured in.

However, the stock market was a place to cut leeks.

As soon as the small stockists let go of their hands and feet and drilled in, the capitalist withdrew from the capital.

The stock market crash followed, and the hard-earned money of ordinary people went into the pockets of capitalists.

Chen Jianan held a few pitiful stocks, thinking that they exchanged 10,000 yuan in a moment, his heart dripping with blood: “Is this really going to make it back”

Qiao Wen smiled and said: “Of course, you keep it safe, don't lose it, maybe six months later 10,000 yuan will become 100,000 yuan."

Chen Jianan eyes widened in disbelief, and hurriedly stuffed the stocks into the wallet carefully.

One hundred thousand yuan!

How many fish balls and beef offal are we gonna eat!


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