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Qiao Wen had no idea about his grandmother’s thoughts, and once again walked out of the Kowloon Walled City with Chen Jianan in the evening.


Moreover, he decided to look for Lin Zihui now because the other party was still a college student, and he often returned to the tea room to help after the classes.

It happened to be the evening now, so If there was no problem they should be able to meet him.


As expected, the two of them happened to run into Lin Zihui when getting off the rickshaw, who was back from school with a backpack.


“It’s you” Lin Zihui recognized Qiao Wen at a glance.

It was not that he had a good memory, but that Qiao Wen looks like this.

As long as you look at him, it was hard not to remember him, not to mention that shocking night.


Seeing that he recognized him, Qiao Wen smiled and said, “You remember me”


Lin Zihui smiled and said: “Of course how can I not remember you.

That day someone wanted to kill my dad, but thanks to the friend who was having tea with you.

My dad originally wanted to thank you very much, but you guys disappeared in a blink of an eye.

By the way, Are you here for tea That friend didn’t come with you”


Qiao Wen pointed to the young man next to him and said with a smile: “It seems that you only recognize me, not my brother.”


Only then did Lin Zihui turned his head and carefully looked at Chen Jianan, and then he helped his glasses.

He seemed a little unbelievable and exclaimed.

“It’s you I really didn’t recognize it.”


Chen Jianan curled his lips and smiled: “Without the hat and beard, is there such a big difference”


Lin Zihui nodded: “It’s really hard to recognize.”


Qiao Wen thought that if he could recognize him, according to the original story, it would not take him many years to learn that he was his father’s murderer.


Of course, for Lin Zihui, it didn’t matter whether he recognized Chen Jianan or not, as long as he was sure that he was the one who saved his Abba.

So he enthusiastically pulled the two of them: “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to tea tonight.”


Qiao Wen looked at him calmly, and frankly speaking, it was really hard to tell that such a navy and innocent youth would later be a big brother of Hong Kong City, and with a stomp of his feet he would cause an earthquake.


In order to show hospitality to the benefactor who saved his father, Lin Zihui led the two to the elegant private room that was just what Qiao Wen wanted.


Because of the similar age, Lin Zihui immediately treated the two as friends.

After introducing each other, he affectionately called them Anan, Awen, and asked them to call him Zihui directly.


And after hearing that the two were from the Kowloon Walled City, he did not show any resistance, but was full of curios: “I always wanted to visit the walled city, but my uncle refused to let me go, saying it was too dangerous inside and maybe there is no possible of returning back.

So Although it’s not far from the teahouse, I have never been there.

But seeing you two, I think my uncle scared me for no reason.”


Chen Jianan said: “The outsiders always rumored the walled city to be the same as Dragon’s  Tiger’s Cave.

In fact, the Walled city is a slum, the people living in the Western District are good citizens like us.

You can buy cheap goods in the West District and visit the dentist's clinic without a problem it’s safe.

But ordinary people don’t go to the Eastern District, where there are full of gambling stalls.” He deliberately lowered his voice in a mysterious manner.

“Many people wants to go there for fun, but it is indeed true some may not come back, while some lack arms and legs when they come out.”


Lin Zihui was startled, his eyes widened and he patted his chest: “That’s really scary.”


Qiao Wen took a sip of hot tea in silence.


Who could have imagined that the situation would be turned like this gossiping and chatting enthusiastically, if we went according to the original plot, one of these two chatting douchebags would be the hero who kills and decides all the way to the top, and the other would become the heinous villain, who would have fought each other for life and death.


He put down the teacup and interrupted the two of them: “Zihui, we are not here to drink tea today.”


“Right, right, right.” Chen Jianan also realized that he had gone a bit far off topic, and quickly retracted and nodded in agreement.


Lin Zihui blinked.

"What's the matter then"


Qiao Wen said, “We are specifically here to find you.

It was purely an accident that Brother Nan saved your dad that day.

Originally, we shouldn’t accept your dad’s reward, but we just encountered a little difficulty, so we asked your dad for a reward of 30,000 yuan for the emergency.”


Lin Zihui nodded: “This is what it should be.”


Qiao Wen shook his head: “If you don't mean to save people, what's the point of accepting a reward Although we are poor, we are not the ones who will take advantage.

So we promised your dad to help him find out who the one assigned to kill him within five days.”


Hearing this Lin Zihui said, with a worried look: “If you promise something else, it's possible, but it's too difficult to find the murderer.

I asked Abba, and he is also investigating, there are so many capable people under him but so far there is no clue.

You two have never known my Abba, and you don't know what kind of enemy he's made of.

So how and where should you find out in five days Although I also hope to find out soon, so that my father will not be in danger again, but this is really not so simple to do."


Qiao Wen said: “It is precisely because we know nothing about your Abba that’s why we came to you.”


Lin Zihui was puzzled: “Looking for me I don’t live with my dad and I have no idea what he has done to offend anyone."


Qiao Wen chuckled lightly and said, “Your dad knows these things best.

Since he doesn’t have the clue, it means that the person who wants to kill him this time is not the enemy.

Actually, think about it, if it is really the enemy, he will not be afraid of being known, right And this person is so secretive, it shows that he is afraid of revealing his identity.”


Lin Zihui frowned for a moment, adjusted his glasses, and asked, “You mean, the person who wants to kill my Abba this time is not an enemy, but someone who may seem like they won't kill my dad at all."


Qiao Wen said in his heart that although the four-eyed boy looks a bit dumb, but really not stupid, has the potential to be a big male lead.


He nodded: "That's right, I guess that's why your Abba has so many capable people under him, but he can't find out who they are."


Lin Zihui: "Isn't that even harder to find"


Qiao Wen shook his head: “Not necessarily.

There is a saying in criminology that after committing a crime, criminals will return to the scene for fear of leaving traces or seeking the pleasure of provocation.

So this time, the person who paid and tried to kill your father will probably come to the teahouse.

If this person happens to also know you, he may also ask you about the details of your Abba’s assassination that night.”


Lin Zihui's eyes widened in astonishment, only to realize that he could understand every word of what the beautiful young man in front of him said, but at the same time he didn’t seem to understand anything.

After a long time, he remembered and said, “No one is looking for these few days.”


Qiao Wen smiled: “It’s okay, it's only been less than a week, that person is probably still hesitating.

In the next few days, if there are such people, especially those who have a special relationship with your dad, come to the teahouse, you must pay attention.”


Although Lin Zihui still didn't quite understand what he was saying, he also knew what he should do, nodding solemnly: "I know."


The reason why Qiao Wen said this was actually not a theory of criminology, but he vaguely remembered Lin Zihui memory in the original book, later he finally found the mastermind who killed his father in the past.

It surprised him, when he recalled that after his father's accident, the man came to the teahouse to console him.


Although this book was scribbled by Qiao Wen, fortunately, his memory was really good, and he had not forgotten such a play in the book.


Of course, in order to make himself not look like a prophet, he could only use a so-called criminological theory as an excuse for Lin Zihui to pay attention to that person.


Since Lin Zihui could be a great male protagonist, there must be something special about him.

With this reminder, as long as that person still appear in the teahouse like in the original book, he should be able to guess


And as long as he guessed it, the rest would be easy.


Now all he had to do was to pray that the person would show up in five days.


What he had to say had been said, and Qiao Wen didn't intend to stay, and was about to turn his head to call Chen Jianan to say goodbye to the people, but saw a certain pretty boy staring at him with his big dark eyes.


He was stunned and asked, “Brother Nan, what's wrong"


Chen Jianan returned to his senses and said with emotion: “Xiao Qiao, how do you know so much I didn't think of any of this."


Qiao Wen: “I just give it a try, hoping that the blind cat can catch dead mice.”


Lin Zihui wrinkled his eyebrows and pondered for a moment, seemingly slowly thought about it: “I think Awen has made a lot of sense, so I'll keep an eye on it in the next few days.

By the way, how do I contact you"


Chen Jianan felt that he finally came in handy tonight, and hurriedly said: “We don’t have a telephone in our house.

We will leave you a public phone, you can call and say my name or Xiao Qiao, and the boss will call us.”


Lin Zihui nodded, took out a pen and paper and handed it to him.


Qiao Wen lowered his head, glanced at Chen Jianan’s large flying stroke, it fled in random directions, seeing that the corners of his mouth twitched violently, feeling very much in line with his illiterate persona.


After some negotiation, they ate a little bit more, and the two people intended to leave.


In just over an hour, Lin Zihui had regarded the two as close friends and was reluctant to leave, he personally sent them downstairs, standing at the roadside, waving goodbye.


A violent night breeze blew, Qiao Wencer shrank his body and got on the rickshaw.

Suddenly, his eyes caught a light board above Lin Zihui, which was teetering in the wind and was about to fall.


He was originally going to remind him, but suddenly remembered that since his arrival, the plot in the original book had changed, was Lin Zihui still the coerced big man who would always hang up at that critical moment and would go everywhere with the halo overhead


He decided to give it a try.

So, when Lin Zihui turned to enter the house, he called to stop him: “Zihui!”


Lin Zihui turned around and stood still under the shaky light sign.


Qiao Wen was actually a little nervous, if Lin Zihui’s halo was not there, he might have become a murderer.


He smiled at him from a distance, and said: “Contact in time if you have anything.”


“Yeah.” Lin Zihui nodded and waved vigorously.


Qiao Wen stared at the light sign nervously, and when he saw it was about to fall off, someone in the teahouse suddenly shouted “Ahui”.


“Eh, uncle!” Lin Zihui responded and hurriedly turned and ran inside.


As soon as he got inside the door, the billboard fell on the ground with a clatter.

It happened to fall exactly where he was just standing, missing it by just two seconds.


Qiao Wen was startled slightly, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

Student Lin really had a halo.


Chen Jianan didn’t know that Qiao Wen beside him had done a big deal in just a few seconds, but was startled by the movement of the light board falling, and he whispered: “It’s dangerous! The four-eyed boy was almost smashed.”


Qiao Wen chuckled lightly and told the coachman: “Let’s go!”


The author has something to say:


Today’s is a long day and night~

Brother Nan: I feel like I'm gonna be a lay-up winner!

Xiao Qiao: Think too beautiful!


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