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Chapter 17 Part 1 Clue



Of course, Zhou Renjun at this time should still be just a little police officer who just joined the profession.


Although Hong Kong City in the 1970s was in a good period of economic growth, under colonial rule, the entire social order was very chaotic, capitalists made huge fortunes, and ordinary people had a difficult life.

The police station was corrupt and openly acted as a gang umbrella, and the underworld forces were rampant and unscrupulous.


It was not until the establishment of the ICAC in 1974 that the black police were cleared one after another, and the malignant tumors were gradually eliminated.


Against this background, Zhou Renjun could be said to be an anomaly.


He was from a privileged family and a real wealthy young man, and he became a police officer entirely because of his sense of justice.

His ideal was to resist the underworld forces and restore peace to the people in Hong Kong, and had been working to get rid of the tumor in the Kowloon Walled City.

In the original book, in 1974, three thousand police officers entered the walled city to fight against crimes.

He was the vanguard of the fight, and Zhao Shanhai also died under his gun.


Such an ideal and aspirations police officer with a strong sense of justice, would not appear in a gambling stall in the Kowloon Walled City to gamble.


He was afraid he was here only to find out the current situation of the Walled City.


However, it was still too early for the ICAC to be established, and this investigation should only be a personal act.


Qiao Wen suddenly thought of Zhao Shanhai.


He hoped that Chen Jianan could withdraw from the Hexing Society as soon as possible, but according to the regulations of the society, he would suffer three knives and six holes to withdraw from the society, after the even if he was still alive he would be disabled.

In this way, even if you regain your freedom, the future would not be easy to live.


The other method was left to bring down the Leopard Lord and dismantle the Hexing Society.

This not only would ensure Chen Jianaan safe ashore, but also make the people in the walled city no longer suffer from exploitation.


He looked at the two young people who were chatting enthusiastically, who seemed to be old friends at first sight, and suddenly felt very interesting.


In the book, the two of them were mortal enemies who have narrow roads.

He did not expect that his butterfly effect would make Chen Jianan become Zhou Renjun’s benefactor, and they had a relationship ahead of time.


And looking at Zhou Renjun’s attitude towards Chen Jianan at the moment, it was likely that he wanted to win him over to help him.


If so, there was no need to wait until two years later.


Just as he thought about it, the two people had almost finished talking, and even made an appointment for the next time to come to play.


As Qiao Wen expected, Zhou Renjun did not specifically came to gamble, but rather secretly looking into the crimes of the triad in the walled city.

He had long heard of Hexing Society and Zhao Shanhai, but the Kowloon Walled City was a trivial zone, and the police couldn’t control it.

So even though they know that the place was flooded with pornography, gambling, and drugs, and Zhao Shanhai and Hexingshe were doing nothing but all kind of mischeif, there was nothing they could do about it.


Although he was only a small police officer who had been employed for a year, his ideal was to get rid of all criminal organizations that endanger the stability of Hong Kong, which naturally includes the Hexing Society of the Kowloon Walled City.

Moreover, he always believed that in the near future, the Hong Kong government would order the removal of the tumor in the walled city and let the sun shine into this dark and sinful city.


As expected, the gang here was indeed arrogant.

If he hadn’t met this brother in the casino who came to his aid, he might have really suffered a big loss.


Of course, he decided to make friends with Chen Jianan, not just because he helped him, but because he wanted to investigate the crime situation here and find enough evidence to destroy Zhao Shanhai and Hexing Society, so he had to have an inside informant to cooperate from the inside.


Indeed, he was lucky today, on the first visit, he met an excellent candidate.


Zhou Renjun was full of luck today, and he met the members of Hexing Society.

He knew his identity was well hidden.

It was just around the corner to get rid of the malignant tumor of the Kowloon Walled City.

When he said goodbye to Chen Jianan, the corners of his mouth were barely reaching his temples, and he felt his dream of being a hero was just around the corner.


It was only then he noticed Qiao Wen next to Chen Jianan, probably because he thought that such a clean and beautiful boy shouldn’t appear in a gambling stall mixed with fish and dragons, his face flashed in amazement, and smiled again.


Qiao Wen also smiled politely, counting as a greeting.


When Zhao Asi came back, he heard what happened today, he was so angry that he almost blew his beard and stared.

Although he was a coward, he still had the status of Zhao Shanhai’s nephew, Qin Yunfei 49th boy dared to come to his place to make trouble, it completely slapped him in the face.


Fortunately, Chen Jianan was there and saved his face, if this had to be replaced by another pony, he was afraid that he could only stretch his face and let Scar’s street become a canopy marshal.


Although Chen Jianan caused him some troubles from time to time, his subordinates were just as capable.

Zhao Asi was happy and gave Chen Jianan another two hundred yuan to buy some delicious food to supplement his unhealed trotters.


Chen Jianan took the money, relying on the fact that his feet were not well, he took Qiao Wen and fled before the sky became dark.


On the way back to the Western District, he remembered that Qiao Wen was in the gambling stall all day.

Although nothing major happened, there were some minor troubles.

In addition to the scars coming to the door, there were two swindlers who had been beaten in the face by a few ponies and thrown out the door.


However, Qiao Wen seemed to be very calm, and even after eating lunch, he still slept peacefully in the lounge.


If this was to be placed in the past, he couldn’t even think of it.


He smiled and held Qiao Wen’s shoulders: “Xiao Qiao, you are really bolder now.

You have been in the gambling stall all day, and you are not surprised by watching someone making trouble.”


Qiao Wen laughed: “It’s not about murder and arson, and there’s nothing to be afraid of.”


Chen Jianan laughed: “That’s true.”


Back to the West End, they asked the owner of the public phone booth, and heard no one called to find the two of them.


Qiao Wen had expected this, but Chen Jianan was impatient.

After following him back to the house, he wailed: “There are only four days left.

Will there be no news from the Four-Eyed boy, right”


Qiao Wen said: “There are still four days left, don’t worry.”


Chen Jianan was actually not really anxious, just curious, and wanted to see if what Qiao Wen said was right this time.

If he had expected it again, his younger brother would be really amazing.


Qiao Wen didn’t care what he thought.

Today, he stood in the casino several times, although each time did not exceed half an hour, this body was not better than ordinary people.

Sitting on the sofa at the moment, he only felt a backache.


Seeing him stretch out his hand to beat his shoulders, and his beautiful white face was tired, the lively Chen Jianan came forward: “Xiao Qiao, where are you uncomfortable, lie down on your stomach I will help you rub it.”


With free service delivered to the door, Qiao Wen naturally accepted happily, lying on the sofa and saying: “I stood for a while today, and my shoulders and waist are quite sore.”


Chen Jianan had learned martial arts since he was a child, and incidentally, he also learned a good set of massage techniques.

Qiao Wen lay on his stomach with his eyes closed and was pinched very comfortably by him.

Occasionally, when the force was strong, he would subconsciously make a low hum.


Chen Jianan was very pleased to see him enjoying himself, and was very proud.


Then somehow, his eyes fell on his side face with his eyes closed.


Of course he knew that Qiao Wen was good-looking, since childhood, and even when he saw him every day, he still marvels at how there was such a beautiful person.

His skin was as white as milk, the eyebrows and eyelashes were so dark, and the nose and lips were carefully drawn like a brush, all exquisite and beautiful.

Such a beautiful person, in the dark city, was like a delicate flower that grows out from the mud, apart from making him want to protect him, he couldn’t give birth to any other ideas.



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