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Lin Zihui was really unhappy, after having eaten a hearty lunch arranged by Wu Yao Dong, he waited for the workers to start work in the afternoon.

Taking advantage of Wu Yao Dong’s absence, he dragged Qiao Wen into the workshop and warehouse to inspect.


Although Wu Yao Dong did not suddenly appear to stop them this time, the two of them were stopped by several workers before they even stepped through the doors of the workshop and warehouse.


The fact that he was a small boss was well known to everyone in the factory.

The people who stopped him were naturally polite and used the same rhetoric as Wu Yao Dong: “Young Master Hui, Uncle Dong explained that the workshop and warehouse are dirty and noisy, so be careful of getting your clothes dirty.

The worker is not sensible, and if they bump into you, they don't know how to explain to the big boss.”


The attitude was always attentive, the tone was euphemistic, from head to toe they were in consideration for the young master, but no matter how Lin Zihui insisted, just did not let him in.


Lin Zihui was a refined college student with a mild temper.

He really couldn’t be brutal and arrogant towards people, let alone put aside his gentle temperament to force his way in.


As for Qiao Wen, he could not do it by force because of his physical limitations.


All day long, the two men found nothing but a pile of fake ledgers in their offices.


However, there was one thing that was Wu Yao Dong really took good care of them, the hot tea and refreshments continued.

In the afternoon, Wu Yaodong still managed to install a television at his office.

He clearly arranged the future working life for Young Master Hui and Secretary Qiao.


Qiao Wen had never seen  TV since coming to this world.

Seeing this antique-like small square box at the moment, he couldn’t help but feel a bit novel.


The box was a black-and-white TV, which was playing the current hot TV series.


Although 70s movies have developed for decades, the television set hasn't been around for long, and it wasn’t popularized by thousands of households.

Later, the famous Baozhu Channel was established a few years ago, and now TV shows are completely new things.


This popular TV series is called “Love Is Priceless”.

Although Qiao Wen hasn’t watched it, he had read many newspapers and magazines during this period, and heard a lot about it.

The actor who played the male lead was named Li Xingchen, who became popular because of this drama, but now Hong Kong was the number one killer for teenage girls.


Qiao Wen watched with great interest while drinking hot tea.


Lin Zihui was so anxious, seeing him so relaxed he couldn’t help but say, “Awen, can you still watch TV Do something.”


Qiao Wen took a bite of chestnut cake slowly, still stared at the TV with relish, without raising his eyelids: “What's the hurry This is only the first day.

Since Uncle Dong has arranged so well, we can’t waste his kindness.

Don’t talk, this TV series is quite interesting.”


Lin Zihui looked at the TV screen, moved next to him, nodded: “Well, I’ve seen a little.

Many aunts and uncles in our teahouse are talking about this drama.

This actor is called Li Xingchen, he is very popular recently.”


Qiao Wen glanced at him and said with a smile: “Well, watching TV is just watching TV, and what are you thinking so much on the first day.”

Lin Zihui admired his calm state of mind, and nodded: “Yes, this is only the first day.

Why am I anxious”


So on the first day at work, Qiao Wen and Lin Zihui drank tea and watched TV dramas for half a day.

By the time when they were off work, the two people who had fed enough food and drink to watch TV, returned home with two fake accounting books.

It couldn’t be said to be nothing.


Lin Zihui was indeed a manufacturable material.

When Wu Yao Dong graciously sent the two people to the car, he also greatly praised his arrangement with a straight face, especially the egg tart for afternoon tea, and was still hoping to eat it tomorrow. 


Wu Yao Dong's face was full of smiles, and in his amiable eyes, it was clear that he had already regarded this young master as a good fool.


Qiao Wen laughed secretly in his heart.

Although Lin Zihui, who had not yet been greeted with the iron fist of life, was a pure and innocent young man, innocence did not mean stupidity.

Moreover, he was a bright hero with great aura and unlimited potential.

It was not certain who was fooling whom.


At the end of the day, he probably understood why the old fox Lin Zhaoming sent his son here to exercise.


The old fox should have known what was going on in this factory and long wanted to rectify it, but the veterans in the factory, such as Wu Yaodong, and others had followed him and eaten bitterness with him since his early days.

So if he came to rectify it in person, one was, this amount of money was not worth his efforts.

Secondly, it was not easy for him to do a lot of things in person, after all, he had a strong attachment, so he simply sent a son who didn’t understand anything.


He didn’t even arrange a right-hand man for his son, but found him, an outsider, and drew him a very red pie, so that he could do his best.


The fledgling son who was eager to exercise and himself, the poor slum boy who wanted to make money, were indeed a good combination.


Qiao Wen silently gave a thumbs up to this Lin old fox.


Lin Zihui still asked the driver to send people to the gate of the walled city.

They got off work sharply at 5:30, and the traffic was fairly smooth, and arrived at the intersection outside the walled city, just after 6 o’clock.


Before the car stopped, Qiao Wen saw Chen Jianan standing on the side of the road waiting for him.


Today, he wore a white T-shirt, underneath were dark gray sweatpants with white bars on both sides.

Because of his slender figure, this simple outfit makes him so sunny and handsome that it was not too fashionable in his day.


Chen Jianan recognized the Chevrolet in the morning, and hurriedly walked up and leaned out to the rear window, and was relieved to see Qiao Wen sitting intact in the car, and then grinned happily with a row of large white teeth, towards the people inside. 


Lin Zihui rolled down the car window and said with a smile: “Anan, I have returned your little Qiao to you intact.”


Chen Jianan smiled and asked, “Young Master Hui, how was your first day at work”


Lin Zihui waved his hand in a dejected look: “Don’t mention it, let Awen tell you later.”


Qiao Wen smiled and got out of the car and waved goodbye to him.


When the car left, Chen Jianan said with his head held high: “Looking at the four-eyed boy, I think you must have had a very bad shift, I told you it was no fun to go to work outside, right”

Qiao Wen curled up his mouth: “I think it’s quite interesting.”


Chen Jianan squinted at him.

Although he was still pale and haggard, there was no frustration or depression could be seen.

In those dark eyes, there was still a glorious light.


Apparently his first day at work was really a good experience, and there was no need for comfort.


He really could have been on his own, and no longer needed his shield from the wind and rain.


Qiao Wen caught his complicated look and asked, “I am happy at work, aren’t you happy”


Chen Jianan curled his lips and said, “I’m glad, just think you don’t need me anymore”


Qiao Wen laughed: “Of course not, I need you very much, and I may need your help very soon.”


As soon as he heard this, his eyes lit up again.

He patted his chest and afraid he would embrasse to ask, so he said, “Your business is my business.

Don't hesitate to ask me when you need me to do something”


“Don’t worry, I won’t be polite to you.”


Chen Jianan's mood suddenly became bright when he heard him say this, and he put his hand around his thin shoulders and asked: “What do you want to eat To celebrate your first day at work, Brother Nan invites you.”


“Isn't it my treat”

“You haven't paid your salary yet, have you”


“That’s true, I want to eat beef offal.”


Chen Jianan snapped his fingers: “Let’s go to sister Long shop for beef offal with no coriander.”


Sister Long beef offal shop was an old and well known snack shop in the West District of the Walled City, and its business has been booming for more than a decade.

Qiao Wen and Chen Jianan have grown up with few pennies, as long as they had a few dollars in pocket money, they would come here and eat a bowl, and sometimes they would share a bowl together if the money wasn’t enough.


But since Chen Jianan dropped out of school at the age of sixteen and followed Zhao Asi, although he did not make a lot of money, there was no shortage of pocket money for eating offal.

The two people were no longer shabby.

After eating each meal, they could bring a bowl to Haozi.


Qiao Wen had a stomach of tea and snacks today.

In fact, he was not hungry at all right now, but he wanted to eat some miscellaneous beef to relieve some boredom.


Just after six o’clock, the snack shop was crowded, a few greasy old tables and chairs outside the stall were already full of people.


Chen Jianan drove a few school-leavers to the next table to huddle with others, and pulled Qiao Wen to occupy the next table.


Of course, he’s not a bully, and when he drove people, he gave three kids a dime each—a dime could drink a bottle of the cheapest soda, and everyone was happy.


“Sister Long, two bowls of beef offal, one without coriander, one with hot sauce.”




Speaking of which, the two of them also did not come to eat beef offal for a long time, since Qiao Wen fell ill last time, so now Chen Jianan was in a good mood and had a keen appetite.


However, just as he was smiling and looking at Qiao Wen across from him, rubbing his hands and waiting for meal, he suddenly heard a familiar loud noise next to him.

Before the two of them turned their heads, that voice sounded again: “Pretty boy Nan, what a coincidence”


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