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Chapter 29 Saving People



Chen Jianan has already inquired about the new batch of girls in Lido, only the youngest pair of sisters were still in the training, and did not officially pick up guests yet.

If nothing goes wrong, then it should be these two poor girls who Mama San arranged for Zhou Renjun.


Once the two girls passed their first night, they had to start picking up guests every night, just like everyone else.


So the only chance to save the sisters is this time.


During the day, Qiao Wen assisted Lin Zihui in the factory to take care of the work.

In the evening, he and Chen Jianan carefully conspired to rescue the girl.

So much so that Chen Jianan slept with him these nights.


Chen Jianan had been to Lidu several times with Zhao Asi before, it could not be said he knew everything like the back of his hand at the same time he could not be regarded as unfamiliar.

In order to prevent guests from making trouble, the Lido has about 20 or 30 horses guarding the front and back, inside and outside every night during business hours.


Although these gangs weren’t as well-trained as the military or police, they were very rich in experience.

The only thing that made Qiao Wen feel fortunate was that there was no computer surveillance in this era.


But saving the two girls in one go wasn’t a simple task, and also having to let Chen Jianan aside the suspicions, because Zhou Renjun was introduced by him, and when the time came Qin Yunfei would definitely come to him.

It was estimated that being beaten is inevitable.


However, in Chen Jianan’s words, he has thick skin, so he wasn’t afraid of pain, and on top of that, getting a beating to save two innocent girls was really worthy.


When Qiao Wen heard it, he wanted to give the original villain a big thumbs up and hard praise.


Finally, the long awaited day came.

According to the time agreed with mama San, Zhou Renjun went to the Lido at past 10 o'clock at night alone, wearing a white suit that could fully reflect his wealth and youth.


After two hours of intoxication, he was led to the VIP room upstairs.


And Mama-san finally arrived with two well-dressed young girls to his room.


“Master Zhou, I specially prepared these two little beauties for you.

Are you are satisfied”


Zhou Renjun opened his drunken and blurred eyes, and his gaze fell on the two little girls who were clearly trembling beside Mama San.

The corners of his mouth curled up, burping an exaggerated wine, gave a thumbs up, and smiled: “Good, good,  Sister San, you really know me too well.

This young master is good for this.

It's hard to come across such fresh goods in a well-run nightclub, where it's strictly controlled outside, If I had known there was a paradise like Lido in the Walled City.

I wouldn't have wasted so much time.”


Mama San's face, which was piled by the powder and rouge, bloomed in smile, pushed the two shivering girls forward, and whispered: “Go, serve Master Zhou well, if you are negligent, be careful that I’ll skin you.”


The two girls trembled even more, and tears began to well up in their eyes.


After being trafficked here for several days, they had seen all kinds of methods, and even if they wanted to die, there was no way and the two still dared to resist.


Zhou Renjun gave a ‘tsk’ lightly reprimanded, “Sister San, don’t scare my little beauty.”


Mama San laughed, “OK, OK, OK, I know there are little beauties, my half-aged women looking in the way to obstructive, I’ll go now, and Master Zhou, you can enjoy it.

The night is still long, if you need anything, ring the bell.”


Zhou Renjun waved his hand: “The spring night is worth a lot of money, but don’t ask your horses to come up and disturb me.”


“You can rest assured, absolutely not.”


Mama-san exited the room and thoughtfully closed the door.


Zhou Renjun leaned back on the sofa and looked at the two young girls not far away.

The drunkenness in his eyes immediately disappeared by seven or eight points.


These two girls were only thirteen or fourteen years old.

Although they were born very beautifully, but it was clear that the two faces were still not yet off the childishness.

As for their body shapes, they had not yet grown up, and coupled with not eating and sleeping well these few days made them look so thin like two hemp rods.


Sin! Zhou Renjun sighed in his heart.

A good mouthful(sweet tongue) man was simply worse than the beast.


Originally, he looked at them with sympathy and pity, but his cheeks were red at the moment, and his collar was half loose, so he looked no better than a hooligan.

Which scared the two little girls to huddle, but didn’t dare to cry for mercy, just whimpering.


Zhou Renjun came back to his senses, picked up a glass of water and took a sip, asking, “What’s your name”


Although the girls were overwhelmed with fear of what was happening tonight and what they will face in their lives after tonight, they were too young to fight back and did not dare to resist, and spoke back periodically.





“How did you get here”


“We…” The two girls looked at each other and finally told the truth, “We were kidnapped.

After the death of our grandma, we were going to Nanyang to join Abba and were brought here when we got on the boat.”


Having said this, the two girls suddenly seemed to have the courage, and decided to grab a life-saving straw again and knelt down on the ground: “Master Zhou, you save us.

We are girls from good family.

Our aba is still waiting for us in Nanyang to reunite.”


Zhou Renjun asked: “Do I look like an evil person to you”


The girls eyes widened and looked at each other, and a glow of hope rose from her reddened eyes.


Zhou Renjun: “Get up, talk slowly.”


After a moment's hesitation, they slowly stood up.


Zhou Renjun glanced at the Patek Philippe on his wrist, and said, “It’s still early.

When the downstairs is closed for rest.

I will take you away secretly.”


Once again the girl's eyes widened in disbelief, and said in unison: “Master Zhou, you really want to save us”


Zhou Renjun changed his glamorous style and straightened his chest and said righteously: “This young master is a royal policeman.

It is my duty to eliminate violence and support justice.”


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