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Chapter 30 Aren’t you supposed to worried about your hand



“Pretty boy Nan!” Shoving Haozi away, Qin Yunfei stood in front of him and slanted on the doorframe while hooking the corner of his mouth.


Chen Jianan's eyes widened and exclaimed, “Brother Fei!” seemingly a million times surprised that he appeared here in the middle of the night.

“Why are you here”


“Brother Nan——” Qiao Wen’s low voice was heard from the room as he was just awakened, his voice still carrying a hint of soft laziness, “Who”


Chen Jianan turned his head and said in a low voice: “Xiao Qiao, everything is fine, you go back to sleep.”


However, Qin Yunfei had a different plan, directly pushing him away as he walked into this small room.

His gaze fell directly on the young man, who was sitting up and rubbing his eyes on the small wooden bed by the wall.


Under the dim light, Qiao Wen’s white jade-like face was tinged with a bit of confused drowsiness.


“Brother Fei!” He responded with a low exclamation of surprise and immediately sat up with a look of horror.


Walking up to him, Qin Yunfei took an overall look at his small wooden bed, bent over and smiled at him.

“Awen, Don’t be afraid, I'm looking for Anan to ask something.”


Following him to the room, while fended off the people away, Chen Jianan whispered: “Brother Fei, grandma is still sleeping.

If you have something, please go out and talk.”


Standing up straight, Qin Yunfei crossed him to look at Qiao Wen on the bed, then retracted his eyes, gave him a meaningful smile, and nodded: “Well, this matter may not be finished for a while, let’s go to Lido and talk about it slowly.”


With that he turned around, but as thought of something, he spun back to Qiao Wen and said: “Awen, let’s go together.” His voice was pleasant, but there was no denial in his tone.

Hearing this, Chen Jianan frowned, with a smile he stretched out his hand and patted his face.

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat Awen again.

Your brother and I are very close to each other.

It’s too late to take care of him.”


Chen Jianan snorted twice without a smile.


While Qiao Wen calmly got out of bed, put on his clothes, and followed without a word.


It was just a little past three in the morning, like this a group of people went to the Lido by night.


Before reaching the Lido, Scar’s pig-like howl was heard from afar.

Lying on the lobby sofa, Scar asking the younger brother to massage the wounds with medicated liquor, and from time to time he let out a howl.


Seeing Qin Yunfei return, he immediately closed his mouth and stood up and yelled at Chen Jianan: “Pretty boy Nan! You really have the nerve to help an outsider steal the Lido girl and even hurt me!”


Chen Jianan blinked his eyes in confusion: “Brother Scar, what are you talking about Why can’t I understand”


Scar: “You still pretend to be like Laozi Which other bastard could it be, if you weren't the one who just hit me wearing the Guan Erye’s mask”


“Brother Scar! What the hell are you talking about” Chen Jianan’s eyes widened in shock, which made him alive as an innocent teenager.

He turned his head to Qin Yunfei.

“Brother Fei, what's wrong with Brother Scar I didn't understand a word he said.”


Contrary to Scar, Qin Yunfei was quite calm and relaxed.

First, he sat down unhurriedly, meanwhile he didn’t forget to greet Qiao Wen: “Awen, sit down!”


Lido was specially equipped with an adequate power supply.

Two crystal lamps were turned on, so the faces of a circle of people were clearly illuminated.


Fortunately, Qiao Wen was fully prepared so he and Chen Jianan had slept for several hours in the afternoon.

So their complexion was fair at this time, and there was no suspicion of stealing chickens and dogs in the middle of the night.


Accepting a cup of hot tea from the pony Qin Yunfei unhurriedly took a sip, then lifted his eyelids and asked with a smile, “Anan, you really have no idea what Scar is talking about”


With a confused expression, Chen Jianan shook his head in a daze.


Qin Yunfei asked lightly: “Then I’ll ask you, what did you do tonight”


With a frown Chen Jianan explained: “After playing cards with Uncle, Haozi and Aunt for a while, I went downstairs to sleep at Awen’s house after ten o’clock, and then I was woken up by you.”


Hearing this, Qin Yunfei hooked the corner of his mouth and turned to Qiao Wen: “Awen, you tell your Brother Fei, did your Anan is lying”


In contrast to Chen Jianan’s deadpan innocence, Qiao Wen had a look of panic and fear that fits other people’s settings.

In short, he didn’t look like a liar at all, shaking his head vigorously: “Brother Nan did not lie to you, he was really sleeping at my house.”


Looking him up and down Qin Yunfei raised an eyebrow, and laughed: “Wow, it turns out that your relationship is so good that you sleep in the same bed.”


His airy tone was full of ambiguity, that Qiao Wen couldn’t help but frown. 

However, his riddle went unnoticed by Chen Jianan, who explained seriously: “Brother Fei, our house is small.

Since young, I grew up either squeezing a bed with Haozi or Awen.”


With a low laugh, Qin Yunfei finally turned his gaze away from Qiao Wen, and looked at the young man in front of him and calmly said, “Anan, since you keep saying that you don’t know what’s going on, then let me tell you.

The young boy you introduced to Lido last time stole the pair of untrained sisters that I bought at a high price in the middle of the night.”


“What!” Chen Jianan exclaimed in shock.


Leaning against the sofa Qin Yunfei continued lazily: “When they left, they were hit by the Scar halfway.

It was said that besides Zhou, there was a helper wearing a mask.

Scar wanted to stop them, but was knocked unconscious by that helper.

Fortunately, his little brother was clever and fled back to report the news.”


“There is such a thing” Chen Jianan’s eyes widened, his face was full of disbelief.

It must be said, having played the half-baked Sijiu boy all year round, his acting skills were topnotch.

At this moment, the astonished expression on his face couldn’t be anymore natural.


Qin Yunfei looked at him for a moment, chuckled lightly, and said nonchalantly: “Scar said that the person wearing the mask is you.”


“Nonsense!” Chen Jianan roared furiously, “Brother Scar, I know you’re always displeased with me, but you can’t wrong people like this.

I’ve been sleeping at Awen’s house from ten o’clock tonight until you woke me up.

So how can I do this Besides, Brother Scar is so good at beating.

If it is really me, I have been beaten to the ground by him, so how can I knock him down”


Scar choked up in his speech.

It was indeed not a glorious thing to be knocked out by a pony under Zhao Asi.


Qin Yunfei continued, “So, this person is really not you”


Chen Jianan straightened his back and said righteously: “Of course it’s not me.”


“But this person is wearing a mask in the middle of the night, don't you think it's strange” Qin Yunfei asked with a laugh.


Seeming to have found a newly discovered evidence, Scar hurriedly nodded his head and chimed in: “Yes, wearing a mask is for fear of being recognized, pretty boy Nan, it must be you!”


“Brother Fei, the club has the rules.

You can't let Brother Scar incriminate me like this!!”


Qin Yunfei nodded in response: “I will not accuse people for no reason, but you brought this Young Master Zhou to Lido.

Do you dare to say that you don’t know anything about him”


“To be honest, I really don’t know anything about him.

I only know this person because he was gambling money at the fourth brother’s gambling stall, and Scar also saw him.

At that time, Brother Scar insisted he was cheating, so we gambled for a game, and after that, we were sure that he won the match by luck.

Then he came to the gambling stall again and asked me where there is a good place to have fun and asked me to take him there.

I saw that he was prosperous, like a rich young master, so I took him to the Lido.

Even at the time i’m not familiar with him at all, and I had no idea what he did.”


Qin Yunfei smiled as he looked at him, and after being silent for a while, he suddenly asked in a low voice, word by word: “Pretty Boy Nan, do you think I believe you”


Chen Jianan straightened his chest and said in a dignified manner: “Whether you believe me or not, Brother Fei, What I’m telling is the truth.”


Hearing this Qin Yunfei pulled the corner of his mouth and raised his chin towards the ponies next to him.

Without a word these little ponies who were used to dogleg things immediately understood, and caught Chen Jianan.


Scar was even more excited to show a rictus grin, and put his foot on the hollow of his knee.



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