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We Are All Sinners Chapter Three-Damon

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I clinch my jaw and grind my teeth as the little minx get up from her chair in a huff. Her flowery fragrance filling my nose as the teacher yells at her to get back into her seat and sit. Its funny how in such a short time she has managed to make me so livid and yet so turned on.

That was the only reason I even kissed that other girl, what did they say her name was? Oh yeah Elena, blah her kiss was even worse than her vanilla smell.

Everything about that girl besides her big tits we a turn off, but when I caught the kitten watching my every movement in the courtyard, I couldn help but play with her. Seems I got under her nails just as I had hope too.

I sat back in my seat raising an eyebrow to the teacher as he asked me what happened. "She said something about not being able to handle your insufferable voice anymore? Im not entirely sure but thats all she said before she walked out." I smirked as Mr. Ortiz set a book on his desk more aggressive than he should.

"I wouldn think the thought of one measly student would upset you so much sir should I not have told you what she said?" I couldn help but stir the pot just a little more I spun my pen in my hand waiting for him to say more about the subject. Yet instead, he just turned towards the board and started his lesson in the frontal lobe.

As anatomy went on, I couldn help but get a bad feeling about the girl who had just walked out. She must have been up to something and everything in my body said it had to do with my bike that she just couldn pulled herself away this morning.

Hopping up out of my seat as soon as the class bell rang.

I walked out my bag swung on my right shoulder. I rolled my eyes as I saw Elena coming up to me. Jeez she was going to be **ing annoying. But I wanted to keep her attention incase my dick needs a release. Being new here did exactly have all the perks my old school did. Instead of having a line of hoes begging me to ** them I had to actually establish new reputation here. as she came closer, I gave her a half smile and rested my hands in my jean pockets.

"Can I help you miss Elena?" her overly pouty lips turned up into a smile as she places on hand on my chest. "I was just looking for you, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school today? Or maybe we could even skip this class?" she bit her bottom lip and looked up at me from hooded eyes. I took my left hand out of my pocket and used it to lift her chin up so I could look into her brown eyes better. I ran my thumb over her bottom lip just slightly. "As beautiful as that sounds I unfortunately have a little kitten I need to train. May I take a rain check dear?" she nodded a little even though she looked like someone had just kicked her puppy. I bent down and placed a light kiss to her lips keeping myself from wanting to gag.

"Be a good girl and run along ill catch up with you later." Her eyes went back to sparklingly as she smiled and turned to scamper off towards whatever her next class was.

While she ran off, I pushed back towards my original goal. My bike. I walked out the front doors and strutted towards the parking spot. I noticed the girls **ty bike she rode In this morning was already gone and I cursed under my breath. I almost turned to leave when I saw something that wasn there this morning. Fresh red paint that wasn fully dried in the art form of a dick on the tank.

"FUCKING BITCH" I yelled as I turned back inside to go find the one person, I know would know the girls name.

I made my way towards the lockers and saw her. The girl who was with her at lunch, she was standing and getting a book from her locker. I walked behind her and slapped the locker next to her clearing my throat and making her jump. "Who was the girl with you at lunch? Whats her name?" The girl looked up at my in a defiant way. Fuck they must travel in pairs here I thought to myself.

"And why would I tell you that?" she crossed her arms across her small tits making her back stand up straighter. "Because I am asking, and I hate asking twice." I muttered my annoyance not hidden in my words. "Her name is Aria, but you can ** on out of here if you are trying to talk to her. She isn interested especially with someone like you." Her words had a hint of hate and I smirked leaning down to the short girl. "I didn ask so I could ** her I asked so I could ruin her."

With that I turned and left going towards the front office. Time to place my father money to the test as well as a hint of charm. I didn hear whatever her friend was yelling to me I didn care that bitch painted my 60,000-dollar motorcycle stopping wasn a smart move for anyone when it came to revenge.

I walked into the office a sweet smile on my face as I approached the desk. "Hello maam I was wondering if I could get our assistance, I need to contact a student to give her some missed work. Can you get me her cell number?" I kept my voice calm and sweet like a good little student. Her face showed apprehension btu she did stand to go towards the computer closest to me. "Mmm Im not really suppose to share that info but maybe I can since its for a good reason what class is it for? And whats her name?"

Crap I thought I didn know her last name. but I kept it together and leaned on the counter gently. "Um Im new here so I don know her last name but her first is Aria she is in my 4th period science class with Mr. Ortiz" I smiled and motioned to the computer in a settle way to encourage her to continue. Normally I could wait tilt the next day but marking my bike meant war. "MMHMM, I see its Aria Jacobs…" she paused. "Uh well Im not showing a number in here for her, but I do have an address I suppose I could share that." A smirk I had to fight from showing my intentions curl onto my lips.

"Ah yes please I can drop it off to her afterwards" The lady nodded and gave me the info. After it was secured in my phone, I gave the lady a nod and a sweet smile. "Thanks so much Im glad she does have to miss the work." I walked out before she could say anything else and jumped on my bike hissing at the sight of the paint still on it. Fucking little bitch I gritted out and placed my helmet on my head before pulling out of the parking lot towards her place.

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